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Chapter 1198 - Pill

Wang Lin's origin soul trembled as he stared at the bead in his hand. The Heaven Defying Bead had accompanied him almost all his life, so he couldn't be wrong. Regardless of the size, weight, and even aura, this was exactly the same as the Heaven Defying Bead!

The only difference was that the bead didn't have the five elements pattern, only a faint, blurred pattern.

"I have collected a lot of those strange beads... These stone beads are not natural; they were refined by someone. There was no difference between their size, weight, or surface… It is as if someone came here and used a special spell to make these beads a long time ago…" The information inside the jade echoed in Wang Lin's mind. His rough breathing gradually calmed down.

"These beads were made from trying to imitating the Heaven Defying Bead! Someone was here trying to produce the Heaven Defying Bead a long time ago…" After a long time, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes.

"This person must have seen the Heaven Defying bead or even had it in his possession to be able to make something so similar!" Wang Lin touched the spot between his eyebrows and his eyes lit up.

"It must take great courage to want to refine the Heaven Defying Bead… Could this person also be the Sovereign?" Wang Lin's expression was gloomy. He had a feeling that he and the Sovereign from the outer realm would cross paths in the near future!

"Perhaps… The people of the outer realm already know of my existence. After all, that old man from the outer realm didn't die…" A chill crept up in Wang Lin's heart.

After pondering for a long time, Wang Lin waved his sleeves and collected all 10 beads. He checked them and felt the fluctuations of a spell within each one. It seemed they all contained a spell inside.

"There beads are all failures, or else they wouldn't be randomly discarded here. For some reason, these failed beads can seal spells…" Wang Lin pondered as he left his own mark on the beads and put them in his storage space.

His gaze swept through the first cave. After finding nothing more, he walked out.

Entering and exiting the cave made Wang Lin feel a mountain of pressure descend on him, and his expression became extremely gloomy. In particular, he thought of his previous battle with Master Ashen Pine. The spell he had used to summon the seventh spirit of the realm was very similar to the spell the outsiders used.

"What is the identity of this Master Ashen Pine?" Wang Lin walked away from the cave and looked up at the seven-colored sky outside. He remembered that back in the void, where he first encountered the people from the outer realm, there was also seven-colored light coming from the outer realm...

The more he came in contact with and understood this place, the more confused he felt about it.

He silently withdrew his gaze and arrived at the second cave. He waves his sleeve, causing the rock to move, and exposed the inside of the cave.

A giant pill furnace occupied more than half of the room, and it was surrounded by a large amount of herbs. However, they were mostly dried out, and there were storage bags laying around.

It had been a very long time. The ground was covered in dust, and if you wiped the pill furnace,  you would leave a mark in the dust.

Opening the bags one by one, Wang Lin was moved. These bags were all filled with herbs, and the amount was unimaginable.

After exiting the cave, Wang Lin walked toward the third cave.

There were restrictions left on the door blocking the third cave, but they weren't a Time Restriction. After carefully examining them for a long time, Wang Lin's hands formed a seal and restrictions fell on the rock. Popping sounds echoed and the rock slowly moved to the side.

In the third cave, there was a circular formation, and there were origin crystals on the edges that were keeping the formation active. There were three bottles floating in the formation. They seemed to be getting nourished by the origin crystals.

Although the formation was still active, a lot of the origin crystals had been dried since a long time ago. There was barely enough to keep the formation active.

After looking at the three bottles, Wang Lin walked forward and looked at the formation. He didn't act recklessly. This formation contained a hint of the Time Restriction. Although it was faint, it was enough to increase the power of this formation.

More importantly, Wang Lin saw through the formation. The effect of the formation was to keep the pills at the moment of completion so they wouldn't be affected by the passage of time and to protect them. If they were opened by force, the pills inside would be immediately destroyed.

Frowning, Wang Lin sat down. He hadn't even checked the rest of the cave when deduction shined in his eyes. The light in his eyes became bright and he lifted his hand to reach at the void. A piece of origin crystal flew out from his storage space.

Holding the origin crystal, Wang Lin squeezed it and it collapsed. When the origin energy surged out, Wang Lin's hands formed a seal and he took full control of the origin energy. He then pointed at the edge of the formation and the origin energy surged into the ground.

As Wang Lin waved his hand in the air, the origin energy formed a diamond formation on the ground. Then he waved his right hand, causing a thin line to extend from the diamond formation and connect with the formation inside the cave.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and his hand quickly reached into the formation and tried to grab the three bottles.

Just at this instant, the formation gave off a powerful light and lit up the whole room. A destructive aura appeared and was about to charge at the bottles. However, at this moment, the destructive aura paused. The powerful light seemed to be guided into the diamond formation by the thin line.

During this pause, Wang Lin grabbed the three bottles and withdrew his hand.

He retreated and left the cave in the blink of an eye. He appeared on the grass and sat down. As Wang Lin looked at the three bottles, his heart pounded.

He had taken a big risk just then. If he had made the slightest mistake, the three bottles would have shattered. The pills inside would had been destroyed too.

"These pills were left here by Sima Mo and his sect. Being stored like this means they must be very valuable!" Wang Lin licked his lips and opened the first bottle.

A pill fragrance came from inside the bottle, and there were three red pills inside. A fierce fluctuation of beast soul came from them and filled the area. Even Wang Lin's origin soul was attracted.

He pulled out one pill and held it between his fingers. He carefully examined it.

"Rank 11 pill?" Wang Lin vaguely identified it. He pondered a bit before picking up the second bottle. The moment he opened the bottle, a large amount of fog came out. The fog was divided into two parts: black and white. They eventually split and floated into the air.

There was a pill inside each of the two clouds of fog.

"A Fog Soul Pill refined from a rank 12 fog beast!" Wang Lin's eyes revealed ecstasy. He vaguely recognized the rank 11 pills, but this was an extremely rare pill refined from rank 12 fog beasts. These were very rare in the Cloud Sea, and they had a distinct characteristic that could be easily recognized.

The reason the fog pill was so rare was because very few people were willing to give up the long term benefits of a fog beast and use the fog beast they had captured to refine pills.

Wang Lin licked his lips and his gaze fell on the last bottle. When his divine sense swept this bottle, he couldn't find any clues. After pondering a bit, he slowly pulled the cork from the bottle. The moment a small opening appeared, an unimaginable fluctuation rushed out like crazy. A fierce roar that couldn't be heard but was clearly felt by one's origin soul echoed!

This roar was far stronger than a rank 12 beast and was earth-shattering. Wang Lin's body trembled and he didn't hesitate to reseal the bottle. All of this happened in a flash. After sealing the bottle, Wang Lin's face was pale. He cultivated for a moment and then looked at the bottle with a serious expression.

"Rank 13 pill!!" Wang Lin took a deep breath and carefully put away two of the bottles, leaving behind the first bottle. He picked it up and walked toward the cave with the furnace.

Only after reaching the mid stage of Nirvana Shatterer could one devour a rank 11 pill, or else their origin soul couldn't combat the fierce beast soul. The result would only be having one's origin soul devoured by the beast soul. This was something every cultivator in the Cloud Sea knew. Although pills could help increase your cultivation level, you had to be extremely cautious!

Wang Lin's actual cultivation level, ignoring his ancient god body, was only early stage Nirvana Cleanser. He couldn't devour a rank 11 pill directly, so he needed to refine it again!

In the cave with the pill furnace, Wang Lin pondered a bit and fire flashed in his left eye. Fire immediately appeared and rushed into the pill furnace. The furnace trembled and the markings on it slowly activated.

Taking out a rank 11 pill, Wang Lin placed it inside the pill furnace. His right hand patted the void, causing the fire inside the furnace to surge and refine the pill.

Two-time refining was an alchemy method that all Cloud Sea cultivators had to learn. This was a method of refining a higher level pill to split its power. This method had a great relationship with the furnace. The better the furnace, the less effectiveness was lost.

While Wang Lin was refining the pill, deep within the Seven-Colored Realm, far beyond where Master Ashen Pine was, there was a place covered in fog that made it impossible to see anything.

There was an altar here shrouded in fog. At this moment, a bright light flashed from the altar. The light penetrated the surrounding fog and pushed it back, revealing an empty area.

A large crack silently appeared above the altar. Countless lightning bolts appeared along the edges of the crack, tearing it wider, and then three people walked out!

These people's clothes were clearly different from what the people of the Cloud Sea wore. What was even more bizarre was that they all had a mark between their eyebrows. The man in front had a lightning bolt between his eyebrows. As for the two behind him, one youth had a crescent moon mark and the last one had a flame mark.

"This is the spatial crack you found!" The youth with the crescent moon mark between his eyebrows looked around with excitement in his eyes.

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