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Chapter 1140 - Origin Sect

Origin Sect's southern courtyard. Although pavilions covered the basin, there were also buildings on the southern part of the mountain range. In particular, within a red forest that was red all season, there was a red pavillion. It had a number of dancing cranes carved onto it, and it was very beautiful.

Lu Yanfei liked red, and almost everyone in the Origin Sect knew this. Not only was her house red, Lu Yanfei even had a unique feeling toward red clothes.

At this moment, Lu Yanfei was wearing a red dress with her hair spread out behind her. She quietly sat there, and her face was still pale as there was still sorrow that hadn't dissipated. This made her even more beautiful with a hint of red.

However, even her three senior brothers weren't qualified to appreciate this lovely scene, because their cultivation levels were a step lower than Lu Yanfei's.

The peak Nirvana Scryer Lu Yanfei was the number one beauty of the Origin Sect, and she was very famous within the rank 5 domain. There were many people who had ideas about her, but due to her teacher's peak Nirvana Cleanser cultivation, no one dared to make a move. However, now that her teacher had died, the Origin Sect was in its weakest state.

Right now, Lu Yanfei was holding a jade. This jade was purple, and she mercilessly squeezed it. Her jade-like hand even turned slightly white.

There was humiliation in her eyes, but she could only endure. She even wanted to crush the jade in her hand, but when she thought of the consequences, the humiliation increased.

After letting out a deep breath, she just barely fixed her mood and looked at the three female disciples before her, then she quietly said, "Let them come in."

Lu Yanfei had only taken three disciples, and all three were female. The second disciple, Xu Yun, had the highest cultivation level. She was half a step into the Illusory Yin stage.

Although Xu Yun wasn't as beautiful as her teacher, she was extremely delicate and had a gentle personality.

It didn't take long for four pale-faced, trembling youths to enter. When they entered the room, they didn't even dare to breath. They lowered their heads and didn't know what they were doing.

Lu Yanfei's gaze swept past the four youths as she softly said, "Eldest disciple, third disciple, each of you take two. Their talent is very ordinary, and whether they will become the spirit partner child will depend on luck. After one month, if they aren't recognized by the purple eye teacher left behind, send them home."

Two of the female disciples respectfully nodded. Then they took the four youths and departed.

"Teacher, there are three more… They are a bit old…" Xu Yun softly said on the side.

Lu Yanfei looked at the purple jade and mercilessly squeezed it. After silently pondering for a moment, she shook her head. "There is no need to see them. Take them under you. Teacher still has things to do, so you can leave."

Xu Yun hesitated for a bit as she looked at the purple jade in Lu Yanfei's hand. She opened her mouth as if she want to say something, but in the end she let out a sigh and respectfully left the room.

It wasn't until Xu Yun left that killing intent filled Lu Yanfei's eyes. She was like a jade Asura as she squeezed the purple jade. The humiliation in her eyes was completely replaced by killing intent.

"Rudy, even if I, Lu Yanfei, die, I won't become your cultivation partner!"

There were three people outside the red pavilion. Aside from Wang Lin, there were two more youths. One of them looked simple with simple clothes. The other had an slightly evil look and wore a blue shirt. He had a bit of grace to him.

Xu Yun came out with worry in her heart and looked at the three of them. When she saw the youth in blue, she frowned.

"The three of you, hold still. I'll take the three of you back to the sect." Xu Yun waved her jade-like hands, then clouds appeared and took the three of them down to the bottom of the mountain range in the southern area.

It didn't take long for them to arrive outside an intricate courtyard. There were a lot of plants planted in the courtyard, as well as several houses.

When the cloud disappeared, the youth in blue turned pale and his body trembled, then he began puking on the side. It was obvious that the speed was too fast, and it was his first time flying, so he had lost his courage.

As for the simple youth, his face was also pale. His body trembled, but he didn't puke.

Wang Lin's expression was calm as his gaze fell on the plants in the courtyard and carefully looked at them one by one.

Xu Yun looked at Wang Lin and her eyes lit up. She was very confused about Wang Lin's calmness. When she saw his gaze fall on the herbs, she couldn't help but ask, "You recognize them?"

"Some of them," Wang Lin slowly said as he withdrew his gaze. Then he calmly said, "I'm a doctor."

Xu Yun carefully looked at Wang Lin and said, "Since you recognize some of them, then you can stay here and take care of the herbs here." After that, she slapped her bag of holding and took out a jade. After concentrating for a bit, she threw it.

This jade immediately flew off into the distance.

This spell caused the simple youth to become very excited, and even the youth in blue revealed a look of yearning. It didn't take long for two rays of light to come from the distance, revealing two young cultivators.

"Greetings, Teacher." The two cultivators stood before Xu Yun and were very respectful.

"Arrange a place for the two of them to live and give them the chants for the first three layers." After Xu Yun gave her order, she walked into the courtyard. Then she turned around, pointed at Wang Lin, and said, "You, come in."

This girl's turn and point would be a bit charming if her cold attitude was removed.

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he walked into the courtyard. The fragrance of the herbs rushed into his face, and just one breath made him feel refreshed. Although he looked neutral, he was shocked. There were many herbs in this courtyard that were already extinct in the Alliance and Allheaven.

"You will live there." Xu Yun pointed at the wood house before her. She had already been observing Wang Lin as she felt he was too calm. If he was a cultivator, it would be fine, but no matter how much she checked, this Ceng Niu didn't have a trace of spiritual energy. This surprised her greatly.

However, she didn't think about it too much. After telling him the method to take care of the herbs and giving him the cultivation chants, she ignored Wang Lin. She went into the house in the middle and began to cultivate. She was desperately trying to reach the Corporeal Yang stage so she could be of some help to her teacher.

When she thought of the purple jade in her teacher's hand, Xu Yun felt bitter. She knew that her teacher's looks had caught the attention of many powerful cultivators. Now that the ancestor had died, many people's hearts were moved.

When she thought about how her three Uncle-Teachers refused to help, Xu Yun bit her lower lip tightly.

"If I can't reach the Corporeal Yang stage this time, I can only take the Soul Parting Death Pill…" Thinking about the terror of the Soul Parting Death Pill, Xu Yun took a deep breath. After pondering for a bit, she closed her eyes to cultivate. She recently had a bit of a breakthrough in her domain, so she wasn't far from the Corporeal Yang stage.

After Xu Yun left, Wang Lin faintly smiled and looked around at the herbs before walking into his own house. He found that his house wasn't big. Aside from a bed, there was a wood table.

There was an oil lamp on the table.

Stretching his body, he lied on the bed and looked at the wood roof, revealing a relaxed expression as he did so. He hadn't had it this easy in a very long time. Whether it was the North Water Village or his current location, both had given him a rare peace of mind.

After cultivating to his level, aside from cultivating, the most important factors were understanding dao and law. Lying here, Wang Lin felt calm, and he vaguely grasped some ideas.

"True and false… Perhaps I'm between true and false right now…" Wang Lin revealed a smile and slowly closed his eyes.

It didn't take long for the sky to gradually darken. Now the room was completely dark. Wang Lin slowly opened his eyes, but he didn't light the lamp. Instead, he sat down and his hands formed seals, then he pointed at multiple parts of his body. After letting out a breath of foul air, his body split into two.

His avatar and original body split in this wood house in the southern courtyard of the Origin Sect.

His original body sat there, and everything below the waist was only bones. His bones were dark and there were faint, red lines across the bones. If anyone else saw this, they would definitely gasp.

The original body was even worse than when he was at the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect. It seemed like his injuries were even worse.

In truth, Wang Lin had fused with his original body as early as when he left the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect to save the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor in the Rain Celestial Realm. However, due to the original body's problem, even though they were fused, there wasn't much ancient god power left to use.

"Ancient gods encounter Three Trials Seven Calamities. According to Tu Si's memories, only after reaching six stars should I encounter the first two calamities of the first trial. I didn't think I would face the first trial early...

"The first trial involves the flesh calamity and the bone calamity. Both are indeed strong." As Wang Lin looked at his original body, he waved his right hand. A crack to his storage space opened and fist-sized blood crystals flew out.

All of these blood crystals released a blood light, but, strangely enough, the lights were all contained within the room and none of it leaked out. Wang Lin looked at the blood crystals as he waved his right hand and the blood crystals flew at his original body. They landed on the skeleton-like lower half and gradually covered that part of the body.

His original body opened its eyes and then sank into the ground, disappearing from the room. He continued to sink until he reached the depths of the continent of Mo Luo. Then he closed his eyes and began to absorb the aura from the blood crystals.

Wang Lin had searched through Tu Si's memories when his original body's Three Trials Seven Calamities arrived early. After looking through the memories, he was enlightened and had a guess. His ancient god body was incomplete compared to the body of a true ancient god. It would be very difficult to pass the first trial without an ancient god's heart blood.

However, this was only his speculation. Wang Lin wasn't sure if his original body could pass the flesh calamity of the first trial.

As he pondered, time passed and the morning sunlight entered the room. The sound of the pouring rain also entered Wang Lin's ears.

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