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Chapter 1052 - The Identity of the Celestial Cloud Cultivation Couple

"Wang Lin greets Senior. How could I dare forget the promise I made before? No matter how dangerous this place is, I'll bring Qing Shuang's body here!" Seeing Zhou Yi made Wang Lin emotional. Zhou Yi was one of the few benefactors he had, and no matter what cultivation level Wang Lin reaches, he will always be respectful to Zhou Yi.

Zhou Yi revealed a melancholy expression as he looked at Wang Lin, and he shook his head. "There is no need to call me 'Senior' when it's just us. If you don't mind, you can just call me 'Big Brother Zhou.'" Zhou Yi's eyes suddenly narrowed and he carefully looked at Wang Lin.

"Who injured you so seriously?! Your origin soul is dim, and due to recovering too slowly, it's leading to more hidden dangers in the future!" There was a chill in Zhou Yi's expression.

Wang Lin wryly smiled and simply explained the matter to Zhou Yi. He didn't mention the source origin and only talked about the Vermillion Bird awakening. It wasn't that Wang Lin didn't trust Zhou Yi, but the matter regarding source origin was simply too important.

"Master void!" Cold light flashed in Zhou Yi's eyes, and there was a hint of guilt in his gaze toward Wang Lin.

"If it wasn't for bringing me Qing Shuang, he wouldn't have been in such a danger… Master Void, I'll remember that person!" Zhou Yi nodded and didn't ask more, but he engraved Master Void into his heart. Hurting Wang Lin, who had come to bring him Qing Shuang, was touching his bottom line. If there was a chance, given Zhou Yi's personality, he would make Master Void pay a terrible price.

"You must have come for the pills here, although most of the pills have already been taken by the Celestial Cloud Cultivation Couple. The only ones remaining are those that are useful to spirit bodies. They didn't take them because their storage method is very complex." As Zhou Yi spoke, he suddenly changed topic and said, "But don't worry, I'll find way to get you those pills!"

After Zhou Yi finished speaking, he turned into a ray of sword energy and charged out of the restrictions of the alchemy room. He appeared in the air and clasped his hands. "Seniors Celestial Cloud Couple, this person is my old friend. Please gift me some pills!"

A chuckle came from the distance. There was a flash from the nearby purple forest and Wang Wei and Hu Juan walked out. The two of them walked slowly, but strangely, it only took them three steps to reach the alchemy room.

Wang Wei waved his hand, causing the restrictions outside the alchemy room to disappear as if they never existed. This made Wang Lin's pupils violently shrink.

"I had already guessed that Little Brother Wang had some relation with this sword spirit. It seems I guessed correctly," Wang Wei joked as his right hand reached out and a crack immediately appeared before him. Six purple jade bottles flew out into his palm.

"These six bottles of rank 5 Celestial Gathering pills might be useful to you." With that, Wang Wei waved his right hand and the six bottles of pills flew toward Wang Lin.

Dense celestial spiritual energy came from the six purple jade bottles, and the smell inside them was extremely refreshing. Wang Lin held the six bottles and scanned them with his divine sense. He didn't immediately consume them, but put them away inside his bag.

Hu Juan carefully looked at Wang Lin and suddenly said, "You are the inheritor of the Annihilation Restriction?"

Wang Lin was calm as he looked at Hu Juan and calmly said, "I'm not the inheritor, I just know some of it."

When Zhou Yi saw Wang Wei only give six bottles of Celestial Gathering pills to Wang Lin, he couldn't help but frown. After pondering a bit, he looked at Wang Wei and said, "Senior Wang Wei, not only is this person my old friend, but he is also my benefactor. There was something I didn't say before, but I was sealed here and he saved me. If not for him, I wouldn't have had the chance to meet Senior."

Wang Wei meaningfully looked at Zhou Yi before his right hand reached toward the crack once more. This time, five five-colored jade bottles flew out. He threw them at Wang Lin.

"There pills are known as the Heaven Avoidance pills. They are rank 4 celestial pills, and taking them will greatly reduce your injuries."

Wang Lin took the bottles and scanned them with his divine sense. The celestial spiritual energy inside these bottles was monstrous, far more than the six bottle of Celestial Gathering pills he got earlier.

Zhou Yi frowned once more, apparently still somewhat dissatisfied, and no longer clasped his hands. "Since Senior knows about the Rain Celestial Sword Spirit, then I presume you also know about Rain Celestial Lord Qing Shuang!"

Wang Wei's eyes suddenly narrowed. He didn't ask but took out three more bottles from the crack. He didn't introduce them and directly threw them at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin caught them, and after he scanned them, his expression changed. The celestial spiritual energy inside these three bottles was even stronger than the five-colored bottles. These were obviously better.

"Junior once became infatuated with a female corpse in the Rain Celestial Realm. I built a celestial jade pagoda to store the corpse to prevent it from rotting and to allow it to exist forever…" Zhou Yi's eyes were filled with nostalgia as he recalled the past.

"... Later I found out that she wasn't Ting Er, but Celestial Lord Qing Shuang!"

Wang Wei's expression changed. He had worried that he would destroy the spirit if he used soul search, so he had held back asking. However, now that he heard the story, a wave was set off in his heart.

Hu Juan revealed a trace of excitement in her eyes. The two of them looked at each other before Wang Wei reached at the crack once more. This time, dozens of colored bottles flew toward Wang Lin.

Staring at Zhou Yi, Wang Wei said, "Continue with your story."

Wang Lin's expression became strange. He finally understood what Zhou Yi meant when he said he would find a way to get the pills.

"The last time I took Ting Er to the Rain Celestial Realm was when I met Wang Lin…" The reminiscence in Zhou Yi's eyes became even stronger. He seemed completely immersed in the beautiful and memorable memories, and his face revealed a melancholy smile.

As he spoke, everything that happened in the Rain Celestial Realm was brought up. As Wang Lin listened, he was also reminded of what happened. [1]

Wang Wei and Hu Juan were brought back to these realistic memories. When they heard someone wanted to steal Qing Shuang, a trace of killing intent appeared on Hu Juan's gentle expression and Wang Wei's eyes turned cold, releasing a powerful pressure.

Zhou Yi muttered, "I was willing to burn everything for her. I have no regrets…" Even now, Zhou Yi didn't regret what he had done.

After hearing that Zhou Yi had burned his soul to reach the Ascendent stage and regain his sanity in order to protect Qing Shuang's body but still didn't regret it, there was a hint of compassion in Hu Juan's gaze toward Zhou Yi.

"What a terrible fate!" Wang Wei let out a sigh. With his cultivation level and experience, he could naturally tell if what Zhou Yi said was the truth or a lie.

A remnant soul had formed inside Qing Shuang due to his thousands of years of obsession, and she awakened. She revived Zhou Yi, who was on the verge of death, and made him the new Rain Celestial Sword Spirit. After hearing the story from Zhou Yi's mouth, Wang Wei and Hu Juan silently pondered.

After a long time, Wang Wei let out a sigh and clasped his hands at Zhou Yi. "I'll remember Brother Zhou's kindness to Qing Shuang. If I've done anything to offend Brother Zhou, please don't take offense."

Hu Juan's expression was filled with pain as she looked at Zhou Yi and said, "We will not forget Brother Zhou's grace."

The two of them could easily see if it was the truth or a lie. Adding to what they had speculated before, how could they not believe Zhou Yi's words? Also, Zhou Yi's identity as the Rain Celestial Sword explained everything.

"I presume that Little Brother Wang Lin is here to bring Qing Shuang's body." Wang Wei looked at Wang Lin and couldn't help but reveal a look of admiration. Thinking back, he didn't pay much attention to Wang Lin, but he didn't expect Wang Lin to be such a righteous person.

At this moment, it seemed the matter had been cleared up, but Wang Lin didn't immediately take out Qing Shuang's body. Instead, he retreated a few steps, looked at Wang Wei and Hu Juan, and said, "What exactly are Seniors' identities?"

Wang Wei admired Wang Lin even more for his caution. The amount of caution Wang Lin showed meant that he truly cared about his promise to Zhou Yi.

"Forget it. I haven't told anyone my identity to anyone for a long time. Since you and Zhou Yi have helped us and also Celestial Emperor Qing Lin greatly, I can't keep it a secret from you two." Wang Wei let out a sigh as he looked toward the center of the sixth floor. There was a hint of melancholy on his face.

"I'm the number one guard under Celestial Emperor Qing Lin and at the same time… I was also his second disciple…" As Wang Wei spoke of his identity, an indescribable aura spread out from his body. This aura contained a heaven-shaking arrogance.

In an instant, Wang Lin could feel Wang Wei's fame in the Celestial Realm!

Hu Juan softly said, "I'm Teacher's seventh disciple, and I grew up together with Little Sister Qing Shuang."

"When the Celestial Realm collapsed due to the calamity, we were lucky and happened to be outside, thus avoiding the calamity. After learning that Teacher hadn't died but was seriously injured and had gone into hiding, we searched countless caves over the years. Finally, we were able to determine that Teacher was in the Celestial Spirit Heaven Realm."

Wang Lin's mind was startled, and he began to silently ponder.

Hu Juan looked at Wang Lin and waved her hand at the restriction to the right. The restriction immediately changed and became even stronger than before.

"You should have seen the difference in the restrictions around the alchemy room. With your restriction cultivation, you should have had a guess… After the celestial cave was opened by Teacher, all of the buildings and restrictions here were set up by me at Teacher's command. Only I can add perfectly onto the restrictions here." Hu Juan's voice wasn't loud, but when it landed in Wang Lin's ears, it was like roaring thunder.

Wang Lin gasped and wryly smiled. "So it really was you. I thought it was Senior Wang Wei."

Wang Wei shook his head and laughed. "My restriction cultivation is weaker than hers, or else I wouldn't have lost the bet regarding your restriction back then."

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and was about to take the celestial pagoda out. However, at this moment, Wang Lin's expression changed and he suddenly looked into the distance.

A sharp laugh echoed across the sixth floor at this moment.

1. The arc regarding this start at chapter 308

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