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Chapter 1068

There was a loud bang as Ancient Demon Bei Lou's body lost a lot of demonic energy, and he became even weaker. However, this made it so the man in black's origin soul was no longer in the ancient devil's grasp.

Terrified, the man in black's origin soul was about to escape once more, but Wang Lin's right hand reached out from the vortex and grabbed him. He was about to resist, but endless flames came from Wang Lin and wrapped around him. Then Wang Lin dragged his origin soul into the vortex.

Inside the vortex, killing intent appeared in Wang Lin's eyes, and he devoured the man in black's origin soul without hesitation!

The moment Wang Lin devoured the man in black's origin soul, an explosion occurred in his body. Absorbing the fire dragon, devouring the main in black's flame dragon, and his own Vermillion Bird meant that three types of flames were inside Wang Lin's body. The fire origin energy in his body reached a new height, and as the heat increased, a fire seed the size of a fingernail was formed in his dantian.

The moment the fire seed appeared, all of the devilish flames in the seventh floor paused for a moment and unexpectedly charged at the vortex Wang Lin was in. It was very fast, and in an instant, almost all of it went into the vortex.

Devilish flames, fire dragon, and flame dragon, these three kinds of fire energy fused with the Vermillion Bird. The Vermillion Bird was the main energy and the other three were secondary when the mutation of flames occurred. However, this wasn't important. After this great fortune, Wang Lin's Vermillion Bird unexpectedly showed signs of a second awakening!

In the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, the number of awakenings determined the peak of one's cultivation level, and this was key for them to become the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor!

In the long history of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, if multiple people had one awakening, then they would fight it out. The winner would become the divine emperor and the losers would become elders.

However, if there was a person among them who had achieved a second awakening, there was no need to fight. The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor would definitely be this person!

As for the third awakening… It had never happened in the long history of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect...

Right now, the vortex around Wang Lin became monstrous, as if it could support the world. As it continued to absorb, a firestorm came out from the vortex and an indescribable firestorm charged out from the volcano. Cracking sounds came from the mouth of the volcano when the firestorm erupted, then countless pieces of rock fell and the volcano collapsed completely.

As it collapsed, the huge firestorm charged up into the sky, and the intense heat collided with the sky. This caused a hole to punch right through from the seventh floor to the sixth floor.

The sixth floor immediately appeared before everyone. The girl in pink and the beautiful woman were in the sixth floor. Both were in the main hall when they felt the ground take. To their horror, they saw the ground collapse, and all the buildings and the countless restrictions inside all shattered.

This looked like the end of the world!

However, the firestorm didn't stop; it continued to charge up. In the blink of an eye, it pierced through the fifth floor, and the entire fifth floor collapsed. Wang Wei, who had just woken up, and Hu Juan didn't hesitate and immediately rushed out.

This firestorm continued travelling upwards after breaking through to the fifth floor.

The fourth floor collapsed! Situ Nan stared dumbfoundedly at all of this and gasped. Without hesitation, he moved with the flames.

The third floor collapsed!

The second floor collapsed!

The monstrous storm reached the first floor before it finally stopped, but it didn't dissipate. However, the fire rapidly contracted and the endless firestorm disappeared into a figure deep within the cave.

There were no flames in his eyes, but his body was surrounded by an invisible fire. If one looked closely, they would find that the space around Wang Lin seemed to distort, and your vision was blocked.

His hair had completely changed. A head of white hair flowed as Wang Lin let out a big breath and clenched his fist. Behind him, a Vermillion Bird appeared. It was no longer red, but white!

This kind of white was similar to snow, but anyone who saw the Vermillion Bird would feel the unimaginable heat within!

The white Vermillion Bird circled Wang Lin. It was extremely proud, as if all other creatures in the world were below it. As it circled Wang Lin, it let out a Vermillion Bird cry that could penetrate the heavens!

The Vermillion Bird's second awakening!

At this instant, the entire world trembled. Master Void was hiding in the corner of the fourth floor, struggling to survive through his first Heaven's Blight!

"Once I succeed, not only will my injuries recover, but my cultivation level will increase dozens fold. When that happens, killing that Wang Lin will be like crushing an ant!" While was struggling, the cry of the Vermillion Bird's second awakening entered his ears.

After being startled for a moment, Master Void was filled with disbelief. If it was the first awakening, he could accept it, but he would have never thought that a second awakening was possible. He clearly knew what the second awakening meant, and he knew that the difference between the first and second awakenings was like the difference between heaven and earth!

If the first awakening could make the entire Vermillion Bird Divine Sect protect him, then the second awakening was enough to make the entire Vermillion Bird Divine sect crazy. It could no longer be described as "using their full power to protect him," now it would be to "protect him no matter the cost!"

If it was just one awakening, although the Alliance would still have to kill Wang Lin, they wouldn't be shocked. However, if the Vermillion Bird went through a second awakening, even they would be shocked! Moreover, Master Void knew that the time between these two things happening was so short, it was negligible.

Thinking about how the person he wanted to kill, the one that caused him to end up in such a state, had awakened twice, Master Void, who was enduring his first Heaven's Blight, coughed out a mouthful of essence origin energy. His mind became confused and all the origin energy in his body went crazy. The initial sign of failure of his first Heaven's Blight appeared!

The first Heaven's Blight was unpredictable, and often just the slightest fluctuation in one's mind was enough to make one fail. And once you failed, the result was death!

The moment the Vermillion Bird went through the second awakening, the Vermillion Bird spirit outside the Demon Spirit Land let out the same cry. At this moment, the eyes of all the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect members widened. The six Nirvana Shatterer elders all sucked in breaths of cold air.

"Second… Second awakening!!!"

"He unexpectedly started the second awaken after such a short period of time!!"

"The hope of my Vermillion Bird Divine Sect will arrive. If this person is safe, my Vermillion Bird Sect will rise once more!"

Deep in the burning starfield where Vermillion Bird Divine Sect was located, there was a white stone. This was where the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor that had survived for countless years sat. At this moment, he suddenly opened his eyes, and they shined like they never before.

"Second… awakening…" His breath become unstable. After pondering for a bit, he unexpectedly tried to get up, but in the end, his old body was unsuccessful.

"I don't have much time left… Giving up a bit of my remaining time for this clan member who has awakened a second time is worth it…" The old man let out a sigh and closed his eyes.

Just as his eyes closed, an unimaginable force of fire charged out of his body. It was so powerful that even the burning starfield trembled. It was as if the entire starfield was going to collapse, and popping sounds echoed across the starfield. Then an origin soul slowly floated away from this old man.

The origin soul didn't look old; it was that of a middle-aged man. He lowered his head and looked at his body, and his eyes revealed an ancient gaze.

"It has been a long time since my origin soul has left my body…" He shook his head and took a step. A vortex appeared in the sea of flames before him. He stepped into the vortex and then disappeared.

As for inside the Celestia Emperor Cave, on the seventh floor, Ta Jia looked at the firestorm, and his eyes revealed a serious expression for the first time. He didn't care about the Vermillion Bird's second awakening, but he felt an unexplainable terrifying aura from this ancient god!

"The royal bloodline ancient god and the Vermillion Bird Divine Beast. They have unexpectedly fused… But that isn't important. Just as I was about to attack to stop him, I unexpectedly felt unease… What else does he have…"

And at this moment, Ancient Demon Bei Lou borrowed the moment Wang Lin's second awaken occurred to escape along with the firestorm. He no longer wanted to fight against the ancient devil and was focused on escaping.

"I need to get out of here and quickly reach the outer realm. I can't fight Ta Jia!" Bei Lou felt very bitter. He had lost too much this time. Half of his ancient demon spirit body was devoured, and in order to escape just now, he had shattered two stars. He moved like lighting as he charged straight up.

Ancient Devil Ta Jia's eyes lit up. The person he absolutely couldn't let go was this ancient demon! He simply ignored Wang Lin and chased after the ancient demon.

The more time passed, the better control he had of this body. His speed was now several times faster than before, so he instantly closed the distance between himself and Ancient Demon Bei Lou.

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