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Chapter 1173 - The Wind of Desire Begins to Move

Wu Qing faintly smiled. He didn't speak, and it was impossible tell if he was happy or angry.

The two things this skinny old man had taken out aroused the attention of everyone here. Wang Lin let out a sigh. He was interested in the rank 12 beast, but its price would not be low, and because it was semi-fog, its value would be even higher.

As a result, there were more people offering on it.

However, the old man still didn't nod, which made the surrounding cultivators frown.

Master Ashen Pine stared at the bubble and his eyes lit up. After a long time, he withdrew his gaze and passed the old man a message. The old man's expression changed for the first time, but after pondering for a bit, he shook his head.

Master Ashen Pine let out a sigh and no longer offered.

Just at this moment, the old woman that wasn't moved by any treasure waved her right hand and a jade flew toward the old man in black. The old man scanned the jade with his divine sense and his eyes shined like never before. He closed his eyes and pondered for a long time but still didn't nod.

"I'll add a map of the rank 6 region! I personally made this chart and collected information for a long time. Although I don't dare to say it covers everything, at least 30% of the rank 6 region is inside. There are also several wild continents that only I know of." The old woman's voice was hoarse as she slowly spoke.

"I don't want your star map. Add another 10,000 celestial jades!" The old man in black opened his eyes, and his voice was resolute!

The old woman frowned and slowly said, "I don't have the celestial jades, only this star map!" She looked at the spirit beast inside the bubble. She was tempted by this and had given a good price, but the other still didn't agree.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. After pondering a bit, he softly said, "I'll take this star map for 10,000 celestial jades." Wang Lin looked at the old woman in green.

This old woman looked meaningfully at Wang Lin. She nodded and threw a jade at Wang Lin.

After they finished the exchange, Wang Lin put the jade away.

The old woman and the old man in black's trade was also successful. The old man smiled and nodded at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's 10,000 celestial jades caused the old monsters here to pay him a bit of attention. However, 10,000 celestial jades wasn't that shocking of an amount. After looking at Wang Lin, their gazes fell on the feather.

The old man with the face filled with scars touched the ring on his finger and slowly said, "The Vermillion Bird from back then is dead and its whole body exploded in flames, so this feather is obviously not an original. I offer 3,000 celestial jades."

"5,000 celestial jades." Wu Qing faintly smiled.

"This feather is indeed beautiful. I'll offer 8,000 celestial jades." The beautiful young woman chuckled and her voice was very pleasant.

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he withdrew his gaze from the feather and slowly said, "10,000 celestial jades." He had to obtain this feather!

After hearing Wang Lin say "10,000 celestial jades" again, even the young scholar revealed a hint of shock. He carefully looked at Wang Lin.

The beautiful woman's eyes narrowed and she softly said, "This little friend has a lot of celestial jades, but this feather is indeed pretty, so I'm reluctant to let it go."

The old man covered in scars looked at Wang Lin, then he put on a fake smile and said, "13,000 celestial jades."

Wu Qing's expression remained the same and he said, "15,000 celestial jades." After he finished, he looked at Wang Lin. He didn't need this feather, but since he saw Wang Lin bid, he was tempted and wanted to see how many celestial jades this person had. At this moment, he had already completely forgotten about the middle-aged man telling him not to provoke Wang Lin.

The beautiful woman chuckled and sent a message to the old man in black.

The old man in black looked at the beautiful young woman and said, "This is an auction' there is no need to secretly send me offers. Whoever offers the highest price will obtain it."

"20,000 celestial jades." The beautiful woman wasn't annoyed and said her price.

Wang Lin was calm. He pondered a bit and then said, "30,000."

After he spoke, the surroundings immediately became quiet. The beautiful woman looked at Wang Lin again, and her eyes became serious. A person who was able to take out 30,000 celestial jades must've had a big power behind them, even if they weren't at the Nirvana Shatterer stage. And this person was able to come to Master Ashen Pine's private auction, so he couldn't be simple. One couldn't only look at someone's cultivation level.

After pondering for a moment, the beautiful woman shook her head and no longer offered.

Not only her, but even the old man covered in scars looked at Wang Lin and shook his head. He didn't continue to bid. They were people who were here to trade, so they naturally wouldn't deliberately make it difficult for each other.

The young scholar looked at Wang Lin with even more interest. He had already noticed that when Wang Lin first entered, he was extremely calm when facing all these Nirvana Shatterer cultivators. There wasn't the slightest hint of discomfort.

If it was another Nirvana Cleanser cultivator, they would have been frightened silly and wouldn't dare to compete with a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator for treasures.

This point was enough to explain the problem. This person must've had something that allowed him to remain this calm.

The pupils of the old woman in green who got the beast soul shrank. She looked at Wang Lin and began to ponder.

Master Ashen Pine still smiled and watched everything. He wasn't surprised that Wang Lin had a lot of celestial jades. Just the deposit he had given Ouyang Long included thousands of celestial jades. This alone proved Wang Lin's courage and determination.

The old man in black laughed. He was about to speak, but at this moment, Wu Qing laughed. "35,000 celestial jades. Fellow Cultivator Lu, it isn't that this old man wants to compete with you. I'm doing this because I have great use for it."

"40,000." Wang Li frowned.

"45,000 celestial jades." Wu Qing still smiled. He wanted to see if the person before him would top his bet or not.

"50,000!" Wang Lin's expression gradually turned cold.

"55,000 celestial jades!" Wu Qing still smiled. Everyone here was an old monster who had lived for tens of thousands of years, so they immediately saw through his intent of playing Wang Lin.

The beautiful woman frowned. Not only her, but all the other old monsters also frowned. They had all come here to trade and found this kind of behavior extremely disgusting unless there was a feud.

Even Master Ashen Pine revealed a hint of unhappiness.

"Since Fellow Cultivator Wu is going to compete with me to the end." Wang Lin was angry, but he smiled and looked profoundly at Wu Qing.

"I don't want it anymore." After Wang Lin finished speaking, he simply closed his eyes to cover the killing intent within.

Wu Qing's eyes lit up and he laughed. "Thank for letting me win." With that, he took the jade and made the deal with the old man in black.

Due to Wu Qing's interruption, the auction gradually calmed down. Everyone else took out things they wanted to sell and even Wang Lin took out a few things.

It didn't take long for this auction to end, and everyone left one by one. As for the result of the bet, it would take some time to get, so there was no rush.

"That person has a lot of celestial jades…" Even when Wu Qing left, he was still smiling. He looked at Wang Lin before walking out from the room.

At this moment, Wang Lin and Master Ashen were the only ones left in the room. As for Ouyang Long, he had left accompanying the other old monsters.

"It was the first time Wu Qing was invited by this old man. I didn't think he would act like this. This is my fault for not recognizing his nature, which might have brought Fellow Cultivator some trouble." Master Ashen Pine shook his head as if he was unhappy about Wu Qing's action.

"No problem." Wang Lin remained calm.

Master Ashen Pine pondered a bit and said, "How about this: Fellow Cultivator can say in the main city for a while. After the auction is over, me and few of my old friends will be heading out. We can send you off so that Wu Qing won't dare to have any malicious thoughts about you."

Without waiting for Wang Lin's answer, Master Ashen Pine's expression became serious and he said, "Fellow Cultivator want to trade for 5,000 origin crystals. Is this true?"

Wang Lin nodded but didn't speak.

Master Ashen Pine's right hand reached at the void and opened his storage space. He took out a storage bag and threw it at Wang Lin. He then stared at Wang Lin with shining eyes. No one could see through his thoughts.

Wang Lin caught the bag and checked it with his divine sense. There were 5,000 origin crystals inside. Origin crystals were extremely rare in the Cloud Sea, and 5,000 origin crystals was an astronomical amount. It was unknown how Master Ashen Pine had obtained so many.

After putting away the bag, Wang Lin opened his own storage space and took out the bag he had prepared with celestial jades. He threw it at Master Ashen Pine, who caught it, and after checking it with his divine sense, revealed a smile.

"Do you still have more Chaotic Origin Pills?" Wang Lin looked at Master Ashen Pine.

"I obtained the Chaotic Origin Pills by accident from inside a relic. There were only nine, and I still have great use for the other eight." Master Ashen Pine declined.

Wang Lin no longer said anymore and got up to leave.

After Wang Lin left, Master Ashen Pine's smile disappeared and he muttered, "My origin crystals are not something that can be taken so easily…"

After walking out from the room, Wang Lin's expression was neutral and he let out a cold snort. Since he had dared to come here, he wasn't worried about people finding out he had so many celestial jades. Just like Master Ashen Pine, who was only a member of the Treasured Jade Sect but had so many origin crystals.

Thinking about the origin crystals, Wang Lin's heart skipped a beat and he left through the passage.

"That Master Ashen Pine definitely has evil intentions, but he doesn't know that my intentions are more vicious than his! 5,000 origin crystals aren't enough for me to nourish that mutated beast. If I want the mosquito beast to rank up with that mutated beast and be able to protect me in the Wind Celestial Realm, I need enough origin crystals!"

After leaving the passage, Wang Lin met Ouyang Long along the way. Ouyang Long led Wang Lin back to the pavilion and Wang Lin left. The sky was no longer bright and the noise had subsided.

Wang Lin stopped after walking several steps in this calm street. A ripple appeared behind him and the old woman who got the beast soul walked out. She coldly looked at Wang Lin before waving her right hand and throwing out a jade.

"There are errors on that star map. This is the real one! Be careful of Wu Qing!" With that, she no longer paid any attention to Wang Lin and disappeared.

Wang Lin held the jade and swept it with his divine sense before putting it away. When he turned around, his expression turned cold.

"The cultivation world respects the strong. Trying to hide all the time is not good. I should do the opposite of what I normally do and be arrogant for once. This should dispel some people's suspicions. Wu Qing… If you're looking for death, then I'll grant your wish!" Wang Lin flew out from the city with a sneer. He flew off the floating stone and charged to a plain in the west.

Shortly after he left, another ray of light flew out. It was Wu Qing chasing after Wang Lin!

A storm began to brew. Wu Qing's departure caught the attention of many powerful cultivators that knew why he was leaving...

"It's a pity…" In the main city, the old woman in green revealed a sigh of pity and shook her head.

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