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Chapter 1293 - Become My Mount and I'll Spare Your Life!

The Demon Sect had six cultivation planets. These six planets formed a simple circle. The circle was simple but gave off a shocking aura.

This was a formation!

A huge formation composed of six cultivation planets. This formation was powerful enough to destroy the world. It was placed by the Demon Sect's sect master as the last line of defense against the fierce beasts!

The Demon Sect had six different divisions, and each was stationed on a different planet. There were several elders managing each division, and they rarely interacted with each other; they often worked alone!

This phenomenon was set by the first and only Demon Sect's sect master and had continued until now.

There were six identical stone statues, one on each of the six cultivation planets! It was a middle-aged man with fluttering clothes with a cloud under his feet. There were nine eyes in the sky that seemed to be looking at the earth.

This middle-aged man looked at the sky. He seemed to be gazing at the nine eyes.

Behind the middle-aged man was a towering tree. It was so big that it seemed not even the heavens could stop it from growing.

Every person in the Demon Sect knew that the middle-aged man was the Demon Sect's first sect master and the last! The giant tree was the Demon Sect's sect master's life treasure!

Rumor had it that the Demon Sect's sect master was very strong and heaven-shaking. Rumor had it that the spatial crack was even larger before and that even more fierce beasts used to come through. Including king beasts, emperor beasts, and even the legendary beasts that could take human shape. However, they were all destroyed by the Demon Sect's sect master, and the spatial crack was almost sealed.

However, the moment he was sealing it, an accident happened. It seemed like someone inside had used an unimaginable spell to stop the Demon Sect's sect master from completing the seal.

However, even so, the seal still played a role. The spatial crack shrank a lot, and thanks to the effect of the seal, not too many powerful beasts could charge out.

As for the nine eyes in the sky, ordinary Demon Sect disciples would know about them. Only the elders of the sect knew that those nine eyes represented the Ancient Celestial Realm!

There were rumors among the elders stating that the reason the Demon Sect had split from the God Sect was due to the order from the first generation sect master. He had ordered a group of the God Sect to be stationed here for generations and guard this place, to not allow a single beast come out of the spatial crack alive!

Rumor had it that the God Sect's sect master was the same person as the Demon Sect's sect master… It was said that he was from the Ancient Celestial Realm… It was said that he had disappeared a long time ago, and whether he was dead or alive was unknown. The God Sect was currently being controlled by one of his slaves on his behalf.

This was why the Demon Sect didn't listen to the God Sect's orders and had methods to deal with the God Sect!

Of course, all of this was rumor. The real history had disappeared into the river of time, and very few knew the real truth.

Right now, a monstrous, red light shined outside the spatial crack. After rushing over without stopping, Wang Lin and the old woman in white had finally arrived!

Along the way, Wang Lin had used an almost insane speed, rushing over from the rank 2 region using only a few days of time!

"Old Lady White!! It's her!"

"Old Lady White left half a month ago on the order of the Demon Sect to do something for Li Qianmei. Who is the person before her?"

"I can't see through his person's cultivation, but I feel myself trembling before him. He is too powerful! I don't know which sect he is an elder for, but why is he here?"

"This person is too powerful and too strange; even the fierce beasts retreated in terror. Even those black skulls began to panic when they sensed this person!" The old man among the six geniuses looked at Wang Lin with shock in his eyes.

"Could he be the reason that Li Qianmei is being punished by the Demon Sect and was sent into the depths of the Spatial Crack?" The indifferent woman looked at Wang Lin, but her mind trembled. Her gaze and divine sense silently dissipated when they got close to Wang Lin.

The three people surrounded by blue mist became wary and stared at Wang Lin. Their expressions hidden by the blue mist changed.

One of the voices came out of the blue mist. "Old Lady White, who is he?"

The old woman in white was about to speak when Wang Lin charged out toward the spatial crack that was slowly opening. As he closed in, the skulls and fierce beasts that were trying to retreat back into the spatial crack let out terrified screams.

"Noisy!" Wang Lin was so fast that he closed in in an instant. He casually waved his hand and a storm swept by. The storm contained thunder, and as it swept by, the fierce beasts all collapsed and died!

All of this was extremely easy for Wang Lin. He was worried about Li Qianmei's current state! And the screams of these beasts irritated him.

With a wave of his hand, all the fierce beasts outside the crack turned into piles of blood and flesh. Even the Nine Abyss Dragon in side the spatial crack couldn't help but stop roaring.

As for the skulls formed by the black mist, they all trembled as if they had encountered their natural enemy. They looked at Wang Lin with indescribable fear in their eyes.

Wang Lin stood outside the crack and looked at the trembling skulls. His eyes gave off a strong light.

"The devils from the Nether World?" Early in his life, he became a soul devourer in the foreign battlefield on planet Suzaku and devoured a large amount of devils. At this moment, he found the aura of a devil on these skulls!

There weren't many devils here, but still quite a few. Wang Lin's eyes lit up, then he opened his mouth and inhaled. A giant vortex seemed to appear before him. The skulls trembled and didn't dare to resist. They collapsed one by one and turned into black gas that entered Wang Lin's mouth.

Even the the largest skull trembled and collapsed. It became a large mass of black gas that was inhaled by Wang Lin.

He had caused all the beasts here to collapse and then inhaled all the black skulls. Such power and spells shocked everyone here aside from the old woman.

The six geniuses among the thousands of cultivators were all shocked and their pupils shrank.

There was also the three people from the Demon Sect. They were shocked and began discussing Wang Lin's strength.

"He's at least the first Heaven's Blight, but why does he not have the halo?"

"Perhaps he has some spell to hide the halo."

"This person can't be a no-name, but why did he come with Old Lady White? I remember Old Lady White went to take Li Qianmei's life soul somewhere… Could it be…"

"Could it be that this person has something to do with Li Qianmei's life soul?"

The three of them passed messages to each other and were on guard.

Only the old woman in white was numb to all of them. She had seen everything Wang Lin had done along the way, and even six high elders of the Everlasting Sect were too scared to stop him. Two of them had even lost their bodies. Right now Wang Lin had only killed some fierce beasts; it wasn't much to her.

Everyone's gazes were gathered on Wang Lin, but he didn't care at all. His time was short, and after absorbing the skulls, he looked at the slowly opening spatial crack. He could clearly feel a powerful aura within. This aura was hesitating and seemed to be waiting for something.

"Li Qianmei entered here?" Wang Lin turned around and looked at the old woman in white. His voice was calm, like the silence before a volcano erupted.

"This is the place!" the old woman in white immediately responded after Wang Lin looked at her.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. He didn't have time to wait for this spatial crack to slowly open. His hands reached out and his eyes shined brightly. A crazy aura erupted from his body, and with a roar, he tore the spatial crack open!

He was going rip open the slowly opening spatial crack!

"Fellow Cultivator, stop. There is a Nine Abyss Dragon inside, and it is extremely powerful. Once it comes out, there will be many deaths. I hope Fellow Cultivator can wait until we set up a formation before opening it!" The person who spoke was one of the Demon Sect members inside the blue mist.

The three of them charged out toward the spatial crack!

Wang Lin turned a deaf ear as he let out a roar and tore it. Thunderous rumbles and cracking sounds echoed. The spatial crack was torn open by him!

The moment the spatial crack was ripped open, the Nine Abyss Dragon let out a roar. It instantly closed in and tried to devour Wang Lin!

Wang Lin was extremely close to the Nine Abyss Dragon. The dragon's eyes revealed a look of madness as a large amount of black mist came out from between its scales. Even more black mist came from its mouth, and its large body was going to surround Wang Lin!

"Damn beast,you dare to devour me?" Wang Lin's eyes became cold, and he didn't even try to dodge. When the Nine Abyss Dragon closed in, he raised his palm and slammed forward!

A thunderous rumble echoed with this palm. At this moment, endless origin energy gathered like crazy into Wang Lin's palm, creating a giant palm print, and collided with the Nine Abyss Dragon's face!

The Nine Abyss Dragon let out a miserable scream as its body trembled. Popping sounds echoed as countless scales burst open and blood sprayed out while it quickly retreated. The madness in its eyes went cold and was replaced by fear!

"Not dead?" Wang Lin's eyes revealed a strange light, then he stepped into the spatial crack. He raised his right hand and slammed down once more on the two horns of the Nine Abyss Dragon.

There was thunderous bang and the Nine Abyss Dragon roared miserably again. Its eyes were filled with fear and panic.

The dragon still hadn't died after two spells. Wang Lin's body flickered and landed on the dragon's head.

"Become my mount and I'll spare your life!" Wang Lin was not familiar with the inside of the spatial crack. With this Nine Abyss Dragon around, it would be a lot more convenient.

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