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Chapter 1141 - Lu Yanfei

Even the morning air was damp during the rainy season on the continent of Mo Luo. Pushing open the window, countless drops of water would landed on the windowsill. Some even splashed onto Wang Lin's face.

This rain was very cold, but cold rain in the morning could help one awaken.

Looking through the window, the rain was strong. The herbs in the yard were a lot tougher than normal plants, so the rain did no harm to them. The rain fell on the herbs and nourished the roots.

Waves of spiritual energy spread out from the rain. Wang Lin took a deep breath as he picked up an umbrella and walked out from the room.

The sound of his feet landing on the mud mixed with the sound of the rain falling on his umbrella. Wang Lin listened to this sound as he felt the origin energy of the world. He was happy as he slowly walked forward.

Xu Yun's cultivation session hadn't ended. She was still silently cultivating, trying to break through the Illusory Yin stage into the Corporeal Yang stage. She wasn't aware that Wang Lin had left, though even if she wasn't immersed in cultivation, she wouldn't know of Wang Lin's departure.

After arriving at the Origin Sect, Wang Lin didn't hide his cultivation level. Given his current status, he didn't feel the need to hide it. However, without using any spells, no one could see that he was a cultivator, as no one could see through his cultivation.

A Nirvana Cleanser cultivator's origin energy was integrated with the world, allowing them to absorb origin energy from the world to use. As long as the origin energy inside his body doesn't move, then no origin energy fluctuations will appear. If this was all, Lu Yanfei might have seen something.

However, Wang Lin had a sliver of source origin and had already seen the third step. He had also experienced what it was like to be a third step cultivator with the help of Celestial Emperor Qing Lin. Therefore, there was no one on this continent that could see through his cultivation.

He held the umbrella wearing white clothes as he walked out of the yard and began to walk through the Origin Sect. He did encounter other cultivators, but they were all in a rush and didn't disturb each other.

Wang Lin walked up the mountain from the southern courtyard. He didn't use any spell and used his body to walk toward the peak.

The mountain breeze was very strong at the top of the mountain. At a glance, the clouds covered the sky and there was lightning flashing within them, releasing muffled sounds of thunder.

Wang Lin breathed in the wet air, looked at the scene in the distance, and felt the origin energy of the world. Wang Lin's heart was calm. If not for the uninvited guest, he would enjoy this feeling.

He was at a place where no one knew him; he was in a foreign world, savoring the smell of the rain by himself.

"Who are you?" A cold voice came from behind him.

Wang Lin's expression was neutral as he turned around and saw a woman behind him. This woman wore a red dress that looked like a red cloud. Her black hair was scattered behind her, and the black and red contrasted with her slightly pale face, making her even more beautiful.

This woman was very delicate, but on this rainy and thunderous day, she gave off a sense of loneliness and helplessness. Her faint hint of humiliation appeared clearly in Wang Lin's eyes.

Wang Lin calmly said, "My name is Ceng Niu."

The woman in red coldly looked at Wang Lin and frowned. The name "Ceng Niu" was completely unfamiliar to her. If not for the fact that Wang Lin was only a mortal, she would have already drove him down the mountain.

"Ceng Niu?" The woman remembered that among the 31 mortals brought back from the north, one of them was named "Ceng Niu." However, this person was simply too calm, and this wasn't something that could be faked.

"Leave this place," the woman said coldly. After all, she was a powerful cultivator and would naturally not make a move on a mortal. Although she was irritable, she maintained her calm.

Wang Lin suddenly smiled and walked past the woman in red. He followed the road and was about to leave.

The woman in red turned around and looked at Wang Lin. Wang Lin's calmness surprised her. It has to be said that in the entire Origin Sect, aside form her teacher, every disciple would be extremely nervous and respectful. Even her three senior apprentice brothers would show some respect due to her higher cultivation level.

There was not need to talk about mortals, but this man before her was strangely calm.

The gaze of the woman in red was like lightning as she stared at Wang Lin's back as if she could see through him. After carefully checking, she finally determined that the person before her was just a mortal.

The woman in red let out a sigh and whispered "Wait. Are you willing to listen to me…"

Lu Yanfei had a very high status in the Origin Sect, and most people were very respectful to her. Also, due to her status, there were some things that weren't convenient to speak about.

The youth before her didn't have any cultivation and was a mere mortal. In Lu Yanfei's eyes, the difference between them was like heaven and earth. More importantly, the youth's calmness was infectious and unconsciously helped her calm down.

She just wanted to find someone who could listen to her. At this time, during this rainy morning on this mountain, it was just the two of them.

Wang Lin pondered and stopped walking away. He stood at the top of the mountain as he looked at the dark clouds in the distance and nodded.

The mountain breeze whistled by with the rain. Aside from the wind and rain, it was calm.

"When I was 13, I was accepted as a disciple by Teacher and stepped onto the path of cultivation…" Lu Yanfei's voice was calm and filled with nostalgia. Her voice slowly disappeared into the rain.

"When I was attempting my breakthrough to the Ascendant stage, Teacher was willing to expend a large amount of herbs in the sect and even went to trade for more from other sects to refine me a Heaven Deceiving Pill that allowed me to reach the Ascendent stage…

"I still remember that year. Teacher took me into the stars hunting. It took three years before he helped me catch a six-eyed red fox to become my life beast spirit…"  

Lu Yanfei slowly and bitterly spoke. She didn't care whether Wang Lin could understand or listen, she just looked at the horizon as if she was muttering to herself.

"Teacher has died. From now on, I'll never be able to see him again…"

Lu Yanfei had said a lot. Wang Lin stood on the side and silently listened. Time gradually passed and soon it was noon. The rain in the sky lessened gradually until it stopped.

The dark clouds in the distance disappeared and the sky became clear. A bright rainbow hung over the sky, giving off an indescribable beauty.

"The Purple Dao Sect caused Teacher's death, and then their junior master sent over a jade asking me to become his cultivation couple. If I don't agree, then they will report to the main sect that they will start a war with our Origin Sect, taking advantage of my teacher's death… The main sect never liked us. If the Purple Dao Sect really requests it, then there's an 80% chance the main sect will agree…"

Lu Yanfei bit her lower lip, and there was a hint of bitterness in her beautiful expression.

"What is ridiculous is that my three senior apprentice brothers didn't dare to step forward at all and thought that this matter was set… They want me to sacrifice myself to bring peace to the Origin Sect. However, do they really think that the Origin Sect will be safe once I belong to Lu Hai…"

Two streams of tears fell from Lu Yanfei's eyes, went down along her cheeks, and landed on the ground, mixing with the rain. She silently looked at the rainbow over the horizon and muttered, "There is a rainbow after the wind and rain, but… my Origins Sect's rainbow is bleak…"

Wang Lin's expression was calm. Seeing that the woman in red was finished speaking, he turned around and walked down the mountain. The woman in red didn't stop him this time and silently looked at the horizon. After a long time, she revealed a determined expression and killing intent appeared in her eyes.

She looked back at the direction where Wang Lin went.

"This person's heart is on par with people at my generation. If he steps on the road of cultivation, he will definitely have great achievements in the future… Unfortunately…"

Wang Lin walked down the mountain and entered the courtyard holding the umbrella. Xu Yun was still cultivating when Wang Lin returned to the house, and his eyes lit up.

"I already knew from Zhao Yu's memories that this Cloud Sea Star System would be very different from the Alliance and Allheaven. Now that I listened to the elder of the Origin Sect, it seems a majority of cultivators cultivate using spirit beasts… Their alchemy is also unique! The Cloud Sea was filled with fog and inside the fog was a world that belong to spirit beasts…"

Wang Lin began to ponder, especially when he pondered the words of that elder. There was actually pill that could help one reach the Ascendant stage!

"Heaven Deceiving Pill…" Wang Lin's eyes revealed interest.

He couldn't forget that if not for Zhou Yi's Ascendant Crystal, he would have been burned to death by the origin flame. Those who seeked dao in the morning could be dead by dusk.

"This Cloud Sea Star System actually has a pill to help cultivators pass the first life and death trial in cultivation. It can be said that the Cloud Sea's alchemy has reached a peak. There are probably pills that can even help cultivators at the second step!

"However, cultivators should focus on comprehending dao, and pills is considered unorthodox method. Yet why did the Cloud Sea Star System develop alchemy to this degree…" Wang Lin frowned slightly, but he soon relaxed.

"Could it be… There are pills that can help comprehend domain!" Thinking about this, Wang Lin's heart skipped a beat and he let out a deep breath.

Just at this moment, his expression changed and his gaze seemed to penetrate his own house before landing on Xu Yun.

At this moment, Xu Yun opened her eyes and coughed out blood. Her face was pale. She had failed trying to break through to the Corporeal Yang stage again...

This failure caused her origin soul to become injured. Xu Yun bit her lower lip and revealed a decisive gaze. She slapped her bag of holding and took out a pill.

She crushed the pill without hesitation, revealing a black pill. The moment the pill appeared, it released rich origin energy, and there was also a faint soul force inside it.

"Soul Parting Death Pill…" Xu Yun clenched her teeth and was about to swallow the pill. At this moment, a calm voice appeared.


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