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Chapter 1177 - Divine Devil Armor

"Wouldn't it be better to forget about each other… Yes…" Wang Lin didn't look at Li Qianmei as she left. Wang Lin's heart didn't move for this woman who was also named Li. His heart was dead; it had died during that roar of indignation on the moon. His heart had been torn, torn into pieces the moment Liu Mei took out that resentful soul.

Rather than us relying on each other, wouldn't it be better to forget about each other?

Two different types of emotions represented two different attitudes toward life and also two different choices. Throughout Wang Lin's life, he had met many women who were more beautiful, more talented, and were better than Li Qianmei in every aspect.

Whether it was Red Butterfly, Xi Zifeng, Liu Mei, Mu Bingmei, Lu Yanfei, or just some he had brief encounters with.

These women all passed by, but in the end, only Li Muwan and Liu Mei had entered his heart. Wang Lin was not one that understood emotions. The changes early on in his life had made him into a murderous devil, and both of his hands were soaked in blood. Even those self-proclaimed devils couldn't compare to Wang Lin.

He didn't understand love. If he ever did, he only had an ignorant understanding of it back when he was a youth and hadn't started cultivating yet. He imagined he would one day pass the test and become an official. He would then return home with a wife by his side. Together they would accompany his parents until they were old.

However, after the incident with the Teng family, Wang Lin even died once, and this changed his personality greatly. The sorrow enlightened him. Cultivation, cultivation, the cultivation world only cared about the strong!

Wang Lin didn't know his feelings for Li Muwan at all. After Li Muwan died, he spent over a 1,000 years in solitude. He walked through the void alone in a daze, and as he walked down his path toward cultivation, he constantly recalled a feeling… Gradually, as he grew older, he understood.

Li Muwan had walked into his heart as he recalled these past 1,000 years. She had entered very deep, very deep.

The other woman, Liu Mei, had also walked into Wang Lin's heart, but her path was very different. It was very painful, very painful… In the end, Liu Mei still won. But this victory was her tearing a hold in Wang Lin's dead heart and burying herself inside.

Wang Lin's heart died and was torn apart by someone else. He was powerless… it'd be better to forget about each other.

Li Qianmei's departure and spreading out her blue hair exposed her identity. In the entire Cloud Sea, she was the only person with blue hair.

She didn't have to do this, but she still did.

The genius of the rank 9 Heaven Breaking Sect, Li Qianmei, had sat next to Wang Lin and was also gifted a painting by Wang Lin. This was seen by all the surrounding cultivators.

Li Qianmei had used this method to give people the answer to whether or not Wang Lin was a member of the God Sect.

The auction continued, but the gazes of the surrounding cultivators toward Wang Lin were different. Before, many were not certain of Wang Lin's identity as a member of the God Sect. There were doubts hidden in their hearts, but they were well hidden.

However, a majority of these doubts were dispelled by Li Qianmei's departure.

"The next item being auctioned is a mountain rock!" The elder in charge of the auction looked at Wang Lin and something appeared in his hand.

This was an incomplete mountain stone. It was damaged everywhere and was a mess; it looked very ugly.

Looking at the mountain stone, Wang Lin seemed to return back to all the fights he had back in Allheaven. The mountain stone had collapsed there as well. Wang Lin could only gather this much and had condensed it. It became an useless treasure in his storage space.

"1,000 celestial jades!" After a moment of silence, a sound came out from the surrounding cultivators.

The scholar in white that knew Wang Lin softly said, "5,000 celestial jade!"

The Dao Spell Sect elder sitting on one of the tablets in front calmly said, "10,000 celestial jades!"

No one else offered for this stone. Aside from a few of the powerful cultivators, most people thought it was worthless. However, earlier, when Wang Lin handed the items to the Treasured Jade Sect, everyone got a good look at what the two treasures were.

Everyone knew that this mountain stone belonged to Wang Lin.

A mere 10,000 celestial jades to make a friend with Wang Lin was something these cultivators were willing to spend. In the Cloud Sea, 10,000 celestial jades was not a small amount.

Wang Lin's expression was neutral as his right hand formed a seal and a restriction flew out toward the mountain stone. It fell on the stone and a ripple echoed before disappearing. An ancient aura suddenly spread out from the mountain stone.

This ancient aura contained the trace of time. This immediately caused the surrounding cultivators to become serious.

The Nirvana Shatterer cultivators weren't as phased. But the Nirvana Scryer and Nirvana Cleanser cultivators all stared at the mountain stone and began to ponder.

"Mountain soul!" The beautiful woman who knew Wang Lin was a bit surprised. She carefully looked at the stone before shaking her head and saying, "Unfortunately, it is broken."

"This isn't a normal mountain stone, it has celestial spiritual energy! Could this item be a mountain of the Celestial Realm?"

The scholar in white calmly said, "20,000 celestial jades!"

"Although this item is useless for us Nirvana Shatterer cultivators, the juniors in the sect can comprehend the spell within… More importantly, it likely came from the Celestial Realm and was then refined into this!" The elder of the Dao Spell Sect pondered for a moment and then slowly said, "30,000 celestial jade."

"40,000 celestial jades!" A voice came from the distance. It was Ouyang Long, who was sitting on a stone tablet in the back.

The elder of the Dao Spell Sect said, "1,000 origin crystals!"

The surroundings were completely silent. No one else tried bidding and in the end the elder of the Dao Spell Sect bought it.

Although this mountain stone was uncommon, it didn't set off a wave in the auction; it was at most a ripple. However, the shock the next item brought was something not even Wang Lin expected.

"This treasure is an armor!" The elder of the Treasured Jade Sect took a deep breath. There was hint of doubt and excitement in his eyes. He waved his right hand and a blob of black gas appeared. There was the vague shape of a suit of armor inside.

The moment this black gas appeared, the expressions of some the surrounding cultivators  changed and they looked closed. This included the old man with a face full of scars, the scholar in white, and company.

"I ask Fellow Cultivator Lu to lift the seal so we can get a better look." The old man clasped his hands at Wang Lin and revealed that this item belonged to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin paid attention to the old man's expression. After pondering a bit, his right hand pointed at the suit of armor and a restriction flew out at the black gas. The black gas seemed to boil as it violently churned and layers of restrictions dissipated. Finally, all the restrictions disappeared and the black gas was no longer a blur. It quickly contracted into a black suit of armor and gave off a monstrous devilish energy.

This devilish energy was so strong that the world changed colors. A giant vortex vaguely appeared in the sky. It was completely black and slowly rotated.

The moment the seal on the armor was removed, the surroundings completely quieted down. All the cultivators' eyes opened wide and even the Nirvana Shatterer old monsters were startled. Their eyes shined like they never shined before!

Some of the cultivators stood up in shock and disbelief filled their eyes.

The old man with a face full of scars gasped and muttered, "God Sect Devil Armor!!"

"Divine Devil Armor!!"

"It really is the Divine Devil Armor!"

"The Divine Devil Armor that only the God Sect possess. The devilish energy from it is extremely dense; it should be a rank 4 Divine Devil Armor!" The entire auction began to stir due to the appearance of this suit of armor.

The cultivators that could come to this auction were all knowledgeable, were very powerful, and were all mentally strong. However, at this moment, their mental strength collapsed due to this Divine Devil Armor!

The elder of the Dao Spell Sect clasped his hands at Wang Lin and said, "Fellow Cultivator Lu, do you really want to sell this?"

After he spoke, the surroundings immediately became quiet. Everyone's gazes gathered on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he looked at the scattered devil armor. He didn't think that even this armor would be unexpectedly related to the God Sect. A strong interest toward the Cloud Sea's God Sect appeared in Wang Lin's heart.

Wang Lin calmly said, "I only want origin crystals!"

"Good. I'm willing to take out 3,000 origin crystals to buy this!" the elder of the Dao Spell Sect said with a decisive tone!

"This woman offers 5,000 origin crystals!" The old woman who traded Wang Lin the star map looked at the armor with a mysterious gaze in her eyes as she made the offer.

The scholar in white took a deep breath and said, "I believe all of you want to buy this to study the God Sect's spells. Only God Sect members own something like this, and they rarely leak out. I must obtain this. I offer 8,000 origin crystals!"

The Dao Spell Sect elder hesitated for a bit and clenched his teeth. "10,000 origin crystals!" The Dao Spell Sect didn't have that many origin crystals; 10,000 was already his limit.

The moment this price came out, the surrounding cultivators all gasped. This level of auction was not something most people could participate in. Just at this moment, an eccentric voice echoed.

"Rank 7 Mi Luo Sect offers 13,000 origin crystals!" The surrounding cultivators all looked over. It was a youth in yellow holding a fan in his hand who had shouted the offer.

The elder of the Dao Spell Sect stared at the armor and let out a sigh. He stopped bidding. The rest all became silent. This was their limit; they didn't have that many origin crystals.

"15,000 origin crystals!" Ouyang Long's voice echoed, and there was a hint of trembling within it. Even for him, this price made his mind tremble.

The youth in yellow frowned and said, "18,000 origin crystals!"

"20,000 origin crystals!" Ouyang Long clenched his teeth.

"25,000 origin crystals!" There was a flash of coldness in the eyes of the youth in yellow.

"3… 30,000 origin crystals!" Sweat appeared on Ouyang Long's forehead.

"You're merely from the rank 5 Treasured Jade Sect; where did you get so many origin crystals!?" The young man in yellow stood up and stared at Ouyang Long. There was a flash of killing intent in his eyes, but he recognized Ouyang Long's identity.

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