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Chapter 1076 - The Decisive Battle Begins

The white Vermillion Bird tattoo on the crimson armor and his white hair gave Wang Lin a strange temperament. Although he was fusing with the Vermillion Bird's true spirit and was filled with powerful fire origin energy, he couldn't hide his pale face.

Sundered Night was very powerful, but he only had a tiny grasp of the law of origin. Using it by force had caused him some serious consequences.

The effect of this spell was unprecedented due to the law of origin appearing, the Vermillion Bird's true spirit, Wang Lin's second awakening, and his desperation. All of these caused it to reach a peak. It was something he wouldn't be able to do a second time, and even if he managed, it wouldn't be nearly as powerful.

His origin soul was still weak, and there was still the blood sword from the grey-robed All-Seer's desperate attack. Although the part of the sword that was outside his body was gone, the blade was still in his body and had penetrated his origin soul.

Even when he breathed, intense pain would come from his chest, making Wang Lin's face even more pale.

If it wasn't for the fact that Wang Lin had the body of an ancient god, which was extremely resilient, this serious injury would have killed him. However, even with the body of a 5-star ancient god, the pain wouldn't subside. The blood sword in his body contained cold slaughter energy. This slaughter energy was not simple; it was the root of all of grey-robed All-Seer's spells!

The intense pain didn't make Wang Lin fall down. Instead, he clenched his teeth and didn't even let out a groan. His gaze went past the people of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect and landed on the All-Seer and Ancient Devil Ta Jia.

The fire origin energy in his body normally didn't allow him to feel cold. But due to his weakened origin soul, he felt like he was within a world of snow and his body was covered in ice.

The old man who shouted before clasped his hands at Wang Lin. "We are the vanguard of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect sent out to find you. Almost my entire Vermillion Bird Divine Sect has been dispatched to ensure your absolute safety!" 

"Vermillion Bird Divine Sect…" Wang Lin looked at the old man and nodded. Just this simple action made the pain in his chest flare up, but he endured it. Regardless of why the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect had come, Wang Lin would remember their help.

However, even though he was surrounded by the members of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, he didn't feel any sense of security. Not far away, Ancient Devil Ta Jia's gaze swept over them, and his gaze was extremely strange.

The Flower Imperial Concubine, Situ Nan, Wang Wei, Hu Juan, and the others all moved toward the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect. They drew a clear line between them and the All-Seer and Ancient Devil Ta Jia.

"The ones that should come have almost all arrived…" Ta Jia licked his lips. His eyes were red as he stared at Wang Lin, who was surrounded by everyone. He had to kill this person!

Earlier, the ancient devil didn't care about Wang Lin. Not even Wang Lin's royal bloodline could compare to the heritage of the ancient order he was planning to obtain.

However, the shocking changes Wang Lin had gone through and that spell that even shocked him made him pay attention to Wang Lin. In addition, he had a vague feeling that Wang Lin coming here was part of Qing Lin's plan. As a result, unless Ta Jia killed this person, he would have an uneasy feeling.

This feeling was very mysterious, but Ta Jia felt it very clearly.

"This Wang Lin has repeatedly broken my plans and had become a variable in the Celestial Emperor Cave. Once he dies, the variable will be gone and all of Qing Lin's plans will be useless!" The All-Seer's voice slowly echoed. This made Ta Jia even more determined.

Ta Jia let out a roar with a bloodthirsty smile and stepped out. The human-like thing also moved with the ancient devil. The All-Seer's hands formed a seal and his remaining five avatars charged at everyone.

As for himself, he waved his hand and his robes moved without any wind. The colors black and white stretched away from his body and shot into the heavens.

The black and white colors entangled in the sky to form a strange chaos. Then the All-Seer's left hand formed a seal and he sat down, closed his eyes, and began muttering. His voice was very weak and difficult to hear clearly.

As he muttered, an ancient void seemed to come out from the chaos. It was as if something was muttering, and it was impossible to hear clearly. However, when everyone heard this, they felt a sense of fear, as if they had met their natural enemy. The pressure that came from the sky caused the earth to rumble loudly.

In the blink of an eye, the shaking of the earth reached a limit and thunderous rumbles echoed. Countless cracks suddenly appeared, and as the cracks spread, they began to connect to each other.

In almost an instant, the ground within 50 kilometers shattered and rose up into the sky like a giant pillar into the black and white chaos in the air.

Wang Lin's expression was gloomy. The ground was still trembling, and the area was surrounded by black and white fog, so sight and divine sense weren't able to penetrate it.

Ancient Devil Ta Jia moved very fast and arrived in an instant. The six Nirvana Shatterer elders of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect became serious and quickly rushed out. Their hands formed seals and a sea of flames appeared and swept forward.

Ta Jia sneered and waved the blade in his hand. The blade energy shot forward and pushed back the sea of flames. While being pushed back, the sea of flames was split in half!

The All-Seer's avatars also closed in. Wang Wei and Hu Juan clenched their teeth and charged out. The Flower Imperial Concubine let out a sigh and went to deal with them.

At the same time, the almost 100 Vermillion Bird Divine Sect disciples didn't need orders. They all sat down in the lotus position. Then their hands formed a seal, and in an instant, all of their origin souls flew out.

The moment their origin souls appeared, an intense heat appeared. What shocked Big Head and everyone was that as soon as their origin souls appeared, they all began to fuse.

It has to be said that the origin soul was the essence of a person's cultivation. Due to differences in domains, it was impossible to fuse, and if there was fusion, it would be devouring. Unless one had a heaven-defying treasure, two origin souls couldn't coexist.

Yet these nearly 100 origin souls quickly fused before them and turned into a flame giant hundreds of feet tall. The giant let out a roar and charged at Ancient Devil Ta Jia!

When Wang Lin saw this, his pupils shrank. A hint of curiosity toward the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect arose in his mind.

The six great Nirvana Shatterer cultivators and the fire giant formed by the origin souls of nearly 100 Vermillion Bird Divine Sect disciples fought Ancient Devil Ta Jia. Wang Wei, Hu Juan, and the Flower Imperial Concubine fought the All-Seer's five avatars. On the side, Master Hollow Wind, Situ Nan, who was forcibly suppressing his poison, Big Head, and the others used spells to assist. In an instant, the battle became intense.

Not only did the Flower Imperial Concubine have to fight the All-Seer's avatar, she also had to deal with that human-like thing. The earth within 50 kilometers rumbled loudly and various spells flashed across the land.

Wang Lin sat in the lotus position on the ground. He was seriously injured, and constant pain came from his chest, making his face more pale. However, with the fight going on, he wasn't able to heal and could only devour large amounts of pills to suppress the injuries by force.

In the distance, the All-Seer, who was also sitting, suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Wang Lin. He raised his hand and pointed at the sky. A roar suddenly came out of the black and white chaos. As the roar continued, a headless person walked out!

This headless person had a strong body and held a red spear in his right hand. His entire body gave off a savage aura. The moment he appeared, dense, black mist came from his body and unexpectedly formed a suit of black armor.

The headless person silently charged forward toward Wang Lin. They were pretty close to each other, so the headless person closed in in an instant. The headless person was like a gust of black wind as he jabbed his spear at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was like an arrow at the end of its flight right now, but it was still not easy to kill him. At the moment of danger, Wang Lin's eyes became cold. His right eye shined blue and the azure light shield appeared before him.

There was a bang when the red spear collided with the azure light shield. There were already cracks on the shield, and although it didn't crack more, it was pushed back a few inches.

The headless person was forced back three steps. The black armor on his body shined brightly and he charged once more.

Borrowing the moment the headless person retreated, Wang Lin opened his mouth to spit something out.

It was the 18 Hell Celestial Sealing Stamp!

Without hesitation, Wang Lin's right hand reached out into the void and a crystal light appeared in his palm. He ruthlessly threw the crystal light forward, and as it shined before Wang Lin, he shouted, "Magic Arsenal!"

After he spoke, the crystal light shined brightly and mournful cries suddenly came from the souls who couldn't enter the reincarnation cycle. They rushed out from the 18 Hell Celestial Sealing Stamp and into the specks of light. The specks of light gained power, and a burst of Yin energy spread out.

What was terrifying was that Master Void's soul had walked out from the 18th layer of hell! His eyes were bloodshot and he let out a beast-like roar as he charged at the headless person.

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