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Chapter 1100 - Have You Seen Through It

Wang Lin and Master Yi Chen just sat there while silently drinking their own bottles of wine. Sometimes they would look at the red sky in the distance while the heat waves rolled by.

"Dead… Third Brother is dead and Second Brother's origin soul dissipated…" Master Yi Chen bitterly drank a mouthful of wine and threw it on the side.

"The three Chen brothers, the three Chen brothers. I'm now the only one left…"

Wang Lin silently pondered as he took a drink of wine. He softly said, "Back then, I shouldn't have asked the three of you to go with me…"

Master Yi Chen suddenly turned to look at Wang Lin with a ferocious expression filled with hatred. Wang Lin silently looked back at Master Yi Chen.

The two stared at each other for a very long time. The ferociousness on Master Yi Chen's face gradually dissipated and became bleak. Then he said to Ling Er behind him, "Ling Er, go get more wine!" He then turned around and looked at the fiery red world.

"Cultivators go against the heavens. Since we walk on this path of no return, it is inevitable that we will disappear someday. This I understand… When you invited the three of us to the Demon Spirit Land, you didn't force us; we all volunteered. This I also understand…" Master Yi Chen had a bitter expression as he looked at the scattered wine jugs around him. He picked up a few to find them empty.

Wang Lin silently handed the wine in his hand to Master Yi Chen. Master Yi Chen took a big gulp, and tears flow down his eyes as he muttered, "I hate myself for my cultivation level being too low. I hate that I have no way to resurrect my two brothers. I hate that I'm unable to get revenge and have wronged the both of them!!"

At this moment, Ling Er brought wine from the city. Her eyes were red as she gently placed the wine jugs next to Master Yi Chen.

Wang Lin picked up a wine jug and drank an entire jug in one gulp. His eyes revealed a decisively gaze as he said, "Master Yi Chen, I'm responsible for this matter. If I had not taken the three of you, then such a tragedy would not have occured. The person who killed your brothers is Ancient Devil Ta Jia. It won't be long before you can personally kill Ancient Devil Ta Jia and get revenge for your brothers!"

Master Yi Chen's body trembled as he looked at Wang Lin with excitement in his eyes.

"Is this true?"

"This is my promise to you!" Wang Lin placed the wine jug on the ground and looked into the distance. It was as if he was remembering something, and he slowly said, "Life and death fills one's life. Once you have seen through it, you will get through it… Your two brothers still have you to remember them. Cultivators like us are often meet with life and death situations. How many cultivators die each time? How many people will remember them, and how many will even be remembered?

"After stepping on this abnormal road, we must see through life and death. We must see through our own life and death and other's lives and deaths as well… When I sent the ashes of an old friend back to his hometown, I once heard a nursery rhyme from a child.

"'The apricot tree blooms white flowers. The daughter won't be taken by a daoist family. Last year, Lang the Second went up the mountain, and a year later, Lang the First was a bag of bones. The cry of the daughter accompanies the dead but takes the coffin as family… The apricot tree blooms white flowers and children shouldn't be taken by daoists. If asked about my age, I still haven't found my dao. The dog barks, the cat scratches, scaring the daoist back home….'

"A little nursery rhyme was able to point out the sadness of us cultivators. Master Yi Chen, see through it. Once you've seen through it, your pain will lessen…"

Wang Lin's voice was calm, but it was filled with powerful melancholy. After leaving these words, he stood up and left. His figure looked even more bleak and lonely than Master Yi Chen's.

Master Yi Chen stared at Wang Lin's figure as Wang Lin's words echoed in his mind. Seeing Wang Lin leaving, he stood up and shouted, "Have you seen through it?"

In the distance, Wang Lin trembled and stopped. He didn't look back, but after pondering for a long time, he softly said, "I haven't seen thought it…" With a hint of bitterness, Wang Lin turned into a ray of light and flew off into the sky.

Time slowly passed. After Wang Lin left Master Yi Chen, he sat down next to the volcano. Scenes of the past slowly replayed in his mind.

He wasn't able to see through life and death, so he had to endure more than 1,000 years of pain and loneliness. He would still need to continue enduring it...

He struggled with this pain in his heart as he walked down the vast road of cultivation with no end in sight.

Aside from the sizzling sounds from the black smoke rising from the volcano, there was also sound of the fire burning. Aside from that, everything was completely silent.

As Wang Lin silently sat in this silence, there was a coffin before him. This coffin was made of crystal, and there was a woman inside it. Her skin was clear and she didn't look dead at all; instead, she looked as if she was sleeping.

This woman didn't have the beauty to shock the world or a temperament that could ruin entire cities. However, in Wang Lin's eyes, even the most gorgeous girl couldn't compare to the woman inside the coffin at all.

"Wang Er…" Wang Lin's right hand gently rubbed the coffin, and his eyes were gentle. As he looked at the woman in the coffin, he felt as if he had returned to planet Suzaku.

Wang Lin was still unable to see through life and death.

At this moment, it was as if nothing else in the world remained. The only thing left was him and the woman inside the coffin.

He felt loneliness as he silently looked at the woman that had accompanied him for over 1,000 years. Then Wang Lin gradually found a glimmer of warmth.

Although this warmth was small, it integrated into Wang Lin's origin soul. It was like an illusion from the other side of the river that might disappear at any time, but you still refused to look away, even if that river was life and death.

The woman inside the coffin had been Wang Lin's only hope for more than 1,000 years of cultivation. As he stared at the woman, he seemed to forget everything.

"When you awaken… We will find a haven no one else can find and quietly settle down…" Wang Lin revealed a gentle smile. This very small desire was Wang Lin's biggest wish.

"The me from before didn't understand… But now I understand…" Wang Lin muttered as a deep sense of sadness and melancholy was released from his body.

Before, he didn't really understand the feelings between Zhou Yi and Qing Shuang. However, after more than 1,000 years of cultivation and endless loneliness, Wang Lin understood.

It was a kind of spiritual hope, it was a kind of perseverance and struggle, but also a sense of unwillingness!

"Wang Er, remember that even if the heavens want you to die, I'll take you back!!!" Wang Lin revealed a heaven-defying determination.

Volcanoes were the one thing these planets that belonged to the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect weren't lacking. These volcanoes were formed under special conditions, so thick magma would erupt from them very often.

Every time a volcano erupted, the earth would tremble. The loud rumbling was earth-shaking. The black smoke filled the sky and lava rained down, making it look like the end of the world!

The disciples of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect had seen volcanic eruptions far too many times. However, Wang Lin hadn't see many.

At this moment, muffled sounds came from the volcano he was on top of, and they became even more intense. However, Wang Lin ignored all of this. Right now Li Muwan was the only thing in his eyes.

The rumbling from the volcano became even more intense. In the end, it was as if a fierce beast was roaring inside the volcano, and the black smoke rushed out. The smoke spread out like crazy in the sky, covering the red light from the sky. The entire earth was now in the dark.

Shortly after, the roar from the volcano became even more in tense, and soon, a ray of red light shot into the sky. A pillar of lava also shot into the sky!

From a distance, this scene was very shocking. At this moment, Wang Lin was sitting at the mouth of the volcano. Some of the rocks on the edge were pulled into the lava and blown into the sky.

This magma charged into the air right before Wang Lin's face, less than 10 feet away! The dense heat waves and magma charged out like a fire dragon and scattered everywhere.

It was as if the world was collapsing around Wang Lin, but it wasn't enough to make him look up once… He just silently stared at the coffin and didn't seem to care at all.

As the volcano erupted, the earth trembled and cracks appeared, and was soon everything was covered in lava. As the earth trembled and the volcano continued to erupt, lava surged out from the opening of the volcano. The lava flowed down the volcano like angry waves.

As the lava flowed, it soon covered the entire volcano and continued to spread.

At this moment, lava fell like the rain and covered the ground like raging waves. The world was now black and red. The black was the dense, black smoke in the sky and the red was the river-like lava.

Wang Lin softly said, "Is this pretty…"

"This is the power of Mountain Crumbles. I have waited days for this volcano to erupt… Wang Wer, accompany me and witness as I comprehend Bai Fan's fourth spell… Mountain Crumbles!"

Wang Lin muttered to himself as he looked at the lava falling like rain. At this moment, even more rumbling came from the volcano he was on, and it erupted again.

The vibrations of the earth spread and caused another volcano in the distance to tremble. The distant volcano began spraying out smoke and lava.

Wang Lin slowly closed his eyes, and the scenes of Qing Shui using Mountain Crumbles in the Slaughter Realm appeared in his mind.

In truth, in the Demon Spirit Land, Wang Lin had found a trace of understanding of Mountain Crumbles from the volcanic eruption there, but the feeling was weak. However, due to the dangers he faced, he didn't have time to think much about it.

However, the one thing the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect didn't lack was volcanos. Now that he had more fire origin energy, he understood the Mountain Crumbles spell Qing Shui had left him more and more.

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