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Chapter 1120 - New Rain Celestial Realm

The void outside the temple was completely dark and muffled rumbles could be heard. If you looked closer, you would see debris flying through the void as if they had lost their home.

In truth, they indeed no longer had a home and could only float forever in the void.

Inside the formation, Qing Lin opened his eyes that revealed the passage of time. This former Celestial Emperor looked like an old man despite the fact that he had the appearance of a middle-aged man.

However, there was a powerful scent of decay when he awakened.

Qing Shuang also awakened. She looked at the wound on her right arm and wrinkled her brow. She then moved her body a bit. It was as if she had been asleep for too long and hadn't adapted to her body yet.

Wang Wei and Hu Juan were pale, but they also opened their eyes. Wang Wei's eyes were filled with excitement and he immediately knelt on the ground. He respectfully looked at Qing Lin while trembling.

"Tea… Teacher… you…"

Hu Juan, who got up and bit her lower lip, also nervously looked at Qing Lin.

Qing Lin faintly smiled as he carefully looked this couple that were both his disciples and softly said, "You guys have worked hard for all these years…"

"Teacher!!" Wang Wei's body trembled violently and two streams of tears flow down from his eyes. He had waited countless years for Qing Lin to awaken. In order to make this happen, he had lived in the Demon Spirit Land for countless years. All of it was to repay Qing Lin for accepting him as a disciple!

Wang Wei could never forget that he was a little qi refiner who was a bit famous. It was his teacher who had given him a new life, a chance to reach the peak of cultivation, and also a lifetime of happiness.

At this moment, Zhou Yi opened his eyes and looked at Qing Shuang. There was bitterness and sadness in his eyes, but above all there was calmness.

"Senior Qing Lin, Junior has a favor to ask." Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and looked at Qing Lin.

"Are you asking as a junior or as my disciple?" Qing Lin's calm gaze fell on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin silently pondered for a moment before pointing at Situ and respectfully saying, "... Teacher, this person is a friend of Disciple, and he is affected by a celestial poison…"

Qing Lin's expression was calm as he looked at Situ Nan. He slowly said, "What amazing talent. Are you willing to take me as your teacher?"

Although Situ Nan was arrogant, he wasn't as calm as Wang Lin when facing Qing Lin. After all, he hadn't participated in saving Qing Lin, so he was still in awe at Qing Lin. He hesitated a bit before respectfully saying, "This… Disciple greets Teacher…"

Just as he spoke, Situ Nan looked up said, "But Teacher, this old… disciple likes freedom, so you can't restrict me."

This sentence made Qing Lin laugh. "After your poison is removed, you can do as you wish. Why would I restrict your freedom?"

With that, Qing Lin shook his head with a kind gaze. He stood up and placed his hand on his daughter, Qing Shuang's, shoulder. He softly said, "Qing Shuang, I'm going to borrow the celestial origin energy in your body."

With that, a powerful suction force came from Qing Lin's right hand and a sliver of Qing Shuang's celestial origin energy split off into Qing Lin's right hand.

It wasn't much celestial origin energy, just one silver. It was so little that even the little celestial origin energy Wang Lin had before was several times more than this. However, this sliver of celestial origin energy shined brightly in Qing Lin's hand.

Although this light wasn't too bright, it lit up the entire temple. This green temple was no longer green and was like a sun.

Qing Lin's expression was calm as he slowly walked forward and walked out from the temple. He floated in the void and looked at the drifting fragments in the distance. He looked at what used to be his home and revealed a bitter expression.

At this moment, most of the Celestial Realm had collapsed. Even those fragments that hadn't completely collapsed were cracked and were in the process of collapsing.

It seemed like it wouldn't be long before the Rain Celestial Realm would disappear and become nothing but a memory for cultivators. After tens of thousands of years passed, then even those memories would fade and become completely forgotten...

With a sigh, Qing Lin waved the golden light in his right hand and the golden light flew out. The golden light was like a sun, and it lit up the entire void!

Strands of golden lines appeared from this golden light and crossed to form a net that quickly spread out. These lines were the laws of the world, and the golden light contained vitality that could nourish life.

As the golden light and golden lines spread, the entire Rain Celestial Realm was enveloped in them. The collapsing fragments stopped collapsing and the floating pieces of rock stopped moving.

Those vortexes that had formed due to the collapse seemed to stop their eternal rotations and became motionless.

"Reform, Celestial Realm!" Qing Lin's voice was very calm, but it clearly entered the ears of the people that had followed him out of the temple. Wang Wei and Hu Juan trembled and looked at Qing Lin with reverence in their eyes.

Qing Shuang looked at her father's back without any expression. From the beginning of her memories, this father of hers had been the backbone of the Rain Celestial Realm. He had never had time to play with her, as he was always busy with matters pertaining to the Celestial Realm or cultivating.

Qing Shuang still clearly remembered the collapse of the Rain Celestial Realm. The Rain Celestial Realm was built by her father's blood and sweat. But when she watched the Rain Celestial Realm collapse, not only was Qing Shuang not sad, she felt a hint of relief.

This was a very complex feeling, and even she couldn't tell what it was. However, seeing her father reform the Rain Celestial Realm, Qing Shuang felt a stab of pain.

Zhou Yi silently looked at Qing Shuang. When he saw the pain on Qing Shuang's face, his heart also trembled.

When Qing Lin spoke, the golden net that spread across the Rain Celestial Realm began to shrink. The golden light now covered the whole realm, and those vortexes all silently disappeared.

The shattered stones began to gather as if there was a force in the world pulling them together. The debris gathered in the void and soon formed a new land mass!

The entire Rain Celestial Realm was a void except for this fragment that gave off dense celestial spiritual energy. As the golden net was put down over the earth, grass began to grow and water appeared out of nowhere.

The fragment rumbled and mountains and majestic palaces appeared.

The temple behind Wang Lin flew into the air and drifted to the center of the fragment before landing.

"From now on, this place is the new Rain Celestial Realm!" Qing Lin's voice was calm as it echoed across the world.

Wang Lin was sitting on the mountain in the new Rain Celestial Realm and felt the celestial spiritual energy that surrounded him. The scene of Qing Lin creating that golden line replayed in his head. He clearly felt the change in laws and the power of source origin energy.

It had been three days since the new Rain Celestial Realm was formed. Situ Nan was brought into the temple by Qing Lin. Wang Wei and Hu Juan had picked a palace to settle down. It was obvious Wang Wei was very happy.

Him being happy meant Hu Juan was happy. Wang Lin envied the happiness of this couple.

Thinking about happiness, Wang Lin looked into the distance. In the distance, there was an iceberg surrounded by celestial clouds. Qing Shuang was on top of that iceberg.

Qing Shuang's personality was extremely cold, even toward her father, and she didn't speak much. She only spoke a bit more when talking with Hu Juan. After the new Rain Celestial Realm formed, Qing Shuang used her  power to form an iceberg and silently lived up there. She didn't allow anyone to come up.

However, Wang Lin clearly saw Zhou Yi sitting at the bottom of the iceberg, looking up at the blurred figure at the top. It was as if he was guarding her, just like how he had guarded the corpse for 2,000 years.

"Qing Shuang's awakening might not mean happiness for Big Brother Zhou…" Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and looked at the blue sky. The new Rain Celestial Realm didn't have any spatial cracks and was very stable.

The silver female corpse sat silently behind him. Her gaze would occasionally land on Wang Lin but would quickly shift away.

Wang Lin had been sitting here for three days. Aside from recalling the golden light Qing Lin had used, he spent time engraving the comprehension he had experienced while inside Qing Lin's sea of consciousness.

His cultivation level didn't raise at all after he left Qing Lin's sea of consciousness; he was still at the early stage of Nirvana Cleanser. However, a seed was formed in his body. This was a seed for the third step, for law, and the pursuit of dao.

This was the gift Qing Lin had given him.

Back then, when the heaven defying bead activated, Wang Lin saw the third step behind the door, but that was merely seeing it… Qing Lin had allowed him to feel the spells of a third step cultivator, which was extremely precious to Wang Lin. This made his path even more clear.

As he continued to comprehend, an extremely tired voice echoed in his mind.

"Wang Lin, come see me."

Wang Lin raised his head to look at the temple and got up. He calmly walked toward the temple, and it didn't take him long for him to step inside.

Just as he entered his temple, Wang Lin couldn't help but stop. Before him sat an old man who looked somewhat similar to Qing Lin. Upon closer inspection, it was clearly Celestial Emperor Qing Lin.

However, for some unknown reason, he looked lot older.

Qing Lin slowly said, "Sit."

Wang Lin sat opposite of Qing Lin. His expression was calm.

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