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Chapter 1040 - Liu Mei (2)

Inside a secret room within the planet above the vortex sat a middle-aged man. He was extremely handsome and had the aura of a celestial.

Aside from a fist-sized bronze bell, there was nothing else inside this secret room.

Wang Lin's mind swept by the secret room. The man inside remained unmoved, as if he didn't notice anything, but the bell immediately let out a crisp sound.

The man suddenly opened his eyes and two crazed gazes appeared.

By the time this happened, Wang Lin's mind had already left.

In the northern region of the Alliance Star System, tens of thousands of Allheaven cultivators were fighting against the Alliance. Master Flamespark and company were among them.

The Alliance also had some powerful cultivators. The two sides had just begun their battle, but the casualties were already countless.

Wang Lin's mind swept by. He saw everything, but he didn't stop for even a moment and continued to move.

No one knew of his arrival and no one detected his exit. Wang Lin's mind silently left this endless bloodshed and slaughter.

None of these things were able to make him stop. He continued his comprehension, and his cultivation approached the peak. He was finishing something that took others countless years to complete.

His mind continued to spread until it reached an extremely secretive region in the Alliance. There was a yellow planet here that was filled with death and had no traces of life. Even spiritual energy was extremely rare here.

There was not a single cultivator within millions of kilometers of this planet; it was as if this was a forbidden zone.

Even when Wang Lin's mind arrived, there seemed to be some interference.

When his mind swept past the yellow planet, his mind immediately entered the inner part of the planet, and there was something else inside.

There was a transfer array inside the this planet. This array was huge, and on the other side of the transfer array was the only rank 9 cultivation country of the Alliance!

Brilliant Void Realm!

It was the only rank 9 country in the Alliance, and it was very mysterious. The entire Brilliant Void Realm was not a cultivation planet but a huge continent that was like a world of its own.

This was the holy land of a majority of the cultivators here!

Wang Lin's mind entered the Brilliant Void Realm that very few cultivators were qualified to enter. Deep within the Brilliant Void Realm sat an old man. He was cultivating next to a slope when he suddenly opened his eyes and looked into the distance.

"Which Fellow Cultivator has come to my Brilliant Void Realm? Please show yourself!"

The old man was the first person who had noticed Wang Lin's presence. Although his voice was calm, it was filled with endless power of law. It was as if the law around this old man would change as he pleased.

However, this person's words weren't able to awaken Wang Lin from his strange state. Wang Lin's mind swept past the Brilliant Void Realm, but before he could see it all, his mind was startled!

He saw two women!

One of the women was sitting at the top of a mountain. She was not an absolute beauty, but she was still beautiful. She wore a blue dress, and it flowed in the wind as the mountain wind blew. She gave off the sense of a celestial beauty.

However, there was a hint of bitterness in her eyes as she looked ahead with a hint of reminiscence in her eyes. Beside her was a large tiger. This tiger was completely black and gave off a fierce aura. He raised his head and looked ahead along with the woman.

However, this tiger's gaze often shifted toward the dense jungle below the mountain. The figures of a few female tigers caught his attention. His eyes were filled with excitement, as if he wished he could immediately jump down into the jungle below.

"When can I leave here…" the woman bitterly muttered as she raised her head as if she was talking to the tiger.

"When your cultivation level is high enough, I'll let you leave." A cold voice came from behind the woman. After hearing this voice, the woman immediately stood up. Even the tiger trembled and quickly withdrew his gaze from the female tigers in the jungle below.

Along with the voice came a woman. She was wearing an elegant, blue dress, and her appearance was impossible to describe. It was as if all the stars would be bleak when compared to her.

Her beauty stirred one's heart. Everyone, even powerful cultivators, would be shocked by her beauty! If she was called the number one beauty in the Alliance, no one would object.

However, the aura below the beauty was so cold that it made it impossible to get close to her, as if she was an iceberg. Perhaps there was nothing in this world that could melt her coldness.

There was a very noble aura coming from within this coldness. It was a sense of pride, as if she was always the focus of attention and had the highest status.

The pretty woman quickly said, "Zhou Ru greets Master."

The incomparably beautiful woman in the elegant, blue dress that could compete with the sun and moon still had a cold expression that never changed as she looked at Zhou Ru, and she was about to speak.

However, just at this moment, Wang Lin's mind arrived and he saw these two women. His mind, which never stopped, even after everything he had experienced so far, came to a crashing halt.

This halt caused a powerful shock to erupt from Wang Lin's mind, causing him to awaken from that mysterious state.

It was all of this was because of these two women!

Perhaps other may not recognize that beautiful woman, but the moment Wang Lin saw her, an indescribable sense of bitterness filled his heart.

How could he not recognize her….

Wang Ping was still inside the heaven defying bead. How could Wang Lin forget that vicious and heinous woman? He wanted to forget, but there were some pains in life he simply couldn't forget!

Seeing this woman and Zhou Ru caused Wang Lin to awaken from his special state. The moment he awakened, the expression of the cold and beautiful woman changed tremendously.

Her coldness instantly collapsed and she suddenly raised her head to look at the sky. She felt like she had spotted the phantom of a person she had engraved deep within her memories.

"Liu Mei…" At that instant, it was as if a vague voice had appeared from the void and entered the ears of this beautiful woman. This caused her body to tremble, and she subconsciously retreated a few steps.

The moment Wang Lin awakened, his mind was pulled back by the heaven defying bead at a speed countless times faster than before. In the blink of an eye, he was pulled out of the Brilliant Void Realm.

It was a circle that was rapidly contracting. In an instant, he swept by every place he had been to.

The old man in the Brilliant Void Realm that noticed Wang Lin stared at the sky and began to ponder.

The fighting in the northern region was still intense. The moment Wang Lin's mind contracted, the expressions of Master Flamespark and company changed greatly.

"Wang Lin!!" Master Flamespark revealed a look of disbelief. It was very rare to see from Master Flamespark. Not only him, but everyone who knew Wang Lin was terrified by this!

Cultivation Alliance headquarters, the floating planet above the vortex. Inside the secret room, the middle-aged man suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes were filled with shock!

"Who is he!?"

There was also the Vermillion Bird inside the sea of flames. It let out another Vermillion Bird Cry and moved even faster.

Among the stars, there was a thin figure wearing green. This person had an indifferent expression. He was walking through the stars, and his target was the Cultivation Alliance's headquarters.

Behind him were countless bloody skulls, and the small of blood filled the area. As he walked, his eyes lit up and he looked into the distance. His expression softened and he revealed a smile of admiration.

"Wang Lin… That child's cultivation has broken through. This aura should be the heaven defying bead... He was able to use the heaven defying bead to comprend law. With this, I can relax and take this trip to Alliance's headquarters with no regrets. I will go to the Cultivation Alliance's headquarters and find the secret behind the collapse of the Celestial Realm. Then I'll find the true cause of my madness!"

Wang Lin's mind contracted like crazy. It only took a moments for it all to return. It was as if everything that had happened had reversed. He returned back to the Demon Spirit Land, to the Celestial Emperor Cave, and back into his body.

Wang Lin's body trembled as if his soul had returned. What appeared before him was the floating heaven defying bead. The heaven defying bead slowly floated toward Wang Lin and disappeared between his eyebrows.

While pondering, Wang Lin slowly closed his eyes and a peak Nirvana Scryer aura erupted from his body. Along the way, Wang Lin had seen many laws, so he had reached the peak of the Nirvana Scryer stage!

After a long time, Wang Lin slowly opened his eyes. He looked up at the sky with a complex and cold gaze. With the help of the heaven defying bead, he had seen too much. However, the figure of that woman he saw at the end disrupted his calm heart.

"The Liu Mei from back then must have been her avatar."

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