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Chapter 112 – Untitled

Once he reaches the mid stage of Foundation Establishment, he will be able to use several powerful techniques, like one from the Corpse Sect that will allow him to summon ghosts to fight for him.

In order to get the soul flag from Teng Huayuan during their fight, Wang Lin was racking his brain for ideas.

After making a decision, he took out a gourd with spirit liquid, touched the bead, then entered the heaven defying bead’s space.

Wang Lin hadn’t cultivated inside the bead in a long time. Looking at the boundless space, there was a mass of grey gas above him. He felt a powerful pressure coming from the gas.

The area was surrounded by thin and long lights that were very dim. When Wang Lin first entered the bead, these bodies of light didn’t move, but after the water element was complete, the bodies of light began to move randomly.

Wang Lin stood inside the space and tried to touch a body of light, but his hand went directly through it. It seemed that Wang Lin and these bodies of light were on different planes, so no matter how hard he tried to touch them, he never could.

Although he couldn’t touch them, he could easily control them with his mind. With just a thought, the light would start to move, form a pattern, scatter, or condense. As long as Wang Lin thought it, the light would react.

Wang Lin had asked Situ Nan about the lights, but even Situ Nan wasn’t sure what was going on. According to Situ Nan, this heaven defying bead was very strange. This space was only one of its functions. Aside from time manipulation, Situ Nan hadn’t figured out anything else about the bead.

Situ Nan only knew that with his identity as the strongest cultivator of a rank 6 country, no one in his cultivation planet dared to mess with him before he had obtained the bead.

But after the bead came into his possession, some extremely powerful cultivators appeared and tried to kill Situ Nan. They forced him give up his body and to hide inside the heaven defying bead only to barely escape with his life.

Situ Nan had told Wang Lin before that based on his analysis, the people who were chasing him were definitely not from his planet. Situ Nan was very sure because by the time he reached his current cultivation level, he knew all of the experts on the planet, and for someone that was called the number 1 cultivator in his planet, his cultivation level was very high.

Most of the people that attacked him had the same cultivation level as him and he was sure that only one of those people had surpassed him. If it wasn’t for that fact that that person acted, Situ Nan wouldn’t have given up his body. It has to be said that Situ Nan had many friends. If it was only people of the same cultivation level as him, he wouldn’t have to give up his body because he was the number 1 cultivator in his planet, giving him a home field advantage.

When that person acted, Situ Nan knew that it would be pointless to get people to come and help. They would die one by one because Situ Na knew that that person’s cultivation level was not the same as his.

Situ Nan’s heart formed an answer. That person must have came from a rank 7 cultivation country.

Thinking about this answer, the heaven defying bead became even more mysterious. Something that even a rank 7 cultivation country would fight for must be a very precious treasure.

Situ Nan told Wang Lin all of this and warned him time and time again to be careful. If anyone were to find out about this bead, then both of them will die for sure.

Situ Nan calculated that if that person really was from a rank 7 cultivation country, then it would be easy for them to send a search order to a rank 6 country. Thus, they had to be very careful.

Wang Lin thought about all of this deeply in his heart. But ignoring the fact that this heaven defying bead might have any other functions, just the time manipulation was already heaven defying enough. To cultivators, cultivation level is life. Every time one reaches a new level of cultivation, their life span increases.

In addition to that, let’s not forgot about the feeling of being above everyone once you’re at the top. It has to be said that in the cultivation world, cultivating is very important. What are mortals and Qi Condensation cultivators to a Foundation Establishment cultivator? Although saying that they aren’t even on the same level as dogs and pigs is a bit ugly, that is what the cultivation world is like.

Similarly, in the eyes of Nascent Soul cultivators, Core Formation and Foundation Establishment cultivators are viewed the same as mortals and Qi Condensation cultivators. And if someone is at the Soul Transformation stage, then anyone at the Spirit Severing stage and below are people they can kill as they wish.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a determined look. He had already experienced the harshness of the cultivation world. The cultivation world was much crueler than the mortal world and he must become stronger if he wished to survive.

He must become so strong that everyone fears him. Only then will he not be bullied by others.

“If my cultivation level was Spirit Severing or Soul Transformation, not to mention Teng Li, even if I killed the entire Teng family, Teng Huayuan wouldn’t dare to say a word and wouldn’t even dare to go find my parents. Power, everything is centered around power. Only after becoming a powerful cultivator can one determine the life and death of a person.” Wang Lin’s heart was in pain as his eyes turned cold.

He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and his divine sense spread out inside the dream space. Shortly after, both of his hands formed a seal. He then reached out and grabbed with his right hand. All of the lights gathered and formed a door.

This was a function that Situ Nan figured out after the heaven defying bead had completed its Water Element. Using the surrounding light to form a formation that allowed Wang Lin free movement in and out of the dream space.

Wang Lin stepped into the door. This place was still inside the heaven defying bead’s space, but the surroundings looked different. Before Wang Lin, there was a giant over 30 feet tall that was floating in the air while sitting cross-legged. There were countless objects emitting light surrounding the giant.

Upon closer examination, the giant’s figure was very plain, but there seemed to be Yin energy gathering around him. His body was not solid, especially his chest, which had a giant hole and seemed to be ready to disappear at any time. There were waves of spiritual energy fluctuations around his body.

At this point, the giant’s eyes were closed, its body glowed, and it completely ignored Wang Lin.

Wang Lin stared at the giant. This wasn’t his first time seeing Situ Nan’s Nascent Soul. Every time he saw it, he was shocked. He thought that if his Nascent Soul was so large, how large must Situ Nan’s body be?

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