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Chapter 1196 - Sima Mo's Secret

Wang Lin grabbed the seven-colored nail and rapidly retreated with the help of the impact. He fell to the bottom of the mountain. The three eagle beasts roared as they chase. They were like three rays of black light.

Wang Lin didn't hesitate to rush into the tunnel. He endured the intense pain from his body and charged ahead.

The eagle beasts' roars echoed in Wang Lin's ears, but they didn't enter the tunnel. They circled outside the tunnel with ferocious gazes. After a long time, they slowly returned to the top of the mountain and turned into fog once more.

Wang Lin found a hidden place in the tunnel and sat down. After placing a large amount of restrictions, he took out pills. He swallowed them and then began to cultivate.

His body had been seriously injured, but the ancient god body not only had power, it also unimaginable recovery. After several hours, his injuries were healing.

However, Wang Lin didn't leave. He sat there and continued to cycle the ancient god energy to every part of the body. While he was healing, his origin energy was rapidly moving through his body.

Without the seven-colored nail, there was nothing stopping Wang Lin from recovering.

Time quickly passed, and in the blink of an eye, two more days went by. Wang Lin opened his eyes, and they shined like lightning in the dark tunnel. He stood up and moved his body. All his injuries had almost healed. His origin soul was no longer weakened and the origin energy in his body had all recovered over the past two days of cultivating.

He had reached his peak once more. Even if Master Ashen Pine wasn't injured, he could battle Master Ashen Pine again!

In a flash, Wang Lin charged out through the passage and appeared in the valley. He took a deep breath and thought of the dangers he had just faced. Wang Lin waved his right hand and the seven-colored nail appeared in his palm.

He still had lingering fear towards this nail. He was lucky that he had the body of an ancient god, which prevented the nail from making his bone become seven-colored instantly. This helped delay the madness, or else the consequences would've been unimaginable. It was also thanks to his ancient god body that he could suffer serious injuries to borrow outside force to force the nail out.

If it was any other cultivator, they wouldn't be able to do this. Even if they were late stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivators, without the body of an ancient god, they would still die to this seven-colored nail.

"This item is definitely not ordinary. Not only did it break the iron sword, it also pierced my body. I fear if not for the iron sword blocking it a bit, it would have directly penetrated my bones and turned them into seven-colored light in an instant." Wang Lin stared at the seven-colored nail in his hand. His divine sense spread out and he left his own mark on it.

"Although I lost the iron sword, I have obtained this even more aggressive seven-colored nail. This will become my ace in the future. With this, even late stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivators will die!"

While pondering, Wang Lin's right hand reached at the void, took out Pang Decai's ring, and placed it on his left thumb. The defense of this treasure was excellent, and it could be considered good protection here.

Then he took out something else. It was the short sword that was stabbed into the beast bone in that cave. Unfortunately, he couldn't open the seal on it right now, so he put it away after looking at it.

The last thing he took out was the little nascent soul that belonged to Master Ashen Pine. It had become weak, but it still had a ferocious expression and roared at Wang Lin.

"This thing is interesting." Wang Lin spat out a mouthful of origin energy and surrounded it with it. Then he swallowed it and left it to refine in his origin soul. This thing seemed like a nascent soul but also like a treasure; it was really strange. Although Wang Lin didn't know where it came from, it didn't hinder him from refining it.

He was going to refine it with his origin soul and wipe off Master Ashen Pine's mark. Then it would belong to Wang Lin, and he could study it at that time.

"Although both Master Ashen Pine and I ended up seriously injured and I suffered heavy losses, I also gained a lot. The jade bottle with the black liquid, the seven-colored nail, the blood nascent soul, and the crystal sword!" Wang Lin waved his hand and the trident appeared in his grasp. He shook it and a small, crystal sword flew out.

When he grabbed the sword, the aura of an Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure appeared. Although it couldn't match the iron sword, its power wasn't ordinary.

After sorting his treasures, Wang Lin's eyes lit up. From all the treasures Master Ashen Pine had, it wasn't difficult for Wang Lin to guess that this Seven-Colored Realm had a lot of treasures. Most of Master Ashen Pine's treasures must have come from here, especially those beads that could summon spells.

"This is a treasure trove. If Master Ashen Pine can obtain treasures, so can I… The battle in the future will depend on who can obtain the stronger treasures and pills to increase our cultivation levels!" Wang Lin licked his lips and charged into the valley ahead.

This first goal was Sima Mo's cave from Pang Decai's memories!

In Pang Decai's memories, after they found Sima Mo's cave, they didn't open it completely and instead just opened a part of it. This time they were prepared to obtain the soul beasts and refine them into pills. Once their cultivation levels increased, they were going to break open Sima Mo's cave completely.

"A cave that hasn't been completely opened and is still intact!" Wang Lin quickly moved based on Pang Decai's memories. He quickly moved through the valley, but he didn't trigger a single restriction.

This place was extremely vast, and the valley was filled with restrictions. Most of the restrictions had collapsed, and even if the valley had any caves, they were empty.

After one day, Wang Lin stopped outside a valley. This valley was very ordinary, but when he closed his eyes, he felt a gloomy intent enter his mind.

The valley was filled with weeds and there were signs of restrictions being destroyed. This was the location of Sima Mo's cave from Pang Decai's memories.

After carefully observing this place, Wang Lin walked forward. When he got near the entrance to the valley, he stopped and deduction filled his eyes. A moment later, his right hand formed a seal and shot out a restriction ahead.

In an instant, the valley trembled as if a picture was torn apart before Wang Lin and blown away.

Things changed before him. The originally ordinary-looking valley beame purple and the weeds on the ground were replaced by black soil; even the entrance was different. A black light prevented people from moving forward.

There were two layers of restrictions on this valley. The first layer was an illusion. No matter how hard one tried, they would ultimately never be able to enter the cave inside. What Pang Decai and company were cracking was the first layer.

However, in Wang Lin's eyes, with his understanding of restrictions, he immediately saw through it. He raised his hand to make the second layer appear and revealed the true appearance of this cave.

Staring at the black light, Wang Lin revealed a wry smile. This black light was the same as the one protecting the place where Master Ashen Pine went to get the bottle; both were Time Restrictions!

He placed his right hand on the light and pondered for a bit. With his understanding of restrictions, he could calculate that this restriction was nearly 20,000 years old. Although it couldn't compare to the one around the jade bottle, it would still be difficult to crack unless he was willing to sacrifice treasures and open it by force.

Looking at the black light, Wang Lin began to ponder. Shortly after, his eyes lit up and his right hand moved. A jade immediately appeared in his hand. This was the jade he got on the wild continent that belonged to Sima Mo!

"I obtained Sima Mo's relics on the wild continent, and here I see Sima Mo's cave. Interesting…" Wang Lin's expression didn't reveal joy or anger.

Holding the jade, he slowly push it toward the black light. At this moment, the the light violently fluctuated and countless ripples appeared on it. Eventually, the light gathered toward the jade in Wang Lin's hand. Then, with a bang, the black light that couldn't be opened began to dissipate with the jade as the center, and a passage opened up.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he pondered a bit. He then stepped into the opening, and after he entered, the crack closed. Then the ripples dissipated and everything returned to normal.

An illusion appeared over it once more. The purple valley returned to normal and the black soil once again was covered in weeds. Everything returned back to how it was before Wang Lin arrived.

After passing through the black light, what appeared before Wang Lin was a green, grassy valley. This valley wasn't big, only about 1,000 feet wide. There were nine caves on the mountains surrounding the valley, and each one of them was sealed with a rock.

There was a skeleton in the meadow in the valley. It was sitting on the ground, leaning against the wall of the valley in front of Wang Lin. Its head was lowered and its right forefinger was pointing at the ground.

There were three jades placed before his body.

Wang Lin silently looked at the skeleton and his pupils shrank. The skeleton's bones gave off a faint, seven-colored light glow.

He slowly walked up to the skeleton before squatting down and carefully examining it. Then he picked up the first jade and his divine sense entered it.

".... I didn't think I'd return here… Back then, my Uncle-Master and I and many of my fellow sect members found that mysterious spacial crack according to his request… This crack was very strange, but it was filled with seven-colored light. It was very beautiful… Junior Sister was very fond of this seven-colored, and I promised her I'd take the seven-color light back for her...

"We entered the crack and entered this horrible nightmare… It was just that back then, I didn't foresee any of this...

"We entered the deepest part of this place and found a terrifying existence. This secret could shock the entire cultivation world. Not just my Cloud Sea, but also Allheaven, Summoned River, and Brilliant Void!

"However, it was too late… We destroyed our hope with our own hands… We are sinners… Teacher kicked us out of the sect. I know he had no other choice. I left with my sect members and became lost in the fog of the Cloud Sea. Looking at the fog, I felt fear… because of that secret...

"I didn't expect that immeasurable calamity would return in our moment of despair. We escaped once only to return here… Perhaps I won't be able to leave this place again… Is this fair? I believe in fate, and I gave into fate…"

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