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Chapter 1172 - The Circle of Nirvana Shatterer

Wang Lin didn't say the specific reason and simply avoided the topic.

The more he was like this, the more strange Ouyang Long felt. He felt the ordinary-looking youth in white was shrouded in mystery.

Ouyang Long couldn't make Wang Lin answer by force, so he could only smile and shake his head. He no longer mentioned this matter and instead reminded Wang Lin, "Fellow Cultivator, this is a private auction. According to the rules, the thing they hate the most are those who hide their appearance." After that, they arrived at the end of the tunnel and he knocked on the stone door a few times.

A moment later, the stone door trembled and ripples spread out in a circle on its surface as if it was melting. Ouyang Long looked back at Wang Lin before disappearing into the ripples.

Wang Lin pondered a bit and didn't cover his appearance. Since he dared to come, he wasn't afraid of causing trouble. He walked into the ripples and disappeared.

His vision blurred. When his vision was clear again, his eyes narrowed. He looked around and saw that this was a room about 100 feet wide. The floor was made of some unknown material that was transparent so you could see the fierce beasts battling below.

There were some seats scattered around the room with one at the center. There were seven cultivators sitting in their chairs, and none of them were hiding their faces. When Wang Lin entered, all their gazes gathered on him.

These people's gazes were like swords and were extremely sharp. Their gazes seemed almost solid and could make anyone feel chills. One of them was startled for a moment after seeing Wang Lin, but he soon returned to normal and smiled.

The person sitting in the seat in the front was an old man with silver hair wearing a grey robe. His eyes were slightly open, but there was a hidden flash of light in his eyes when he looked at Wang Lin. This cultivator was at the mid stage of Nirvana Shatterer. Behind him, Ouyang Long bent over and whispered something into his ear.

Wang Lin's expression was neutral as he walked forward before everyone's gazes. He arrived before a set and calmly sat down. His eyes were calm as he looked at the crowd before clasping his hands at the person that had smiled at him.

Wu Qing didn't expect to see Wang Lin here and was surprised. However, for Wang Lin to be able to enter a private auction like this made Wu Qing think even more highly of him.

As Wang Lin casually swept his gaze, everyone present, aside from the old man that was obviously Ouyang Long's uncle-master and Wu Qing, was at the early stage of Nirvana Shatterer!

The person sitting opposite of Wang Lin was a young scholar with a fair complexion. He gently waved the feather fan in his hand, revealing no emotion. When Wang Lin looked at him, he looked back at Wang Lin with a hint of interest in his eyes.

There was a beautiful woman sitting beside him. She was wearing a beautiful, flower dress and sat there with a hint of laziness. She took one look at Wang Lin and then no longer paid any attention to him.

There was an old man sitting not far away. His appearance was very strange; his face was filled with scars and looked terrifying at first glance. He had a gloomy expression as he kept rotating the ring on his right forefinger.

Aside from those three people, the other two also looked at the calm Wang Lin.

Not far to the left sat an old man in black. This old man was skinny and had eagle claw-like hands. There were two balls the size of a baby's fist in his left hand. The balls kept rotating around each other and would sometimes make some sound when they collided.

The last person was an old woman with snow white hair, wrinkly skin, and a green robe. She sat there motionlessly. Shen Wang Lin's gaze swept by, her eyes were like lightning, and she coldly looked at Wang Lin again.

This was obviously a small auction meant only for Nirvana Shatterer cultivators. To enter here, one had to have the identity and strength. If it wasn't for the fact that Wang Lin had easily injured the three people from the Devil Collection Sect and his transaction was quite large, it would have been difficult for him to enter here.

Even though he had entered this place, he was at the bottom in everyone else's eyes.

After Ouyang Long finished speaking with the old man, he stood straight and respectfully stood on the side.

The old man let out a dry cough and his gaze swept past the cultivators in the room. His hoarse voice echoed within the room.

"Today is a private meeting that I, Master Ashen Pine, have set up. Everyone invited is my old friend, and, of course, we do have two new friends as well. I won't bother with polite words. According to the old rules, let us set the first bet for the jackpot." After the old man finish speaking, Ouyang Lon immediately stepped forward and took out six pieces of jade. He passed them out to everyone, including Wang Lin, and respectfully handed the last one to the old man.

Wang Lin held up the jade and his divine sene swept it. He immediately saw information of more than 100 fierce beasts inside.

"There is even a sword lion beast! This old man will bet on this beast!" The old man covered in scars laughed. His divine sense made an adjustment to the jade and then he threw it at Ouyang Long.

Wang Lin calmly checked each fierce beast inside the jade. He wasn't knowledgeable about fierce beasts. Everything he knew came from the records of the Origin Sect, which was not enough. Most of the fierce beasts inside were not in the Origin Sect's records.

Wang Lin gained a lot knowledge about fierce beasts as he checked the jade. Seeing how most of the others had thrown their jades, Wang Lin chose a beast called "Wind Cloud," placed 100 celestial jades, and threw it back at Ouyang Long.

The white-haired old man smiled and said, "Today I want to see which one of us has the best judgement. We will know the answer later. Now, I have three treasures here. If any of you are interested, you are free to make an offer." As the old man spoke, he waved his right hand and three crystals flew out and floated in the air.

The first item was a flying sword. It was made of crystal and gave off a cold aura. There was a red line moving inside it, giving this flying sword an evil aura.

The second item was a broken armor. It gave off an ancient aura as if the passage of time had carved itself onto it.

The third item was a pill. This pill was completely black and didn't have the fragrance of pills. Instead, it gave off a terrifying aura, which made Wang Lin's gaze linger on it for a moment.

"The first item is the Blood Crystal Sword. I killed almost 1,000 rank 8 fierce beasts and used all their blood to refine this. I also asked Senior Dao Ye to enlighten it when I made it, so its power increased greatly. The line of blood inside contains a strange poison, making it so that on top of injuring the body, even the origin soul will be poisoned."

"Senior Dao Ye enlightened it?" The beautiful young woman in the flower dress waved her hand and the blood crystal sword flew into her hand. After taking a closer look, she let go of the sword and it flew back.

"The second item has a set of spells recorded on it, but it is broken, so it is impossible to cultivate. What a pity. As for the third item, it will depend on you fellow cultivators' insight. If you want to exchange, you must follow my rule: I only want celestial jades." The old man smiled and looked at everyone.

Aside from Wang Lin and the old woman in green, who didn't move, the other four all looked at the treasures one by one. The beautiful woman bought the crystal sword. As for the specific price, no one else knew.

As for the fragment, no one asked any questions. Wang Lin's expression was calm as he waved his right hand and the fragment flew into his hand. His divine sense spread out over it, but he wasn't focused on the spells inside and instead was focused on the material.

This fragment was like a bone, but after looking carefully, it didn't look like it was one. Wang Lin couldn't help but ponder.

The middle-aged scholar held the black pill in his hand and sniffed it. He revealed a look of hesitation as he turned toward the old man and said,

"Master Ashen Pine, I offer 500 celestial jades for this pill!"

Master Ashen Pine shook his head and slowly said, "A hundredfold!"

After he spoke, all the surrounding cultivators' eyes narrowed and looked at the pill. These cultivators were all at the Nirvana Shatterer stage and therefore wouldn't display their emotions. Although they all looked at the pill, outsiders would find it hard to see through what they were thinking.

The middle-aged man was silent for a moment before revealing a smile. After he heard the price, he was convinced of his own speculation. He put the pill away and nodded at Master Ashen Pine.

Master Ashen Pine smiled as his gaze fell on Wang Lin and he laughed. "Does Fellow Cultivator fancy this?"

Wang Lin looked up, revealing a look of hesitation. He thought for a bit and said, "This thing is useless, but I'm interested in rare things, so I offer 100 celestial jades."

Master Ashen Pine pondered slightly and then waved his hand with a laugh. "I originally didn't intent to sell it and mainly wanted to see if any of you would recognize it. Since Fellow Cultivator likes it, then I'll gift it to you."

Wang Lin clasped his hands to say his thanks and put away the fragment.

The old man holding the two balls slowly said, "This old man was really blind. I didn't expect that pill to really be the Chaotic Origin Pill that can threaten Nirvana Shatterer cultivators. However, just one pill isn't strong enough." 

As he spoke, the old man waved his hand and two items flew out. They floated in the air.

They were a red feather and a bubble the size of a head. There was a beast soul inside the bubble. Half of the beast was dragon and the other half was fog. It was struggling in an attempt to escape from the bubble.

The moment these two items were taken out, everyone looked over at them. The moment Wang Lin saw the red feather, he was shocked, but he concealed it very well, so none of it showed.

"The first item is the rumored feather of the Vermillion Bird. Although it is difficult to distinguish if it's real, the fire origin energy in it is strong. The second item needs no introduction. It is a semi-fog rank 12 beast soul. I don't have as many rules as Master Ashen Pine and will take anything in exchange as long as I like it." After the old man finished speaking, he silently examined everyone.

"Unfortunately, it is only a half-fog beast… what a pity!" Wu Qing looked at the fierce beast in the bubble and shook his head with a sigh.

"If it was a real fog beast, why would I sell it?" The old man codly snorted.

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