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Chapter 1097 - The Chaos Caused by Tuo Sen

"And I also became confused for a moment under this unimaginable power… I originally thought it was only for a moment, but it lasted for three whole months!

"When I became sober after three months, the Celestial Realm had already collapsed...

"The new Azure Dragon Divine Emperor didn't listen to me and went to check the Celestial Realm. After that, he never returned....

"Another several hundreds of years passed. Due to the collapse of the Celestial Realm, the Brilliant Void Star System became chaotic. Then an organization called the Cultivation Alliance appeared, and there was the shadow of the Brilliant Void Realm behind it.

"This Cultivation Alliance used some unknown method to obtain a majority of the Rain Celestial Realm's inheritances. I originally wanted to go ask for the whereabouts of the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor, but my third Heaven's Blight had arrived many years ahead of time. I had to go into closed door cultivation, but it was at this moment that the Cultivation Alliance launched their attack on the Four Divine Sect...

"The Black Tortoise Divine Emperor betrayed us, and although I seriously injured him, I wasn't able to kill him because of my third Heaven's Blight...

"White Tiger Divine Emperor died in battle, and even his corpse was robbed...

"What was ridiculous was that although the Cultivation Alliance's losses were great, they didn't know the cause of this war. They always thought that it was to battle for the ownership of the Brilliant Void Star System!

"What they didn't know was that this wasn't a battle to become the ruler of the Brilliant Void Star System. They had used some unknown method to make the Black Tortoise Divine Emperor betray us and then found out my Four Divine Sect's secret!

"However, the Brilliant Void Realm only knew of the secret; they didn't know the location of that cultivation planet. The Brilliant Void Star System was too vast, and it was simply too difficult to find one cultivation planet. Also, the planet had been transformed by the four first generation Divine Emperors, so it was impossible to find anything abnormal about it.

"According to the agreement of the four first generation Divine Emperors, only each generation of Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor can know the exact position of the planet!

"As a result, the war between the Alliance and the Four Divine sect began!

"When things became dangerous, I didn't hesitate to threaten them with the Four Holy Treasures. I was willing to pay the price, but I still wasn't able to keep the secret, even with my power. This was, after all, related to the life and death of all the members of the Four Divine Sect...

"In the end, I told them the location of the planet. The Brilliant Void Realm was also concerned about the Four Holy Treasures, and the secret I told them involved too many things, so they weren't able to authenticate it. It was only then that the war with the Four Divine Sect slowly ended. I took the Four Divine Sect and went into hiding, but I was too injured. However, I was unwilling to die. After all, if I died, the Four Divine Sect would immediately be torn apart… Also, I hadn't found someone to inherit the secret…

"I was able to remain alive thanks to a spell and endured the pain of the third Heaven's Blight I couldn't get past. I lasted for countless years… Now I'm finally about to be free…"

The middle-aged man's figure gradually went away, but his voice echoed in Wang Lin's mind for a long time.

"Wang Lin, remember what I'm about to say. This is the deepest secret of my Four Divine Sect. I don't know why the first generation Divine Emperors placed such an importance to it, but remember it well and pass it on...

"The entire Four Divine Sect came from one planet. You can think of it as a door… This door was divided into four parts by the four first generation Divine Emperors, and they were hidden within four cultivation planets. They were dispersed in different regions. When the Ancient Celestial Realm disappeared and the world was divided into four Celestial Realms, the four planets were ended in each of the four different star systems...

"I only told the Brilliant Void Realm one of them, which is your birth planet, planet Suzaku… As for the other three locations, I don't know if they changed or what they are called now, but remember these three star maps…"

As the middle-aged man's message entered Wang Lin's mind, three ancient star maps immediately appeared along with it.

At this moment, Wang Lin was very shocked. He didn't think the Four Divine Sect had such a secret. Moreover, he didn't think that the planet Suzaku he came from was unexpectedly the key to the war between the Alliance, the Brilliant Void Realm, and the Four Divine Sect!

"No wonder one of the the old Divine Emperor's avatars was always on planet Suzaku… No wonder Mo Zhi's master made him stay on planet Suzaku. I fear his master isn't an ordinary person. I wonder how he was able to see some clues on this matter...

"No wonder Liu Mei… Also appeared on planet Suzaku… Even the Tattoo Clan was on planet Suzaku!" Wang Lin gradually learned about the old Divine Emperor's avatar, Huanglong, throughout the last three years.

The middle-aged man had left all this information as he went away, but then he suddenly paused. He looked at Wang Lin with a kind smile and softly said, "If the pressure is too large, if the Four Divine Sect has no hope of returning to its former glory, if the heavens really want to destroy my Four Divine Sect… Well, then there is no need to force yourself."

After leaving those last words, the middle-aged man took a step and disappeared.

Wang Lin's lonely figure was left in the star in a daze. What he had just heard had shocked him to the point where he couldn't think. It took a long time for him to recover.

At this moment, a ray of light shot toward the very large floating palace that belonged to the Thunder Celestial Temple in the western region.

There was a figure inside this ray of light, and this figure was an origin soul. The origin soul was almost transparent, with numerous red lines spread across. It looked very shocking.

The origin soul's face had a strange smile, as if he was enjoying great pleasure. However, his eyes were filled with fear and chaos.

"Master Flemespark, save me!!" Just as he got near the Thunder Celestial Temple, the origin soul sent out a sharp message. The message began to echo across the stars.

In an instant, many figures came out from the palace. The person in front was covered in flames. He had white hair, and he was the Thunder Celestial Temple's Master Flamespark!

He took a step and instantly arrived next to the origin soul. He revealed a very serious expression as his hand formed a seal and grabbed the origin soul.

His left hand quickly pointed at the origin soul several times. Every time he pointed, rich origin energy entered the origin soul.

The red lines shrank, but no matter what, they couldn't be forced out from Li Yunzi's body.

As the origin energy entered his origin soul, Li Yunzi became sober and quickly said, "While returning, I was ambushed by people of the Corpse Sect…" Before he could finish speaking, the red lines that had been suppressed by the origin energy began to struggle. Li Yunzi immediately paused, and the smile that was not a smile emerged. The confusion in his eyes also returned.

Although he didn't finish speaking, his words had clearly entered the ears of all the elders that had come out. Their expressions immediately became extremely gloomy!

"Corpse Sect!"

Master Flamespark frowned as he mercilessly pointed to between Lin Yunzi's eyebrows. Li Yunzi trembled and regained his santity.

Master Flamespark shouted, "Li Yunzi, speak clearly. Why did the Corpse Sect ambush you?"

"The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor is Wang Lin. He wanted me to hand you a jade. On the way back, I was ambushed by the people of the Corpse Sect and was inflicted with the Seventh Heaven poison…" Although Li Yunzi's cultivation level was higher than Situ Nan's, he hadn't reached the Nirvana Shatterer stage yet. Now his body was gone, and he wasn't as talented as Situ Nan to find other ways to suppress the poison.

Due to various reasons, the poison inside Li Yunzi became extremely vicious.

As he spoke, his right hand struggled to reach at the void before him. A crack appeared and a jade flew out.

After doing all this, he could no longer resist the poison in his body. He coughed out a mouthful of essence origin energy and passed out.

Master Flamespark caught the jade and checked it with his divine sense. Even with Master Flamespark's mental fortitude, his expression changed greatly and his eyes shined brightly!

"This… This news…"

Master Flamespark felt as if he was struck by thunder and remained still. He subconsciously checked it again to confirm the contents. At this moment, the gazes of the elders all turned toward him.

Master Flamespark waved his right hand and the jade was passed to the old man next to him. The old man had a serious expression as he scanned it with his divine sense, then his expression changed greatly too!

It didn't take long for all the elders present to see it. All of them had very strong reactions after seeing the contents of the jade!

One of the old men pondered for a bit and then slowly said, "We don't know if this is true or a lie…"

"If someone like this is able to escape, it will be a catastrophe for the entire Alliance Star System. Although this matter doesn't matter to us much, if the information in this jade is true, then my Allheaven would lose all hope to occupy the Alliance. We would need to immediately return to Allheaven and set up heavy protection… If that person enters Allheaven…" The elder's eyes were filled with terror.

"This matter is likely false! There is no way such a person can exist. The contents say that even us Nirvana Shatterer cultivators would be seriously injured, if not killed, with just the point of a finger. It is too absurd!" Some of them didn't believe this and let out cold snorts.

Master Flamespark suddenly said, "Does everyone still remember that Moon Beast…"

All the elders were startled, as if they had realized something.

"However, there is no need to care too much about it. After all…" Just as Master Flamespark was speaking, he suddenly stopped and his expression became extremely respectful as if he was listening to something.

Master Flamespark's strange expression didn't shock any of the elders. Instead, they all became respectful as well.

A moment later, Master Flamespark's expression changed once more. He faced the west as he clasped his hands and respectfully said, "As you command!" His eyes became serious as he looked around and said, "Stop all battles with the Alliance and summon all Nirvana Scryer and above cultivators here. Wait for my command after I return from the Four Divine Sect!"

The same scene occurred inside the Corpse Sect. Only, compared to Allheaven, the jade Li Yingzhi had brought back caused the Corpse Sect to go completely crazy over the contents!

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