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Chapter 1176 - Wouldn't It Be Better to Forget About Each Other  

In these two short days, the part of the city that was destroyed by Wang Lin's War Spirit Print was quickly rebuilt by the Treasured Jade Sect.

In just two short days, a large amount spirit stones was used and countless cultivators worked on the repairs. The city was restored before the auction arrived.

The auction on Peng Lai was very important, and the items being auctioned were all very valuable. The reason so many old monsters would come to Peng Lai was due to this auction.

The location of the auction was at the square at the center of the main city of Peng Lai. This wasn't an auction just anyone could center; only those with an invitation were allowed in.

There was a large amount of Treasured Jade Sect cultivators around this 100,000 feet area preventing outsiders from entering.

When the auction was about to begin, all the old monsters from the various sects arrived and entered with their invitation jades. Wang Lin was also a bit interested in the auction. He calmly flew toward the center of the main city.

Along the way, all the cultivators that saw him respectfully clasped their hands at him. During these two days, almost everyone had memorized Wang Lin's appearance, and no one dared to offend him.

It didn't take long for Wang Lin to arrive at the main city. The cultivators of the Treasured Jade Sect could stop anyone without an invitation jade. However, after seeing Wang Lin, their minds trembled and they moved out of the way. They didn't dare to check if Wang Lin had an invitation jade or not.

There were almost 100 cultivators scattered across the square. Most of them were Nirvana Scryer or Nirvana Cleanser cultivators. There weren't many Nirvana Shatterer old monsters.

Wang Lin's arrival immediately caught the attention of all these cultivators. They all clasped their hands at him and some even went up to chat with him. Wang Lin calmly dealt with them as he looked through the crowd and saw Li Qianmei in the distance.

Li Qianmei noticed Wang Lin's gaze and chuckled. Her eyes were as bright as the stars.

A moment after Wang Lin entered the auction square, an elder in red entered with a middle-aged man. After seeing Wang Lin, he let out a hearty laugh. "For Fellow Cultivator Lu to come to my humble auction is the honor of my Treasured Jade Sect."

Wang Lin knew this elder in red. He was one of the people that had visited him over the last two days representing the Treasured Jade Sect.

"So it's Elder Cao." Wang Lin revealed a smile and clasped his hands.

The old man in red was very polite. He didn't dare to underestimate this youth in white before him. Every time he thought about how Wu Qing had died, he would tremble.

Before he visited Wang Lin on the behalf of the Treasured Jade Sect, he was clearly aware that this person was not normal. That calmness and speech along with the hint of illusion whenever he looked at Wang Lin's eyes were enough to shock him.

Later, he reported all of this to the sect master. After pondering for a long time, the sect master sent out a message. No disciple of the sect could offend this person on Peng Lai.

"Whether he is part of the God Sect or not has nothing to do with my Treasured Jade Sect. Just the fact that he was able to kill Wu Qing so easily is enough for him to be respected." The old man in red talked with Wang Lin for a bit before looking up at the sky. He smiled at Wang Lin and said, "Fellow Cultivator Lu, the auction is about to start. If you have anything you want to take out to auction, you have to hurry."

Wang Lin pondered a bit. He indeed have a few things he wanted to auction to trade for as many origin crystals as possible. After a moment, he smiled. "Might as well. I do have two treasures I want to auction."

"Oh? Treasures that Fellow Cultivator Lu is willing to auction can't be normal." The old man in red revealed a hint of interest.

Wang Lin didn't speak as he raised his right hand and reached out. A crack to this storage space opened and two objects surrounded by black light flew out at the old man in red.

The old man's eyes lit up and he looked at Wang Lin. He saw that there were seals on the treasures and therefore didn't check them with his divine sense. He let every cultivator's gaze gather and clearly see the shapes of the treasures before putting them away.

Wang Lin looked at the old man in red with a smile that wasn't a smile and clasped his hands.

The old man coughed and softly said, "This old man will first send these two items to the elder responsible for the auction. Fellow Cultivator Lu can rest assured." With that, he clasped his hands and left.

"That old man is an interesting person." Wang Lin's gaze swept by the old man's back.

After the old man in red left, other cultivators came up to talk to Wang Lin. This included the scholar in white and the beautiful woman from Master Ashen Pine's auction.

The three weren't unfamiliar. After they talked for a moment, the square began to tremble and everyone became quiet. The ground shook even more violently and cracks appeared around the square. 16 huge, stone tablets rose into the air!

These 16 stone tablets broke out from the earth and stopped after they were 1,000 feet into the air. Light began to surround the tablets.

At the same time, the earth around the 16 tablets continued to trembled and more than 40 smaller tablets flew out from the ground. They stopped when they were 800 feet in the air.

This didn't end. After these 40 tablets flew out, more than 100 tablets flew out outside them and stopped 500 feet in the air. These tablet formed a giant formation!

This was not the first time a majority of these cultivators had participated in this auction, so they weren't surprised. They all scattered and sat down on the various tablets based on their cultivation levels and status.

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he took a step forward. He arrived above one of the 16 stone tablets in front and sat down. No one was surprised he was able to sit there; it seemed quite obvious to everyone.

Looking around, all the cultivators that sat on these 16 tablets were Nirvana Shatterer old monsters, and Wang Lin knew most of them. After almost everyone was seated, a charming shadow arrived on Wang Lin's stone tablet. Li Qianmei blinked at Wang Lin and quietly sat down.

After sitting down, Li Qianmei whispered as if she was talking to herself, "I'm about to leave."

As she was sitting on Wang Lin's side, the wind blew by, causing a few strands of her hair to flutter before Wang Lin. The gentle fragrance from her body clearly entered Wang Lin's nose.

The fragrance was very light. Just like Li Qianmei's tranquility, it could calm one's heart.

At this moment, the auction began. The person responsible for the auction was an elder of the Treasured Jade Sect with a square face. He floated above the square with the first item. It was a bell-like treasure with a number of fierce beast tattoos carved on it.

After noticing her own hair reaching Wang Lin, Li Qianmei's face turned slightly red. She quickly pulled her hair back and casually bundled it up.

"When." Wang Lin didn't look at Li Qianmei but looked at the Treasure Jade Sect elder who was explaining the effect of the treasure.

"I'll leave after the auction." Li Qianme said softly, her eyes looking at the distant sky. No one knew what she was thinking.

Wang Lin quietly said, "I'll send you off."

At this moment, the bell was sold and the elder of the Treasured Jade Sect took out the second item. It was a pill.

Li Qianmei revealed a gentle smile. She turned around and looked at Wang Lin with bright eyes. She softly said, "How will you send me off? Will you just be sending me off from Peng Lai…"

"Ok." Wang Lin nodded and still didn't look at Li Qianmei.

Li Qianmei looked at the side of Wang Lin's face. She pondered for a bit and softly said, "Or send me to the rank 9 region?"

Wang Lin siently pondered.

"Or send me to the Demon Sect and resist the invasion of the fierce beasts with me?" Li Qianmei's voice was beautiful. It was like music that circled Wang Lin's ears.

Wang Lin was still silent.

Li Qianmei turned around. She looked into the distance and let out a sigh.

At this moment, the second item was sold. The elder of the Treasured Jade Sect took out the third item. It was a painting. It had no mountain on it, but the river and lake on it were moving and looked very real.

Li Qianmei was silent for a long time and softly said, "I originally wasn't going to leave this early, and there are still a few things I haven't figured out. However, Master sent a summon yesterday. The fierce beasts at the Demon Sect suddenly increased… All the disciples of the rank 9 sects must rush over to help as soon as possible. I don't know how long I'll be gone this time…"

Wang Lin slowly said, "Have a safe trip."

"When you were battling Wu Qing, I didn't act because…" Li Qiamei hesitated but was interrupted by Wang Lin.

Wang Lin calmly said, "I understand."

Li Qianmei looked at Wang Lin. After a while, she whispered, "Do you really understand…"

Wang Lin didn't answer but looked at the painting in the elder's hand as the cultivators offered. After pondering a bit, his voice immediately spread out.

"This painting, I'll take it."

After he spoke, everyone who was offering stopped. They all looked at Wang Lin and no longer offered. No one dared to compete with Wang Lin. The matter with Wu Qing was known by everyone. The reason Wu Qing had died, aside from his greed, was due to competing with this fiend for a treasure.

Wang Lin's right hand reached at the void and took out the scroll from the elder of the Treasured Jade Sect. He opened it, took out a lot, and turned around. This was the first time he had looked at Li Qianmei's beautiful face that could make one's heart race and those tranquil eyes.

"A gift to you!" Wang Lin handed over the painting.

Li Qianmei silently pondered. After a long time, she smiled and took the painting. She stood up biting her lower lip and whispered, "If you find the person who found the jade of the Heaven Breaking Sect, please pass him this message: the Heaven Breaking Sect welcomes him."

After she finished speaking, she no longer looked at Wang Lin and moved like a dancing butterfly. Her black hair suddenly turned into a stunning blue color and she gradually disappeared before the eyes of the cultivators.

She was still holding that painting.

"Wouldn't it be better to forget about each other… Is it…"

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