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Chapter 1051 - Zhou Yi Reappears

Two people walked out from the fake mountain before Wang Lin. It was a man and a woman. The man had the air of a celestial, and he was very handsome and he smiled at Wang Lin.

Behind him, the woman had a soft gaze, but there was also a hint of surprise. She apparently didn't expect Wang Lin to be able to arrive here.

Seeing it was the Celestial Cloud Cultivation Couple, Wang Lin's expression was calm, but his heart was on guard. His cultivation hadn't recovered, and he was at his weakest state inside the Celestial Emperor Cave. Any carelessness might get him killed.

After he calmly took a step back next to a restriction, Wang Lin clasped his hands and said, "Greetings, Seniors Celestial Cloud." As he spoke, he looked behind them and didn't see Zhou Yi, causing his heart to sink.

"Little Brother's knowledge of restrictions is really mysterious. It seems that I have really underestimated you." Wang Wei laughed. He didn't know much about Wang Lin, and Zhou Yi had never said anything about Wang Lin. From Wang Wei's point of view, for Wang Lin to be able to break through the restrictions to get here, then Wang Lin's restrictions ability had to already be at a peak.

As for Wang Lin's injuries, Wang Wei naturally saw through them.

The Celestial Cloud Cultivation Couple was very strange to Wang Lin. When the Celestial Emperor Cave opened, everyone should have been sucked into the bottle world. However, even after the bottle world collapsed, they didn't appear, yet someone they appeared here.

Wang Lin was unwilling to speak too much with these two, and with Zhou Yi not here, he had his own speculations. In addition, he was injured, so he retreated and said, "If you two seniors have nothing else, then Junior will take his leave."

With that, Wang Lin immediately retreated. He was about to go around from the side to where the pills were stored.

The smile on Wang Wei's smile remained and he only slightly shook his head. It wasn't until Wang Lin disappeared into the restrictions that he said, "This little guy is very interesting."

His cultivation couple, Hu Juan, also smiled. "This Wang Lin is very cautious. Originally, I wanted to talk to him more, but he was scared away by you."

Wang Wei laughed. "He was not scared away by me, he just has another place to go. See how he smoothly stepped into that restriction without activating it? Either he has a very good understanding of the restrictions here, or his restriction ability has once again exceeded my expectations."

Hu Juan looked at where Wang Lin disappeared to before she frowned slightly and softly said, "With his age, I'd rather believe he understands this place very well…"

Wang Wei smiled at Hu Juan and laughed. "Do you feel unjust that he is able to step through the restrictions here so easily? But I agree, he seems to understand his place very well, and that just make this more interesting."

"What unjust? Ah, you are still teasing me at this age." Ju Huan smiled. Her eyes were like the crescent moon, very beautiful.

Wang Wei also smiled, and his expression was filled with wisdom as he said, "Before, we guessed that the sword spirit had a companion. If I'm not wrong, that sword spirit's companion should be him!"

Hu Juan was startled. After thinking carefully, she smiled. "If you say so, then it is. If that is really the case, then he isn't an enemy."

"Looking from where he came from, if he really understands this place well, he should be going to where the Celestial Emperor stores his pills. We'll go have a look. The sword spirit must be there as well. Those two must have some secrets between them!" Wang Wei smiled and walked forward.

Hu Juan looked at Wang Wei, and her eyes filled with tenderness. Hu Juan strongly believed in all of Wang Wei's calculations. She picked up her steps and walked next to Wang Wei.

As Wang Lin retreated, he went through restriction after restriction. The restrictions on the sixth floor were far more complex, so Wang Lin's speed was affected. He could instantly pass some restrictions, but others required him to carefully calculate it before taking a step.

After using seven days of time, Wang Lin circled around this area and closed in on the pill storage location.

According to the map, this was an alchemy room, and inside it was a transfer array to where the pills were stored. Looking at the alchemy room from far away, Wang Lin walked toward it.

As he walked, his divine sense was spread out, but not too far, and he observed the surrounding restrictions. Based on the fluctuations of the surrounding restrictions, he would know if anyone was closing in.

This alchemy room wasn't large, and there was a garden next to it, but it was filled with withered plants. As Wang Lin closed in and was just about to enter the garden, he stopped. Wang Lin stared at the alchemy room and vaguely felt that the restrictions here was a bit different from what was on the map.

Along the way here, the map was very accurate for the first five floors, and the restrictions were only different in this spot. The only explanation was that someone had messed with the restrictions here.

His expression became gloomy. Wang Lin looked around and his eyes lit up as he observed the restrictions. After a long time, he vaguely saw some clues, but those clues made him frown even harder.

From what he could see, some restrictions had been added on top and caused the slight change. However, the restrictions added on later unexpectedly fused perfectly with the restrictions that were already there.

Restrictions were very changing, and everyone casted restrictions differently. Due to their personality, experience, understanding of restrictions, and cultivation level, even if the same restriction was casted by 100 people, they would be completely different to people who understood them, even though they looked the same on the surface.

As a result, this restriction that was changed was unimaginable and clearly subverted his understanding of restrictions.

"It unexpectedly fused so perfectly. From my understanding of restrictions and the Annihilation restriction inheritance, it is impossible for the fusion to be so perfect when placing a restriction that forcibly changes another restriction… Even if it is possible, it has to be someone whose restriction ability has already reached a peak and is able to change some beginner's restriction. However, this is the sixth floor of the Celestial Emperor Cave, a place with restrictions that are rarely seen, so how could it have been changed so perfectly by someone?

"If there really is such a person, then all the restrictions inside this cave would be child's play for them and they could easily move through all nine floors…" Wang Lin gasped and was shocked by this idea. He was unwilling to believe it, and he carefully examined it once more. The fusion of restrictions here was something that couldn't even be described with the word "perfect" anymore.

This was like the same person had perfected their own restriction at a later time.

"Could it be…" A thought flash through Wang Lin's mind and his eyes widened.

"Could it be that the person who placed all the restrictions in the Celestial Emperor Cave and the person who changed the restrictions here was the same person?" Wang Lin gasped. This answer would explain everything, but it was simply too inconceivable.

Wang Lin stared at the restrictions and vaguely felt like if his guess was correct, then he had found a big net. He just didn't know who had placed the net.

The first thought that appeared in Wang Lin's mind was the Celestial Cloud Cultivation Couple!

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin was unwilling to just give it up like this, as the pills were too important to him. Wang Lin stared at the restriction and began his own deductions.

The restrictions here were extremely complex and were obviously here to prevent others from entering. Wang Lin simply sat down, and flashes of restrictions appeared in his eyes. He slapped his bag of holding and a compass appeared in his hand.

He sat there for three days. After three days, Wang Lin's eyes slowly became bloodshot. The countless changes of the restrictions flashed through his head as he searched for the correct way to break it.

On the fourth day, Wang Lin raised his head. He stood up and arrived before the alchemy room. He then walked three steps forward without any hesitation.

Wang Lin revealed hesitation on the fifth step. According to his calculations, the fifth step was the most difficult to find the correct answer to. It seemed like no matter where he stepped, it was wrong.

"The fifth step…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up, and after a long time, he smiled.

"There is no fifth step!" When he stepped out, his fifth step landed in the void and he jumped, landing on the ground ahead. As a result, that was the sixth step.

After landing, Wang Lin immediately observed his surroundings to make sure he triggered no restrictions and let out a sigh. Then he quickly moved through these restrictions and appeared outside the alchemy room.

Just as he was about to enter, his expression changed and he suddenly retreated. Just as he retreated, the door opened and a ray of sword energy shot out. The sword energy closed in, but after seeing Wang Lin, a surprised sound came from the sword energy.

Shortly after, the sword energy scattered, revealing a white figure. It was Zhou Yi! 

Wang Lin stopped retreating after clearly seeing Zhou Yi and placed down his seal. He didn't speak; he looked at the alchemy room first. The inside and outside were like two different worlds that divine sense couldn't penetrate. That would explain why Zhou Yi didn't know Wang Lin had come and Wang Lin hadn't detected Zhou Yi.

"I knew you would be able to arrive here." Looking at Wang Lin, Zhou Yi revealed melancholy and a smile. There was also a hint of reminiscence.

In Wang Lin's eyes, Zhou Yi had changed a lot. What surprised him was an aura that was very similar to that of a Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure coming from Zhou Yi.

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