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Chapter 1243 - The Ninth Law

The sky was blue with a faint light that scattered across the earth. The world was filled with celestial spiritual energy and beautiful celestial beasts flying across the sky.

The entire world was peaceful as countless celestials flew across the sky, chattering amongst each other. They laughed and pointed as if they were talking about something.

The entire earth was filled with mountain peaks, with rivers flowing across the land. Celestial spiritual energy spread across the land, and from afar, you could see a celestial fog surround the area, making this place look beautiful.

On the ground, countless celestials were sitting there, seeming to form a formation. This formation seemed to spread out for tens of thousands of kilometers, and there were countless celestials.

"Passing the will of the Ancient Celestial Realm to fix the celestial gate and welcoming the true ancient celestials!" A commanding voice echoed across the sky and spread across the entire Celestial Realm.

When this voice finished speaking, the celestials within the formation formed seals with their hands and sent celestial spiritual energy into the formation. This caused the earth to rumble.

Everything began to twist and a mighty ripple began to slowly spread. As the ripples spread, dense celestial spiritual energy came from the mountain and rivers. All the celestial spiritual energy entered the ripple and made it spread even further.

"Take the eastern mountain to form the left side of the celestial door!"

The voice echoed once more as the countless celestials chanted at the same time. A heaven-piercing mountain to the east suddenly collapsed. The mountain floated into the air and flew over as it crumbled.

As it moved forward, it continued to collapse and then became a square pillar before landing on the earth.

The earth trembled and the voice echoed once more.

"Take the western mountain to form the right side of the celestial door!"

A towering mountain in the west also moved. It turned into a square pillar and landed on the ground.

"Take the southern mountain range to form the top of the celestial door!"

In the southern part of the Celestial Realm, there was a dragon-like mountain range. The moment the voice echoed this endless mountain range trembled. It was as if the dragon's head had risen into the air as the mountain range flew over!

The mountain range gradually collapsed as it closed in, then it landed on top of the two pillars!

The voice suddenly echoed once more. "Take the land of the north to make the celestial door!" The Celestial Realm of the north trembled violently and cracks appeared. As the earth trembled, a rectangular piece of earth was separated!

This rectangular piece of earth gradually flew over and continued to shrink before it became a huge door inside the three pillars!

"Sacrifice to the celestials!"

The moment the door was complete, almost all the celestials let out earth-shattering roars. At the same time, the ripple that had gathered large amounts of celestial spiritual energy rushed toward the door.

A thunderous rumble echoed. As the ripple shrank, a large amount of celestial spiritual energy entered the door. It made this door feel like a celestial door!

"The Ancient Celestial Realm has ordered that when the celestial door opens, the celestial domain will descend!"

The scene changed once more. It seemed as if a long time had passed. The Celestial Realm was still the Celestial Realm, but it no longer had the charm it did before. A taste of blood spread across the Celestial Realm as bloody screams echoed. The earth trembled and continued to crack.

The sky became muddy as if ink had been poured into water and made it darken. In the distance, about a dozen celestials were flying over, but the three at the rear suddenly trembled. Their bodies exploded into a rain of flesh and blood that fell to the earth.

The miserable screams continued to echo.

Those dozen celestials struggled to make their way to the door and knelt on the ground. One of them roared at the door, his voice mournful and filled with sadness,

"The celestial gate has been up for 40,000 years. Why hasn't the true celestial from the Ancient Celestial Realm come?"

The giant stone door looked the same as it did when it was built, without any change. The door formed by the land was still closed, without a single gap, much less an opening.

Just as the roar echoed, some of the celestials kneeling on the ground trembled, their eyes filled with fear. The next moment, their bodies exploded and the blood splattered onto the remaining people. It was a shocking sight.

"Back then, the Ancient Celestial Realm left a message stating that the Wind Celestial Realm would face a great calamity. In order to resist the calamity, we built this celestial door. Now that the calamity has arrived, why isn't the ancient celestial saving us?"

Hundreds of celestials appeared over the horizon. Many of them died before they arrived and knelt on the ground. More and more celestials came. They all looked at the door and let out their unwilling cries.

"If the ancient celestial won't save us, then we will save ourselves. Even if I die, I will die in the Celestial Realm!" A celestial suddenly stood up and rushed into the sky with madness. However, what awaited him was a thunderous explosion.

His flesh and blood scattered on the ground, and some even fell on the door. However, compared to the door, the blood splatter was simply too tiny.

Even more blood fell on the celestials on the ground. They all raised their heads and revealed madness in their eyes as they charged at the sky!

"Even if I die, I'll die in the Celestial Realm!"

As the celestials continued to fly into the air, the thunderous rumbles echoed. The celestials exploded one by one; they had no chance to resist this mysterious force at all!

Even more blood fell on the stone gate. The blood-splatter spots gave off a tragic atmosphere.

Just at this moment, the darkness in the sky began to move. The darkness above the Celestial Realm gathered in an instant. A giant, black finger appeared from the sky and struck down at the stone gate with heaven-shaking might!

This finger was extremely large, and every single cultivator that touched it died. Soon, the finger gathered all the darkness in the sky, and the tip of the finger collided with the door that was fashioned from a continent!

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

A thunderous rumble suppressed all sounds in the world. Under the might of the finger, large amounts of cracks appeared on the door, then it suddenly collapsed!

It shattered into pieces!

At this moment, the earth trembled, and like the door, the land began to crack. At the edge of the Celestial Realm, more than 10 pieces of land were torn off.

Under the constant collapse, the Celestial Realm collapsed!

The earth trembled and was divided into countless fragments. As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the Celestial Realm was in ruins, but the collapse didn't stop, instead becoming even more intense.

A destructive aura spread out and crushed all living beings!

After a long time, the earth stopped trembling. The collapsing Celestial Realm was silent; not a sound came from it. The darkness in the sky gradually disappeared until no trace of it remained. The giant doorway had lost the door, and only the frame remained. It stood there, motionless.

The scene changed again. An unknown amount of time had passed and a huge rift appeared deep within the Celestial Realm. This rift was about 100,000 feet wide and gave off a ghostly light. One could vaguely see that it was a star system on the other side. There was a purple planet there, which was filled with countless fierce beasts. The most eye-catching part of them was their large mouths!

They rushed into the crack and appeared in the Wind Celestial Realm.

Wang Lin awakened due to shock and looked at the giant, stone gate. At that moment, he had fused with the stone gate and seen its memories. Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he flew into the sky, riding the wind until he arrived at the top of the stone gate, and sat down.

From this position, he could see the Celestial Realm from a bird's eye view, and the wind here was even more fierce! The wind stung his body like knives and caused his hair to flow violently. His clothes flapped and popped under the assault of the wind.

Taking a deep breath, Wang Lin closed his eyes and immersed himself in that strange state while feeling the might of the door. This time he fused with the door, and a vague door gradually appeared in his mind.

He was going to capture the door in his heart so he could take it with him.

However, the door that appeared in his heart wasn't clear; it was fuzzy and couldn't fully take shape. Wang Lin slowly felt eight strange forces around the door. It was these eight forces that made him unable to clearly imprint the door.

This stone gate was different from when Wang Lin was comprehending at the seaside cliff. There was only one law back then, so he didn't have to chose; he could just take it with him.

However, right now it was different. Wang Lin felt that these eight strange forces were eight different laws. If he wanted to take them all, the stone gate would not take form unless he could stay here for countless years. Then, if he didn't die and could reach the peak of the Nirvana Shatterer stage, he might have a chance.

It was obvious Wang Lin wouldn't choose this path. His mind began to observe the eight laws when he noticed something, and his body trembled lightly.

"Aside from these eight laws, there is another one!" Wang Lin's eye suddenly opened and stared at the giant, stone door below him.

There was a passage of time on this stone gate. This was a natural aura that would surface when someone had been around long enough. There was nothing special about it; this aura would be even stronger on some ancient cultivation planets.

However, for some unknown reason, the mark of time on this stone gate had gone through a change. It was like the evolution of a cultivator's domain; it had evolved from "time," to "eternality!"

Time and eternality had the same origin but were on two completely different levels!

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