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Chapter 1195 - Seven-Colored Nail

The woman in silver withdrew her gaze after a long time, and the confusion in her eyes became even stronger. She vaguely seemed to remember something, but it was very vague. She lifted her jade-like hand and waved it according to her fuzzy memories. There was a faint flash of a ghostly light and a restriction landed on the entrance of the cave.

If Wang Lin was awake and saw this, his eyes would narrow. This restriction was the Life and Death Restriction! This technique was far above what the old woman had made, extremely skillful.

Wang Lin wasn't in a coma for too long. After a few hours, he opened his eyes, and when he saw the entrance, he was startled. He looked at the woman in silver but didn't ask. Instead, he sat down and began to cultivate.

Time slowly passed. In the blink of an eye, three days went by.

During these three days, the outside world was calm without the slightest fluctuation. It was as if all the cultivators in the Seven-Colored Realm were recovering as much as possible.

After three days, not only did Wang Lin's complexion not recover, he became even more pale. There was a faint, seven-colored glow coming from his right shoulder. The wound had healed, but the nail was still impaled in his bone. The seven-colored nail made his bones constantly shatter, but due to his powerful ancient god vitality, the shattered bone was quickly recovering.

This repeated endlessly and brought Wang Lin intense pain.

What was even more serious was that not only was the seven-colored nail embedded into his bones, it also felt like it had penetrated into Wang Lin's origin soul. His origin soul was sluggish and weak.

If that was it, it wouldn't have been an issue, but Wang Lin was shocked to find that the seven-colored nail was constantly draining his vitality. It was if it wouldn't stop until it had drained all his vitality.

"What kind of treasure is this to have the power to even break the Pseudo Nirvana Void sword in half?" Wang Lin's heart ached. The iron sword had been with him for many years and had been extremely useful, but now it was broken.

"There were also the beads that Master Ashen Pine threw out. Each of them could summon a spell in this Seven-Colored World. They are very strange. Even the Heavenly Fate Finger appeared from one…" As Wang Lin endured the pain, he began to ponder.

He thought about when the All-Seer's battle soul appeared and looked at the sky in confusion.

"This place must be connected to the All-Seer…"

After pondering a bit, there was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes.

"However, Master Ashen Pine is also seriously injured. His body collapsed under the War Spirit Print and only his origin soul escaped. He was also seriously injured by the iron sword and has consumed a lot of his treasures. I must recover as soon as possible, and the next time we meet, he will undoubtedly die!

"There is also that old woman in green who was trapped inside the restriction. Even though she is proficient in the Life and Death Restriction, with my Annihilation Restriction mixed in, it won't be simple for her to come out. Even if she breaks out by force, she will be seriously injured!

"There is also Master Cloud Soul. When he was teleported here, he was teleported to a random location, but I don't know where. However, this place is filled with danger, and being randomly transported here is very dangerous. It is likely he can't even fend for himself right now.

"These three were all done in by me, but that Chen Tianjun left early. Although we felt his spells dissipate before, it is difficult to prove he is dead…"

Everyone here was scheming against each other, and no one wanted the others to leave here with the treasure. This was what they called "even though a person doesn't want to harm a tiger, a tiger would still want to harm the person." If you continue to be passive, you will only end up being schemed against. Wang Lin's eyes lit up, he had long since seen through all of this. This was why he act first and forced Master Cloud Soul to teleport to another location. Then he trapped the old woman in the restriction so he could have a battle against Master Ashen Pine.

While pondering, intense pain came from his right shoulder and sweat came from his forehead. He revealed a decisive gaze and swiped his left hand over his right should. A wound immediately appeared and continued to expand until it revealed the seven-colored nail embedded in his bones.

In an instant, the seven-colored light covered the entire cave. Xu Liguo licked his lips as he looked at Wang Lin and thought, "The fiend is indeed a fiend. Not only is he ruthless to others, he's also ruthless to himself."

After taking a deep breath, Wang Lin clenched his teeth, reached for the seven-colored nail, and mercilessly pulled with a roar! Intense pain came over his body. Wang Lin let out a muffled groan and sweat soaked his clothes. His body trembled and he was unable to pull it out!

This nail seemed to have merged with his bone; it was impossible to tell it wasn't part of it! What was even more strange was that the seven-colored light seemed to have entered his bone. The bone of his right shoulder seemed to have become seven-colored.

Wang Lin's face was pale. The moment the seven-colored light entered his body, his mind went blank. There was a hint of him going mad.

Although this feeling disappeared in just a moment, it made Wang Lin gasp.

At that moment, the madness was completely out of his control. It was as if his mind had fallen down many layers of hell and was sealed inside. He was no longer himself...

Looking at his right shoulder, the seven-colored nail had shrunk by half.

Wang Lin stared at the seven-colored nail. He had a feeling that if the nail disappeared completely, his bones would turn completely seven-colored. At that time… the madness wouldn't just be for a moment, but permanent.

"What kind of magic treasure is this?!" The wound on Wang Lin's right shoulder quickly healed and disappeared, covering up the seven-colored nail.

After silently looked at the healing wound, Wang Lin closed his eyes and his origin soul began to struggle. Since he couldn't take it out using external force, he was going to try using his origin energy and ancient god power to force it out.

Time passed and another three days went by. Wang Lin opened his eyes. With his cultivation level, he could only suppress it. He couldn't force out the seven-colored light, much less the nail.

"If I can only suppress it, then it is not the end. Now I just need help… If there are enough helpers, I should be able to force the seven-colors and the nail out!" Wang Lin silently looked at the jade bottle. This was Master Ashen Pine's ultimate goal for coming to the Seven-Colored Realm.

Holding the bottle, Wang Lin's divine sense spread out. The bottle was half-filled with black liquid. It looked like blood but didn't give off the smell of blood.

"Once I obtain Master Ashen Pine's origin soul, I'll know exactly what this is. If I'm not mistaken, this should be related to helping him increase his cultivation level." He put the jade bottle in his clothes, stood up, and looked at the Life and Death Restriction at the entrance of the cave. Then he looked at the woman in silver.

"You know the Life and Death Restriction?"

The woman in silver pondered. After a long time, she whispered, "There are… There are some memories…"

"Open the restriction." Wang Lin nodded slightly.

The woman in silver walked next to the entrance of the cave and her jade-like hand gently slapped it. The restriction slowly dissipated and not a trace of it remained.

Wang Lin didn't ask and waved his sleeves. Xu Liguo was about to speak, but before he could open his mouth, he was put into the storage space along with the woman in silver.

After leaving the cave, Wang Lin took a deep breath as he endured the pain in his right shoulder and rushed out.  He wasn't going to the depths of the Seven-Colored Realm, but the outer mountain range beyond the valley.

That place was filled with mountain peaks with fierce fog beasts.

These fierce beast were the helpers Wang Lin had thought of!

He quickly flew through many valleys as he travelled along the path he came, heading toward the outer region of the Seven-Colored Realm. Soon, he saw the tunnel leading to outside and looked up. His eyes lit up as he stared at the dense fog at the peak.

He carefully went over the plan in his head and then revealed a decisive gaze. Although this trip was dangerous, if it could force out the seven-colored nail, it would all be worth it!

"Let's see how strong my ancient god body is!" Wang Lin's body turned into a ray of light and shot at the peak of the mountain.

Before he got close, a roar came from the fog and a giant, 1,000-foot-tall eagle rushed out from the fog. It roared as it shot at Wang Lin, and the fog followed it.

It was too fast and instantly closed in. The eagle charged and rammed into Wang Lin. Wang Lin didn't dodge; he used his body to resist it instead!

The person and eagle quickly closed in and collided with each other. There was a thunderous rumble and Wang Lin took several steps back. He didn't even try to reduce the impact, and all the force rushed into his right shoulder. This caused the seven-colored glow from his right shoulder to intensify until it penetrated his skin. From away, it looked like Wang Lin was covered in seven-colored light.

The eagle beast let out an angry roar and was also knocked back. It circled once in the sky and rushed at Wang Lin once more.

Wang Lin's mind trembled, but he didn't stop. He charged at the fog once more. At this moment, as the roar echoed, another eagle rushed out from the fog. This one was also 1,000 feet tall, and the two eagles formed two rays of black light that shot at Wang Lin.

Popping sounds echoed and Wang Lin felt like countless mountains were smashing into him. His face became even more pale and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth, but his eyes became brighter!

These two fierce beasts were both rank 12, and their impact was extremely powerful. However, Wang Lin passed all the impact to his right shoulder. Even if his body got seriously injured, he was going to force the seven-colored light out no matter what!

Half his body was covered in seven-colored light. With Wang Lin's method, it was as if the two eagle beasts were helping him force the seven-colored light out. As the seven-colored light flashed, it gathered toward his right shoulder.

There was a flash of black light as the two eagle beasts continued to attack Wang Lin's body. His injuries became worse and blood flew out from his mouth, but his face was filled with ecstasy.

As long as the root wasn't injured, an ancient god body could immediately recover. Even if he were to sustain serious injuries, Wang Lin wouldn't care as long as he could force the seven-colored nail out. He rushed toward the top of the mountain.

At this moment, Wang Lin's body had reached its limit. The seven-colored light on his right shoulder had all condensed back into the seven-colored nail.

Under these continuous blows, the nail seemed to have loosened and was showing signs of being pushed out.

Just at this moment, another roar came from the top of the mountain and a third eagle flew out. It turned into a ray of light and mercilessly slammed into Wang Lin's chest.

Wang Lin's body trembled, and the powerful impact caused his already injured body feel like it was going to collapse, but his eyes were filled with joy. He let out a laugh as his right shoulder burst open and blood flew everywhere. The seven-colored nail was inside that blood!

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