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Chapter 1199 - Seeking Dao

The moment the 3 people arrived in the Seven-Colored Realm, the seven-colored fog around Master Ashen Pine slowly closed in until it was completely wrapped around his origin soul.

Strands of white lightning came from the statue and entered the seven-colored fog to fuse with his origin soul.

Master Ashen Pine's body unexpectedly began to recondense until it was corporeal. His body gave off more flashes of lightning and a faint lightning mark appeared between his eyebrows.

He suddenly opened his eyes and revealed a gloomy glaze.

"He forced this old man to do this. If I don't get revenge, I'm not human!" He leaped forward and turned into a bolt of lightning as he charged ahead. He pierced through the fog and flew toward the mountains.

"That cultivator named Lu was hurt by my seven-colored nail, so even if he didn't die, he is dying. I just don't know where he is hiding… However, it doesn't matter. If I want to know, I can easily find out!" Master Ashen Pine sneered and his right hand reached at the void. The crack to his storage space opened and a bead flew out.

"Summon, Defying One!" Master Ashen Pine bit the tip of his tongue and spat out blood onto the bead. The bead began to absorb seven-colored light and then collapsed. At the moment it collapsed, a powerful aura appeared and a blurry shadow appeared in the world.

It was impossible to see what the appearance of this person was, but his eyes were clear, as if he could see through the heavens. Nothign could escape his eyes, and if he looked at you, you would feel naked, as if all your secrets had been exposded. 

Master Ashen Pine asked the blurry figure, "Where is he?"

The blurry figure closed his eyes, and after a long time, he opened his eyes and looked at Master Ashen Pine. Master Ashen Pine trembled and several images appeared in his head. After he saw those images, he frowned!

"Sima Mo's cave! He was able to break the cave's restriction while seriously injured?" There was a flash of coldness in Master Ashen Pine's eyes and he charged ahead.

In the valley Sima Mo's cave was in, Wang Lin didn't put all his energy into alchemy. He also cleared up the first cave. After laying down large number of restrictions and expanding the cave, he released the mosquito beast.

The mosquito king was even more ferocious. After flying out, its cold eyes looked at Wang Lin with determination. Its mind was linked with Wang Lin's, so it already knew Wang Lin's plan. It let out a soft hiss.

After silently pondering for a moment, Wang Lin waved his right hand and the mosquito king was pulled into the restriction in the cave.

"With enough origin crystals, it will be fine!" Wang Lin took out large amount of beast souls he had gathered and also took out the mutated beast soul he had created in the cave in the Origin Sect. Then he put in tens of thousands of origin crystal and sealed it shut.

"I'll use the Five Poison sect's method to refine mutated beast souls to forcibly raise the mosquito beast's strength so it can transform into a stronger mosquito king. Only then can it control the large amount of mosquito beasts in the Wind Celestial Realm!" Wang Lin's divine sense spread out into the cave. He clearly saw the purple mosquito beast rush aggressively toward each beast soul. It fought and devoured them.

At the same time, the origin crystals turned into dense origin energy through the restriction and entered the mosquito beast's body.

After leaving a strand of divine sense in the cave to keep an eye on it, Wang Lin pondered for a bit and then went to the pill furnace.

Wang Lin sat down beside the pill furnace. He constantly manipulated the fire and refined the pill. Time slowly passed, and in the blink of an eye, two days went by. The fire gradually disappeared and the fragrance of the pill filled the room.

Wang Lin's expression was calm as his right hand reached out. The lid of the pill furnace flew off and a large amount of fog rushed out. The fog gradually disappeared and a pool of golden liquid floated in the air.

Under Wang Lin's control, the liquid flew toward him and was stored in three small bottles.

Taking a deep breath, Wang Lin looked at the black light restriction around the valley and picked up a small bottle before taking a small sip of the liquid. The moment the liquid entered his body, it immediately turned into a cool feeling that spread through his body. He could vaguely feel the roar of a beast echo. Wang Lin closed his eyes and began to slowly comprehend the beast's comprehension of the heavens.

Under this strange state, Wang Lin forgot time as his mind was lost in comprehending the heavens. It was as if he had turned into a fierce beast and experienced all the life and death struggles to survive. 

While he pursued dao, he confirmed his own true and false domain as he experienced the beast's comprehension. Wang Lin was like a passerby as he constantly organized the various comprehensions.

Wang Lin's surroundings seemed to become distorted and then changed. This change became even more rapid until his surroundings became unreal.

After a long time, Wang Lin's right hand reached out and picked up the small bottle to take another sip. He continue to be immersed in dao-seeking and enlightenment. More and more dao intent appeared around him. 

If he wanted, he could casually pick one of the fierce beast's comprehensions and use it to improve his cultivation. However, the consequences of this was that his dao heart would be confused. After all, this was borrowing someone else's dao and not your own comprehension. Wang Lin didn't want this kind of cultivation!

What he wanted was to continue to confirm his own true and false domain while living the beast's life, to comprehend the heavens through true and false.

What he took was the sliver of thought going through the beast's mind while it comprehended the heavens. That was the essence of the fierce beast soul. This thought was vague, but a fierce beast needed this in order to help them breakthrough and eventually reach human form!

Time passed. Wang Lin had consumed the entire first bottle and continued to comprehend. The distortion around his body spread until it covered the entire valley. If anyone came at this moment, their dao heart would become chaotic. There were too many dao intents that Wang Lin had sorted out and given up.

"If there is no false, there is no truth. If there was no truth, were would false come from? True and false, there is no real need to completely differentiate them…" Wang Lin picked up the second bottle and took a big gulp. His eyes were filled with enlightenment before he closed them and continued to confirm his own dao.

As the endless dao intents were sorted out, they gradually spread out of the valley. This caused the entire valley to become distorted.

This was something that couldn't be seen by the naked eye, but any cultivator above the Soul Formation stage could feel the dao intents here. Every single one of them was formed by the law of the heavens.

If you looked at it, it looked real, but you would find that it was false. It would become very difficult to distinguish, and once you fell into it, it would be very difficult to escape from this abyss.

More and more chaotic dao intents spread out and covered everything within a 10,000 feet area. This caused even the sky to become distorted.

Wang Lin had already consumed the third bottle inside the valley. He had forgotten everything as he continued to search for his dao in this endless world!

In an instant, a vague voice appeared in his mind. This voice seemed to be muttering and gradually became clearer.

"Enlightened, prisoner of the dao of heaven. All sentient beings must endure immeasurable calamities. It only takes a thought to leave the deep prison. All life must walk forever forward and solve the modern age. Escape the will of heaven and obtain the path to life. Seal the will of the heavens. Engrave the dark days. Await the path of cultivation…"

"No life knows the true dao. The bitter abyss forever distorts the true dao…." This sentence continued to echo in his mind. Gradually, even more dao intents spread out until they covered 100,000 feet, 1,000,000 feet. Eventually, they covered a small portion of the Seven-Colored Realm.

Master Ashen Pine was 10,000 feet outside of Sima Mo's cave, and his face was extremely pale as he stared ahead, but he remained motionless. He had come here two days ago, but before he could move forward, he immediately felt the chaotic and endless dao intents here.

These dao intents were like a giant vortex that could absorb all domains. Then, through a special method, they would bring them into Wang Lin's confirmation.

The true and false domain was the second evolution of his dao. What he seeked had already suppressed those at his cultivation level and even those above his cultivation level.

Master Ashen Pine's face was pale as he sat on the ground and made his mind stable. He constantly resisted the chaotic dao intents and the suction from the invisible vortex. He didn't notice the bald Lost Ones slowly walking over.

They moved at a casual pace, but every step was like Spatial Bending. Soon, they arrived, but they didn't move forward. They stood there was if they were seeking dao.

Even farther away, the Enlightened Ones that only floated in the fog all came out of the fog and flew toward the valley Wang Lin was in. Their muttering slowly came as well.

Everything happened with the valley Wang Lin was in as the center. A dao refinement that stirred up the entire Seven-Colored Realm slowly occurred. As the chaotic dao intents given up by Wang Lin increased in number, the entire Seven-Colored Realm seemed to become twisted.

The Lost Ones seeked dao and their eyes became even more confused. They stared ahead and countless invisible dao intents were absorbed by them.

The Enlightened Ones arrived and floated in the air. The murmur that had lasted for countless years stopped. They all looked at the valley and closed their eyes. It was as if they were comprehending Wang Lin's dao.

Even those rank 12 fog beasts all turned into different fierce beasts and didn't let out any roars. They flew across the sky and surrounded the valley. They floated in the air like the Enlightened Ones and comprehended Wang Lin's dao.

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