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Chapter 1075 - Fusion of True Spirit

The entire Cultivation Alliance seemed to tremble from this roar. Only one person calmly arrived  outside the Cultivation Alliance headquarters. He coldly stared ahead with the red light representing the Ji Realm flashing in his right eye as he walked inside.

The moment Sundered Night disappeared and Wang Lin appeared back in the Demon Spirit Land, the endless chaos in the 18th layer of his 18 Hell Celestial Sealing Stamp was pierced open by an unimaginable power, and three souls appeared inside!

Master Void's soul during his first Heaven's Blight, the purple-robed All-Seer avatar, and the yellow-robed All-Seer avatar!

The two avatars unexpectedly began to fuse in the 18th layer!

Wang Lin's face was pale, but he stood extremely straight. At this moment, no one present dared to underestimate him, no matter who they were! 

Killing three people and causing a fourth person to become only a sliver of will was not something an ordinary person could do!

Wang Lin's pale face revealed a hideous expression as he coldly looked at the All-Seer and his avatars. The blood sword was still stuck in his chest, trapped inside his flesh. Blood came out of the wound and dyed his clothes red.

The All-Seer's three great avatars were desperate, but Wang Lin was also desperate. If he wasn't, he would've died! Although Sundered Night consumed no origin energy when it was used at dawn, the enemies Wang Lin faced were too strong. Although he had used no origin energy, his origin soul had weakened greatly.

At this moment, the aura in Wang Lin's words was imposing enough to cause the All-Seer to become silent.

The surroundings were completely silent, but at this moment that the cries of the Vermillion Bird above became even more intense.

As the Vermillion Bird cries came closer and closer, Wang Lin's Vermillion Bird tattoo trembled violently. It flew directly out of Wang Lin's body outside of his control.

The white Vermillion Bird raised its proud head and let out a Vermillion Bird cry at the sky. The two cries intersected, and there was a hint of joy in the cry from Wang Lin's white Vermillion Bird.

The white Vermillion Bird circled Wang Lin and continued to cry. Then an even more intense sea of flames appeared above the Demon Spirit Land and replaced the world!

As the Vermillion Bird cries echoed, a giant Vermillion Bird head came out of the sea of flames. The head was so big that it almost occupied the entire sky. The fire from its body seemed to want to dry up the entire land.

The moment the Vermillion Bird head appeared, an unimaginable pressure descended. Master Hollow Wind and them were awakened from their shock and gasped. Situ Nan's eyes opened wide.

Even Ling Tianhou's pupils shrank when he raised his head.

The All-Seer's expression became even more gloomy, and there was a hint of bitterness in it.

The Vermillion Bird's sharp gaze swept the ground until it felt on Wang Lin, and it let out another cry. The huge Vermillion Bird charged out from the flames. As its body came out, the flames around it rapidly shrank.

In just an instant, the Vermillion Bird's true spirit came out of the sea of flames. The sea of flames became the feathers on its body, and the remaining flames turned into its tail.

Only after it charged out and revealed its entire body did everyone realize that this vast sea of flames was part of the Vermillion Bird's body!

The sound of people inhaling echoed.

The giant Vermillion Bird charged directly at Wang Lin. He frowned, but there was enlightenment in his mind. This enlightenment came from the familiar feeling he got from his Vermillion Bird tattoo.

In an instant, the giant Vermillion Bird closed in. It was going to enter the spot between his eyebrows, but it suddenly changed its mind. The Vermillion Bird's true spirit turned into a sea of flames and surged into the wound on Wang Lin's chest.

At this instant, a sea of flames appeared around Wang Lin, and his body floated into the air due to a mysterious power. His body gave off monstrous flames and his white Vermillion Bird returned back to his body. Then a crimson red suit of armor appeared around Wang Lin's body.

This crimson red armor was very beautiful and had the carvings of a white Vermillion Bird. At this moment, Wang Lin looked extremely dazzling in people's eyes!

Even the blood sword in his chest gradually shrank, and it remained inside Wang Lin's body. From the outside, there was not a single trace of it left.

His white, flowing hair seemed to compliment his red armor, and Wang Lin's eyes revealed a hint of sharpness. Even now, he was uncertain of what had happened.

However, the indescribable power of flames made Wang Lin feel a sliver of Nirvana Cleanser cultivation. It was as if he could control all of the flames in the world with a thought!

Like the ancient thunder dragon, he had the power to command all of the fire in the world!

In the sky, hundreds of people appeared behind the Vermillion Bird. The six in front all gave off powerful pressure. They all had white hair and gave off earth-shattering auras.

Nirvana Shatterer!

Behind the six of them, all of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect members emitted powerful flame auras. When they appeared, their gaze all locked on to Wang Lin.

When the six elders saw Wang Lin, their faces revealed excitement and shock!

What made them excited was that they had come all this way in order to protect the person who had awakened. Now that they saw that Wang Lin was safe, they all let out sighs of relief.

However, what shocked them was that although they were outside, the moment the law of origin appeared, they were also pulled into the illusion of the Sundered Night. After experiencing such a terrifying spell, how could they not be shocked?

There was also a trace of dread in that shock! If they were like this, there was no need to mention the hundreds of Vermillion Bird Divine Sect members. They all looked at Wang Lin with fanaticism in their eyes. If there were no accidents, this person would be their next Divine Emperor!

One of the six elders with seven Vermillion Birds embroidered on his clothes immediately shouted, "Protect the person who awakened!" After he shouted, the six elders immediately arrived next to Wang Lin. The rest of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect disciples spread out and looked at everyone with killing intent.


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