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Chapter 113 – Untitled

Situ Nan told him that during the Soul Transformation stage, the Nascent Soul transforms and becomes larger. However, the body doesn’t grow at all and the Nascent Soul was only this large when it’s outside of the body.

Wang Lin sat cross legged on the ground, took out the gourd, took a big gulp, and began charging toward the mid stage of Foundation Establishment. The reason he was doing this here was because Situ Nan once told Wang Lin that doing this would help him recover.

Time slowly passed and in the blink of an eye, the deadline for the trial to enter the foreign battleground was almost here. A lot of cultivators had arrived outside the Jue Ming Valley months ago. They all found the best locations to watch the Jue Ming Valley’s only exit.

As more and more cultivators arrived, the area outside the Ju Ming Valley became more and more lively. Of course, if anyone with grudges met, they would start a big fight.

Due to the foreign battleground opening up every 100 years, the area within 1000 kilometers of the Ju Ming Valley had been prepared with buildings. It has to be said that the opening of the foreign battleground gathers all of the top cultivators in Zhao.

When the time for the foreign battleground to open is near, these buildings become the biggest market place in Zhao. All of the cultivators in Zhao meet in these buildings, making them very lively.

Many materials and rare magic treasures appear here.

On this day, countless cultivators gathered outside of the Jue Ming Valley. There were cultivators from all of the numerous sects in Zhao.

Aside from the very large sects, who had their own area, everyone else was clumped in groups. The remaining people were from very small families, small sects, or were independent cultivators.

These small families, small sects, and independent cultivators didn’t have the right to enter the foreign battleground. They showed up hoping to get something. Every time the foreign battleground opens, a large amount of spiritual energy leaks out. Absorbing just a bit of that spiritual energy would equal to weeks of cultivation.

Seeing that the Jue Ming Valley was about to open, everyone found somewhere to wait for the opening.

At noon on this day, the sky was blue and the sun was high in the sky. The temperature was slowly rising.

It was extremely hot, but none of the cultivators outside minded as their attention was focused on the exit of the Jue Ming Valley.

Cultivators with experience all knew that the Jue Ming Valley would open exactly at noon.

If one were to look from the sky at the Jue Ming Valley, they would find that it was shaped like a gourd. The mouth of the gouard was the only entrance. On each side of the entrance were two very tall mountains, and at the entrance was an octagon formation.

The formation suddenly began to shine.

Not far from the entrance, the Nascent Soul cultivators of the demonic sects gathered. Among them was Teng Huayuan’s thin figure.

His eyes were filled with excitement and killing intent as he stared at the formation at the entrance.

The formation became brighter and brighter, then eight people slowly walked out.

Teng Huayuan’s eyes were filled with disappointment as his right hand took out a flag. He squeezed the flag and one of the souls on it disappeared.

Seeing the eight people walking out, the cultivators of the Jue Ming Sect started to point and talk.

“They came out. Look, they came out. Normally, the first ones to come out are the ones that have lost their token. I wonder which sect that is.”

“What is this? Why are there so many people? Normally, the first sect to come out has the least amount of people.”

“They came out. I see Zhou You. They are disciples of the Piao Miao Sect.”

“The Piao Miao lost their token last time and now they lost it again. It seems one of the largest of the orthodox sects isn’t that great. If my Fu Tian Sect went, we would probably be stronger.”

“Brother Zhang, the strongest person in your sect is only at the early stage of Core Formation. The Piao Miao Sect can send any ancestor and they will wipe out your sect. If you ask me, the Piao Miao Sect failed because the disciples of the demonic sects are too strong.”

Among the top eight sects, aside from the Jie Mie Sect, whose Nascent Soul cultivator had died, which made them lose the right to participate, all of the Nascent Soul ancestors of the remaining seven sects were present.

Currently, the Piao Miao Sect’s sect head, Xin Hai’s, face was dark as he silently stared at the entrance.

The eight members of the Piao Miao Sect walked out with strange expressions on their faces. Seeing all of the people outside the valley and hearing their chatter, their faces turned red as they walked with their heads down toward Xin Hai.

Xin Hai tried his best to contain his anger. He had spent a lot of resources for the right to enter the foreign battleground. He sent a total of 25 disciples. Three were at the late stage and eight at the mid stage of Foundation Establishment. Although the remaining disciples were all at the early stage, he handed out a lot of magic treasures. He was dead set on qualifying this time no matter what, but looking at it now, only eight out of 25 people survived.

While Xin Hai was looking at the eight disciples, the ancestor of the Yuan Tian Sect, named Shangguan Yun, was nearby and laughed at him. He said, “Brother Xin, it’s not that big of a deal to lose the battle to enter the foreign battleground. The clean up of the foreign battleground is quite dangerous. Normally, only 1 out of 10 disciples come out alive. Now you don’t have to worry about your disciples anymore. It’s only 100 years until the next one.”

Xin Hai sneered, “Brother Shangguan, there is no need to be sarcastic here. Since I lost the bet, I won’t back out on our agreement.” With that, he looked at the eight disciples and gloomily asked, “Your eldest apprentice brother died?”

One of them knelt on the ground and whispered, “They all died… all of the other disciples are dead.”

The remaining seven all knelt on the ground. Their faces were filled with fear.

Shangguan Yun sneered in his heart, but on his face he showed mercy as he silently shook his head.

Xin Hai’s face sunk as he said, “So many people died. Good! Which sect killed them?”

The first disciple that knelt on the ground hesitated. Xin Hai waved his hand and a barrier surrounded the Piao Miao sect disciples. Shangguan Yun raised his head and sneered in his heart.

After blocking out other people’s divine senses, Xin Hai motioned for the disciple to talk and the disciple quickly spilled everything. After Xin Hai finished listening, he was startled and his eyes turned cold. After a while, he coldly snorted and said, “You guys stay behind me. I have to see who he really is.” With that, he waved his hand and the barrier disappeared.

Shangguan Yun, who was on the side, said, “Why isn’t fellow cultivator Xu Mei here?”

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