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Chapter 1067

"This crisis is too dangerous. This old man would rather risk facing the first Heaven's Blight than be boiled alive here!" The moment Master Void's origin soul flew out, he opened his arms, and his eyes revealed a decisive gaze.

As his arms opened, outside the cave and outside the Demon Spirit Land in the boundless space where the Vermillion Bird spirit was, five stars emitted an indescribable light.

As this light shined, it diffused across the entire star system. As long as one was in the Alliance Star System, one could see that five stars had appeared in the sky.

Whether it was day or night, the light from the five stars could be seen everywhere. Then one of the stars shined brightly and covered up the remaining four stars. Then, when the light reached its peak, the star suddenly fell into the void.

The old man from the Brilliant Void Realm and the beautiful woman were moving through the stars. As they moved forward, the old man raised his head and calmly muttered, "Someone is experiencing their first Heaven's Blight…"

The most bright of the five stars fell. It was extremely fast, far faster than any cultivator. In an instant, the bright star passed the Vermillion Bird spirit, and a loud rumble echoed when it disappeared into a speck of dust.

After piercing through the dust, it entered the Demon Spirit Land and caused the devilish energy shrouding the Demon Spirit Land to be pushed back. The star penetrated into the earth and charged through six floors of the Celestial Emperor Cave before landing on Master Void's origin soul within the boiling ocean.

At this instant Master Void's cultivation level increased like crazy, but he revealed a painful expression and began to scream. By borrowing the power of the first Heaven's Blight, Master Void unexpectedly broke through the devilish flames in the sky and charged up.

His origin soul was rapidly dissipating under the light of the star. For a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator, this was just the start of the first Heaven's Blight.

Ancient Devil Ta Jia was going to reach out toward Master Void, but his eyes lit up and he lowered his hand.

"He's experiencing his first Heaven's Blight while seriously injured. If he doesn't die, he could become one of my scattered devils…"

At this moment, Bei Lou, Wang Lin, and the dragon that was still trapped inside the boiling ocean had reached a critical moment. The Celestial Emperor's spell and the monstrous devilish flame had reached a frightening degree.

The ocean level reduced rapidly and the temperature increased greatly. Even with Wing Lin's Vermillion Bird and ancient god body, he felt the pain from the heat. However, no matter how much he struggled, he couldn't charge out.

The devilish flames had descended into the ocean, which caused this spell to reach a peak.

Wang Lin's eyes became anxious. The intense heat entered his body, making him feel as if he was being cooked alive, and made his body limp. At this moment of crisis, Wang Lin revealed a bitter expression. He had rarely been wrong in his life, but he had to admit he had calculated wrong this time.

If he had left with Hu Juan and Wang Wei, he wouldn't have been in such danger. However, even so, they still wouldn't have been able to escape from here. The terrifying Ancient Devil Ta Jia would've eventually caught up and they would've still had to face him.

No matter what, the ending was the same. Wang Lin had been through danger throughout his life, whether it was facing the Blood Ancestor, the Yao family's pursuit, or the Land of the Ancient God when he was at the Core Formation stage. None of those times had made Wang Lin yield, and he didn't want to yield now either; however, reality was cruel.

However, all of this wasn't enough to make Wang Lin's dao heart collapse or give up. Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He still had the heaven defying bead! He still had source origin!

At this moment, the ocean had almost completely dissipated, leaving only the devilish flames. It seemed to want to burn all life within it to death.

The fire dragon was weak, and its body continued to shrink. Even it couldn't withstand the devilish flames.

Bei Lou's body was surrounded by monstrous demonic energy, but this was all futile.

The mad laugh of the ancient devil echoed as he stared at the devilish flames. On his shoulder sat a small person. It was the origin soul of the man in black that had shrunken to sit there.

A flame dragon circled the man in black. As he stared at the fire dragon, his eyes were filled with greed.

"This fire spirit dragon was refined by Qing Lin and is extremely loyal to Qing Lin. With its intelligence, it can obviously tell I'm not Qing Lin. Lou Hou, since you are the Supreme's disciple, I'll gift it to you to devour!" Ta Jia's voice was calm as he grabbed the origin soul of the man in black and threw it forward.

The origin soul turned into a dragon and greedily charged at the weakened fire dragon within the devilish flames.

"Many thanks, Lord Ancient Devil!" The man in black sent out a message filled with joy and then charged at the fire dragon. However, at this moment, the fire dragon raised its head and revealed an unyielding arrogance. It let out a roar that turned into sonic booms that echoed in the devilish flames. It even caused the devilish flames to pause for a moment.

The dragon formed by the man in black suddenly stopped and retreated, but the greed in his eyes increased! He was in no rush, and he believed that this fire dragon wouldn't last long under Ancient Devil Ta Jia's spell.

With greed in his eyes, the man in black's origin soul looked at the struggling Wang Lin. His eyes revealed a strange light.

"His Vermillion Bird is also mine!"

Just at this instant, a scene that shocked the man in black occured. He saw the fire dragon suddenly struggle to move its body. Its giant body shrank until it was only 100 feet long and charged at Wang Lin.

Its dragon eyes revealed determination and an intent to die!

It would rather die than let the man in black devour it. If it had to die, then it'd rather choose this person, because it could at least feel a hint of familiarity from this person!

This scene was outside of the expectations of the man in black. The fire dragon was so fast that before the man in black could react, it was already near Wang Lin.

The moment Wang Lin opened his eyes, the fire dragon let out its last roar and charged into the spot between Wang Lin's eyebrows. Endless fire origin energy entered Wang Lin's body and made its way into his origin soul. The Vermillion Bird tattoo that had weakened suddenly awakened as if new power had been injected into it and let out a Vermillion Bird cry!

Although the fire origin energy inside the fire dragon was different from the fire of the Vermillion Bird, the source was still fire of the heavens. When the fire dragon rushed into Wang Lin, it caused the fire origin energy in his body to increase greatly.  Moreover, the fusion of these two different types of flames caused an unexpected change!

The Vermillion Bird moved within this storm and the shadow of a dragon. The storm reached a peak and unexpectedly even absorbed the devilish flames that were burning the world.

As it absorbed like crazy, the storm formed a powerful vortex that had a terrifying suction force. This all happened in an instant, and even Ancient Devil Ta Jia was startled.

The man in black was aghast at the situation. He no longer had any thought of devouring and wanted to retreat. However, he was too close, so the moment he tried to retreat, he was pulled in by the vortex.

The ancient devil frowned as he raised his right hand and grabbed the man in black's origin soul. Just as he was about to withdraw his hand, Ancient Demon Bei Lou's eyes lit up.

He had already given up, but he didn't think that such an unexpected mutation would occur after Wang Lin absorbed the fire dragon. He could clearly see that within the vortex, a white fire was condensing like crazy inside Wang Lin's body.

"Source origin fire seed!" At this moment, even with his identity as an ancient demon, Bei Lou sucked in a breath of cold air. His desperation suddenly disappeared and he saw a chance to escape.

"Just a trace more and he will be able to completely condense that fire seed. Once that fire seed forms, he will be able to control all the flames in the world. Although there is a hint of will inside these flames, Ta Jia's possession isn't complete, so there is still a chance!"

Various thoughts flashed through Bei Lou's mind. Just as Ancient Devil Ta Jia was about to pull the man in black's origin soul back, Bei Lou clenched his teeth. The seven stars in his right eye rotated rapidly and then one of them suddenly collapsed!

Ancient demon shattered star!

The collapse of an ancient demon star allowed a powerful surge of demonic energy to enter Bei Lou's body, allowing him to struggle. Although it was not enough for him to escape or charge out from the burning flames, it was enough for him to use spells.

His right eye shined once more and another ancient demon star collapsed. With two stars shattered, Ancient Demon Bei Lou's body suddenly magnified, and he charged forward at the man in black's origin soul that was about to be saved by Ta Jia. Bei Lou's body turned into a whirlwind of demonic energy and smashed into Ta Jia's arm.

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