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Chapter 1101

Call the Wind, Summon the Rain, Magic Arsenal, Mountain Crumble, Land Collapses, Dark Moon, Clear Skies.

These were the six great spells of Celestial Emperor Bai Fan. Wang Lin had already learned the first three, and Qing Shui said that the latter three were far more powerful. They all contained heaven-shattering power!

Mountain Crumble was the first of the three latter spells. The intent was to take the power of a collapsing mountain, but although it sounded easy, it was extremely complex. Mountains have souls, so if only the mountain crumbled but not the soul, then the power would be very ordinary.

Only when both the body and soul crumbled could the power of Mountain Crumbles be displayed! In a place filled with mountains, one could use the power of Mountain Crumbles, but that was only the first step.

The real Mountain Crumbles would be like Qing Shui used it before, where there were no mountains. To form a mountain with your divine sense and then inject celestial origin energy to form its soul. The power of Mountain Crumbles was when both the celestial origin energy and divine sense crumbled.

Borrowing this power to integrate with the world and make those countless mountains real. Then the crumble would have the power of a heaven-shaking spell!

The key of Mountain Crumbles wasn't the crumble of the mountain and its soul, or forming the mountain with one mind, or infusing it with celestial origin energy. The key was making it all real!

How to make an illusion real, that was the focus of Mountain Crumbles! It was also the most difficult part!

Looking at the eruption of the distant volcano and feeling the crumble of the volcano below him, Wang Lin opened his eyes. There was a hint of confusion in them.

"Wang Er… What exactly is true… What is false…"

No one could answer Wang Lin's question. He silently looked into the distance, and he felt the fluctuations of the world and gradually frowned.

"How to make a mountain made of divine sense real…" Qing Shui didn't tell Wang Lin about this. The comprehension Qing Shui had left with Wang Lin was also very vague.

It seemed Qing Shui's intent was for Wang Lin to comprehend it himself and not pass it down as an inheritance.

"True… False… It is like life and death, karmic cause and karmic effect…" Wang Lin closed his eyes and continued to think. The volcano below him erupted even more violently and caused even more distant volcanoes to erupt.

In an instant, Wang Lin was surrounded by endless magma.

Time seemed to last forever. After an unknown amount of time, Wang Lin opened his eyes, but they were still filled with confusion. He placed his right hand on the coffin and made it turn into a ray of light that disappeared. Wang Lin stood up and unexpectedly jumped into the mouth of the volcano.

Dense magma spray out, but it wasn't able to stop Wang Lin. He quickly moved through the lava and soon reached the depths of the volcano.

He sat down in the lotus position, then his hands formed a seal and he opened his arms. His eyes shined brightly and then he closed them once more.

"I don't care if it's true or false. If there is nothing true in the world, there is nothing false. True and false are just two sides of a coin, and they are linked just like life and death!

"If there was no life, then there would be no death. If there is no karmic cause, then there is naturally no karmic effect… Mo Zhi said earlier that all domains are formed by the state of my mind. Everything appears as we will it…"

The moment Wang Lin's eyes closed, all the fire origin energy inside his body charged out into the lava and slowly merged with the lava.

At this moment, it was as if he was lava!

After fusing with the lava, Wang Lin's fire origin energy spread out and began fusing with the volcano around the lava. Finally, he became one with the volcano too.

This didn't end. As his fire origin energy spread out, the lava, the volcano, the black smoke, and all the fire origin energy had integrated into one.

At this moment, Wang Lin felt an ancient aura from this volcano. This ancient aura was the soul of this volcano!

When he felt the soul of the volcano, Wang Lin's origin soul came out and fused with the volcano once more.

At this instant, Wang Lin felt like he was the volcano.

The ancient volcano soul allowed Wang Lin to see various scenes when he fused with it. He saw a burning planet, and as the earth trembled, a mountain was gradually born. The mountain was filled with fire origin energy.

As time passed, this fire origin energy became lava, and finally, when it reached a limit, the top of the mountain collapsed and dense lava gushed out.

He saw how the volcano gradually calmed down after the eruption. How fierce beasts that could survive here came by. He also saw the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect disciples flying by.

As the heat waves blew by, the seeds of some plants that could survive here flew by. Red grass gradually grew, withered, and grew again.

This cycle continued for an unknown amount of time before the earth trembled once more and the volcano erupted again.

Tens of thousands of years passed by Wang Lin's eyes in a flash. Wang Lin gradually forgot his origin intention and his identity as a cultivator. It was as if he had really become the volcano, become the soul of the volcano.

The eruptions of the volcano were like him venting. At this moment, Wang Lin unconsciously gained enlightenment.

"I'm the volcano… My wrath is the eruption!" With this enlightenment, Wang Lin's divine sense began to spread. Soon, all the surrounding volcanoes were within his divine sense.

His divine sense spread out and fused with each of the volcanos. Even more scenes filled Wang Lin's mind.

He saw even more volcanic eruptions and felt even more of the wrath of the volcanoes. His divine sense slowly spread out until it covered all the volcanoes on the planet.

At this moment, it was as if he had thousands avatars, and each one of them was a volcano!

"This is…" An elder of the Vermillion Bird Sect suddenly opened his eyes with doubt. However, he soon looked at the volcano Wang Lin was at.

"It's the Divine Emperor!" Although his aura was ancient, as an elder at the Nirvana Shatterer stage, he was naturally able to distinguish it. However, he was still shocked.

What shocked him was that although it was the aura of the Divine Emperor, it was very different from the aura of the little cultivator he remembered. Earlier, Wang Lin was mere a Nirvana Scryer cultivator that had cultivated for less than 2,000 years. Although this group of elders had acknowledged Wang Lin on the surface, they were a bit unwilling deep down.

However, the aura felt so ancient that he felt like a junior before this aura! Horrified, the old man immediately flew into the air. He immediately felt that the three other elders on the planet had also come out.

The other three were also shocked. Apparently, they had made the same discovery as the first old man.

At this moment, all the members of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect awakened from their cultivation. They could clearly feel that at that moment, it seemed like a very ancient divine sense had swept by.

If that was it, it wouldn't be much. The four elders would've been shocked, but it would not affect them too much. However, what happened next made the four of them suck in breaths of cold air!

This divine sense swept by and covered the entire planet. It seemed all the volcanoes on the planet had awakened and erupted at the same time. The entire planet seemed to be rumbling, and this earth-shattering sound replaced all other sounds in the world.

At this moment, the ancient aura inside that divine sense increased greatly. It was as if the ancient auras had been gathered from all the volcanoes to create this power of time!

The sky was covered in black fog and bright red lava flowed on the ground. At this moment, the expressions of the four elders changed greatly.

"All disciples of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, immediately leave this cultivation planet!" one of the elders roared like thunder. Soon, the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect disciples all flew into the air.

The four elders also charged out while carrying all the people on the planet. Everyone was panicking, and most of them didn't know what was going on.

The four elders' expressions were extremely gloomy. They were filled with dissatisfaction toward the new Divine Emperor that had caused this!

However, right when their dissatisfaction appeared, that divine sense suddenly began to spread. It swept past the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect members and spread across the burning starfield.

As the divine sense spread out, another planet was surrounded and fused with it.

The ancient aura became even stronger...

Many Vermillion Bird Divine Sect members also flew out from that planet in panic.  

As the divine sense spread out, all the cultivation planets began to fuse with it. As it grew stronger and stronger, an unimaginably powerful divine sense appeared in the burning starfield!

All the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect members flew out from the cultivation planets. Big Head and others Wang Lin knew did the same.

At this moment, a ripple appeared outside the burning starfield the Vermillion Bird Sect was located. A person walked out!

This person was an old man with white hair wearing a red robe. If Wang Lin saw this person, he would immediately recognize this person as Master Flamespark!

The moment Master Flamespark appeared, another ripple echoed and another person walked out!

The moment this person appeared, a cold aura spread out. This was a middle-aged man who wore a blue robe and was extremely handsome. However, his face was pale, as if he was dead. But the cultivation fluctuations from this person caused Master Flamespark's pupils to shrink.

"Allheaven's Master Flamespark?" The middle aged man's cold gaze swept by.

"One of the Corpse Sect's nine kings, I just don't know which one!" Master Flamespark's voice was calm, but he stared at the middle-aged man.

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