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Chapter 1039 - Liu Mei (1)

The world changed. Even though this was the Celestial Emperor Cave, it couldn't stop Wang Lin's gaze. Flames surged in his left eye and thunder flashed in his right eye.

At this instant, the world before Wang Lin was completely different from before.

The deep pit before him slowly became transparent until it disappeared completely. What appeared before Wang Lin were these black lines that intersected with each other. These black lines filled the world.

This deep pit was obviously formed by these lines. When Wang Lin saw this, he was dumbfounded for a moment.

He slowly turned around and looked at another place. As his eyes moved, the walls on the sides disappeared and turned into a myriad of intersecting lines.

Staring at these disorderly lines, Wang Lin suddenly had an impulse. He raised his hand and reached at the lines. However, at this moment, a powerful force came from the lines that dispersed Wang Lin's force. Wang Lin's hand bounced off and a powerful rebound force arrived.

With a bang, Wang Lin was forced back several steps before he stopped. There was no frustration on his face, but instead enlightenment.

He took a deep breath and jumped out of the deep pit. He looked around and found that all the buildings looked very different now.

Those buildings and flowers all disintegrated when his gaze fell on them. They turned into various-colored lines that intersected with each other.

This entire world seemed to have undergone a great change.

"No wonder people like Bei Lou could easily travel within the 99 realms inside the bottle… Presumably, if Situ Nan wanted, he could do it as well… Even Master Hollow Wind could break one realm in the bottle world.

"If I went back into the bottle world, even though I'm not confident in moving through all 99 realms, I would certainly be able to break several realms at a time…"

Those Nirvana Cleanser old monsters could see laws. They also could control law, so they could naturally move through the realms.

"I wanted to take the line, but I was rebounded by a powerful force because I hadn't reached the Nirvana Cleanser stage yet… I haven't mastered controlling law." Wang Lin looked at his surroundings and enlightenment filled his eyes.

Even those invisible restrictions clearly appeared before Wang Lin. When Wang Lin saw this, he had a thought, and the heaven defying bead began to move on its own. A fist-sized vortex formed between Wang Lin's eyebrows.

The heaven defying bead slowly came out of the vortex and floated before Wang Lin. There were twisted ripples around the heaven defying bead; it was as if it didn't belong here and was being rejected.

At this instant, Wang Lin's mind combined with the heaven defying bead. He felt a thunderous rumble in his head and his vision blurred. It was as if a powerful force had taken his mind and broken through all the obstacles in the cave to go up directly into the sky.

At this moment, a ray of light shot out from center of the Demon Spirit Land and went off into the horizon.

Wang Lin saw the sky. The blue sky instantly turned into long, blue lines that intersected with each other.

He saw white clouds, the earth, the plants on the ground, and the countless residences of the Demon Spirit Land. He also saw the rivers and the mountains.

With the mysterious power of the heaven defying bead, Wang Lin's mind spread out across the world and saw all the laws of the world.

Everything before him was law, and those colorful lines were a way of seeing laws.

As he continued to look, Wang Lin seemed to turn into a breeze, and he swept through the Demon Spirit Land. Then he charged directly toward the sky while being surrounded by the mysterious power of the heaven defying bead.

Another thunderous rumble echoed inside his mind as he pierced through the Demon Spirit Land with the help of the heaven defying bead. It was something countless cultivators, even people like the All-Seer, couldn't open by force.

It was as if nothing could obstruct his mind and the heaven defying bead, and nothing dared to obstruct them!

Wang Lin saw dark space before him!

Countless specks of dust filled space, as well as the dazzling nebula. Wang Lin was immersed in this enlightened state as he looked among the stars and felt the laws within this universe.

Those dazzling planets in the distance, the flying meteorites, and pieces of dust all appeared in Wang Lin's eyes.

Law… Everything in this world contained law!

After his mind was merged with the stars, Wang Lin continued to be enlightened. As this continued, his mind grew and continued to spread. The speed at which his mind spread was not something divine sense could compare to.

It was just like when Wang Lin stood before the gate in the heaven defying bead, where he took that half step and seemed to become one with the void. This time, Wang Lin wandered among the stars and experienced the feeling of seeking dao once more.

However, this time he was seeking law.

As his mind spread endlessly, it swept by planets one by one. His heart was calm, and as he was completely immersed within this, he was ignorant of his current state.

Every planet he swept by, every single lifeform, including mortals, cultivators, animals, and even plants, were clearly seen by Wang Lin.

The countless laws of the world turned into lines and were observed by Wang Lin as his mind passed.

None of the cultivators on those planets noticed Wang Lin's mind passing by, not even the cultivators at the Nirvana Scryer and Nirvana Cleanser stages...

After all, Wang Lin was being protected by the heaven defying bead. If he didn't want people to know about his existence, then no one would, not even Nirvana Shatterer cultivators!

As his mind spread with the Demon Spirit Land as the center, it was as if time seemed to last forever. It was unknown how much time had passed, but Wang Lin's mind had covered a good portion of the Alliance.

He didn't stop there. While gaining enlightenment, he spread his mind even more with the power of the heaven defying bead. He spread it farther, wider, and deeper...

He saw too many cultivators and countless fierce beasts he had never seen; he even spotted some people he knew in the past.

These people didn't make Wang Lin stop. The current him was immersed in a strange state where he was comprehending the laws like crazy. As his mind grew like crazy, his cultivation level was also reaching a peak.

Reaching the peak of the late stage of Nirvana Scryer wasn't hard for most late stage Nirvana Scryer cultivators. As long as they saw enough laws, they would naturally reach the peak of the late stage.

However, this was a long process because only after experiencing far too much and seeing everything could one succeed. No one could be like Wang Lin, where his mind could spread across a majority of the Alliance Star System with the help of the heaven defying bead to see all the different laws.

Wang Lin's mind continued to spread, and he saw a sea of flames closing in. There was a giant Vermillion Bird emitting extreme heat at the front of the sea of flames.

Large amounts of cracks appeared in the space where the Vermillion Bird passed. It looked as if they could collapse from a simple touch. All the meteorites that closed in on the Vermillion Bird would be burned to dust.

If it wasn't for the fact that the Vermillion Bird avoided cultivation planets, then far too many planets would have collapsed along the way.

Rays of flames followed the Vermillion Bird. There were cultivators in red inside each ray of flame. There were men and women among them, along with six elders that emitted a terrifying aura in the front.

From a distance, it looked like there were no less than 1,000 cultivators behind the Vermillion Bird, and none of their cultivation levels were low!

These people moved quickly behind the Vermillion Bird!

The Vermillion Bird made Wang Lin feel familiar. The moment his mind passed by, the Vermillion Bird's fiery eyes lit up and its body trembled. A mighty cry of the Vermillion Bird immediately echoed!

After Wang Lin's mind passed, confusion filled the giant Vermillion Bird.

The Vermillion Bird wasn't the only one confused. The cultivators behind it were confused as well, especially the six elders. They all looked at each other with surprise.

They didn't know why the Vermillion Bird Spirit would release a cry. No matter how much they pondered, they couldn't think of an answer.

Wang Lin's mind continued to spread. At the center of the Alliance, there was a starfield filled with dark purple meteorites. Within the depths of his starfield lied another world.

An extremely large, circular building floated among the stars, and it was surrounded by no less than 100 smaller buildings. Bursts of black lightning constantly flashed, giving off a strange pressure.

This was the entrance to the Cultivation Alliance. Only by going through here could one reach the headquarters of the Cultivation Alliance.

Wang Lin's mind arrived at this strange place. His mind even penetrated the entrance and arrived at the Alliance's headquarters.

The Alliance's headquarters was in its own separate realm. It used to belong to the Rain Celestial Realm, but it was later found and occupied by the Cultivation Alliance.

173 giant cultivation planets formed the headquarter of the Cultivation Alliance. 172 planets were arranged in a circle, and they weren't static, they were slowly moving.

From a distance, the Alliance headquarters looked like a miniature Alliance Star System.

Countless cultivators moved around, but strangely, there were no sound.

At the center of this ring of planets was a giant vortex. This vortex was purple and would cause anyone who looked at it to tremble. Very few people knew exactly what was inside the vortex...

Above the vortex was the last of the 173 planets. It didn't move, but floated above the vortex and absorbed the purple gas released by the vortex.

This vortex was simply too big; a cultivator would be like an ant compared to it. In fact, the cultivator would be smaller than an ant and be impossible to see. Even the last cultivation planet seemed truly insignificant compared to the vortex.

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