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Chapter 1098 - Broken Sword

The Corpse Sect was located in the southern region of the Alliance. At the center of the region, there was a coffin. Li Yingzhi was on one knee before this coffin with her hands before her chest as if she was praying. There was a jade releasing white light floating before her.

This was only a very ordinary jade. It looked very common, but its would cause a catastrophe in the Alliance. It was enough to make everyone go crazy… especially the Corpse Sect!

Li Yingzhi spoke in detail of everything that had happened since she arrived at the Four Divine Sect, then she handed over the jade. An invisible force suddenly appeared and pulled the jade toward the center of the coffins.

The moment the jade flew over, a dried up hand reached out from the biggest coffin in the center and immediately grabbed the jade.

There were black and red lines intersecting across the arm. The black was the tendons and the red was the flesh. They intersected with each other and gave off an ancient aura as if this arm came from ancient times.

The moment this arm appeared, an extremely powerful Yin energy spread out and swept the area. Not even Li Yingzhi could withstand it and was forced to retreat, but she had an extremely respectful expression.

When the arm caught the jade, a powerful divine sense spread out and entered the jade. This divine sense was very powerful, and the moment it appeared, Li Yingzhi's face turned pale. Even her origin soul began to tremble.

This divine sense was filled with a tyrannical frenzy, as if it wanted to rush out from the coffin and tear up the stars and slaughter all life. There was a powerful scent of blood coming from this divine sense.

In truth, there was no smell of blood, but the feeling of being inside this divine sense would make you feel like you smelled blood.

"You… What is your name…" A message came from the powerful divine sense. Li Yingzhi was like a lonely boat in the raging waves.

"Disciple Li Yingzhi greets the third king!" The beautiful woman knelt on the ground, and fear filled her eyes. She didn't think this jade would awaken the third king!

When she thought about the legends of the third king, Li Yingzhi became nervous. Originally, she thought that although the news within this jade would cause shock, at most it would only awaken the fifth king. She had some speculation about the corpse imprinted in his jade.

However, the moment this slaughter divine sense spread out, Li Yingzhi knew that she had underestimated the corpse recorded inside the jade.

Not only her, but almost all the disciples of the Corpse Sect in the southern region felt this divine sense cover the area. They stopped what they were doing and knelt down in worship.

"You have done a great deed bringing this jade back! You can go inside the Corpse Pit, and I give you the right to enter the sixth floor of the pit to pick a corpse!" As the gloomy voice echoed within Li Yingzhi's ears, she trembled in excitement. Thinking about some of the legendary corpses on the sixth floor, Li Yingzhi's breathing became rough.

"Many thanks, third king!"

The gloomy voice slowly spread out. "Do you know what the corpse recorded inside this jade is?"

Li Yingzhi pondered a bit, and after hesitating a bit, she said, "Disciple doesn't know much, but I have a vague guess that this should be an ancient god from primordial times…"

A long laugh echoed. This gloomy voice seemed to be very excited. As the laughter echoed, the divine sense seemed to fluctuate as well.

"Ancient god! This body does indeed belong to an ancient god. If it was an only an ordinary ancient god, it wouldn't be a big deal, but it is unexpectedly a royal ancient god! An 8-star royal ancient god…" In the end, the greed in the voice was heaven-shaking. It even caused the origin energy in the starfield to change.

"Royal ancient god…" Li Yingzhi was startled but didn't ask.

"Summon all disciples of the Corpse Sect. Use the blood of the heavens to open the ninth layer of the Corpse Pit and take out eight bodies. This time, eight of the nine kings of the Corpse Sect will head out!

"Summon back all elders of the Corpse Sect. My Corpse Sect must obtain the corpse of this royal ancient god!"

A thunderous voice echoed across the southern region, and it was clearly felt by all Corpse Sect members. They trembled and quickly acknowledged the order!

As a result, a huge storm was set off in the southern region!

"Disciple isn't sure of the validity of the information in this jade…" Li Yingzhi was shocked. Although she knew the contents were going to shock the entire Corpse Sect, this was no mere shock. The Corpse Sect was moving all its forces.

As a result, she couldn't help but panic. If this jade was real, it wouldn't matter, but she wasn't sure. If the contents of the jade were proven false, she would have to bear unimaginable consequences. After all, she had brought back the jade.

"No problem. The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor told you bring it here. Given his status, there's a 70% of it being true. The Four Divine Sect would not easily spread false news. It would be equal to teasing my Corpse Sect, Allheaven, and the remaining Alliance forces!

"However, I will have to personally take a trip to the Four Divine Sect!"

The two pieces of jade were like two giant invisible hands that affected the hearts of countless people. It was like an under current that began to move, and something heaven-shattering was going to happen.

Similarly, when Mo Zhi returned to the country of Chu Yun, the three jades were quickly sent to the other three powerful Alliance forces. At the same time, with the ceasefire from Allheaven, large amounts of cultivators left the battlefield.

The people of the Corpse Sect stopped trading with both sides and quickly went back to their sect. These strange changes caught the attention of the Alliance cultivators.

The person who caused all of this, Wang Lin, calmly stayed in the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect. He sat next to the edge of the volcano and calmly cultivated.

There was a large toad sitting next to him. Thunder continued to flash around the toad, making crackling sounds. The thunder toad seemed to be able to withstand the high temperature here.

With the big war imminent, Wang Lin knew he didn't have much time left. He had improve his spells as much as possible so he could survive the next big battle.

At the same time, he was waiting for the Corpse Sect and Allheaven to send people again. Wang Lin was confident that the two different jades he sent would make those two forces come to him!

Wang Lin's mind was extraordinary, but he rarely used schemes. The reason he hadn't schemed much before was not because he couldn't. It was due to his previous status. Before, anything he did would merely be small tricks. However, with the Four Divine Sect behind him, he was able to use open schemes!

He had plainly told everyone news about the ancient god, and everyone also knew that Wang Lin must've been plotting something. Anyone with any intelligence would be able to clearly see this.

If Wang Lin hadn't become the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor and released this news, it wouldn't have had any effect. Instead, it would would be inviting disaster for himself. Whether it was the Corpse Sect or Allheaven, they would first capture him and question him.

However, right now, whether it was the Corpse Sect or Allheaven, they didn't have this choice. After all, there was also a third side they could never get along with: the Alliance cultivators! Also, the mysteries of the Four Divine Sect and its previous status as the overlord of the system was enough to deter people. They knew that the price of war would be too high!

This was the real reason Wang Lind dared to spread this news.

Similarly, Wang Lin knew that his identity as an ancient god was no longer any secret among the powerful cultivators in the Alliance Star System. After all, in the Demon Spirit Land, Wang Lin had displayed all his power, and the spell Dream of Ancient Times had appeared as well.

Wang Lin refused to believe that it hadn't raised any suspicions or speculations.

This was also one of the main reasons Wang Lin had agreed to come with the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor so easily. If he hadn't, with his serious injuries, he would have found it difficult to move even one step. He would be hunted night and day, and sooner or later, he would be caught.

It was because of this that him spreading the news of Tuo Sen was even more credible. Also, there was no need to lie. Once they arrived at the Land of the Ancient God on planet Suzaku, they would immediately know if it was real or not!

"Allheaven, Corpse Sect, Cultivation Alliance… I wonder if these three forces will be able to deal with Tuo Sen…" Wang Lin pondered for a bit and then no longer thought about this matter.

In truth, luring the three forces to go to planet Suzaku was only the first part of this plan. In truth, he had another sure fire plan!

Taking a deep breath, Wang Lin looked up at the thunder toad next to him. The toad seemed to be asleep, but strands of fire origin energy entered its body.

The thunder toad and mosquito beast were released by Wang Lin after he arrived at the Four Divine Sect to cultivate on their own. Yesterday, the thunder toad came from the Black Tortoise Divine Sect and found Wang Lin through their connection.

"The mosquito beast should have already arrived; why has it not come to me… The elders of the Azure Dragon Divine Sect said they saw the mosquito beast leave before them. Even though the mosquito beast isn't as fast as the elders, it should have arrived after this much time…" Wang Lin frowned as he pondered, but he suppressed the doubt in his heart.

"Forget it. It could just be the mosquito beast being playful and he was delayed a few days." Wang Lin's hand formed a seal and pointed to his body. His face became strangely red and there was trace of pain in it.

With Wang Lin's control of fire origin energy, it was hard for him to feel heat that was difficult to bear, and even harder to feel heat that could make him sweat. However, at this moment, large drops of sweat appeared on his forehead.

After a long time, Wang Lin let out a mouthful of foul air. There was a flash of red and a broken sword was slowly pushed out from his chest.

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