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Chapter 1035 - Generations 

The humanoid that was condensed from the water seemed to be asleep, but it was showing signs of awakening.

The wind demon's expression was ferocious, and she paid no attention to the changes happening in the ocean. Her right hand formed a seal and she chanted a strange sound. This was the language of the Ancient Order. When this sound came from the mouth of an ancient god, it contained majesty and sense of age. When it came from the wind demon, although it contained a sense of age, it was more sharp and eerie.

The wind demon pointed forward and the three small flags began rotating around her. Dense, green gas came from the flags and then a huge phantom appeared. This phantom was tens of thousands of feet tall. It looked indomitable, and it felt like the world couldn't accommodate its existence.

There were six stars rotating between the eyebrows of this giant phantom.

As the green gas moved, two ferocious figures appeared next to the ancient demon. They were only 1,000 feet tall, but the moment they appeared, a monstrous demonic energy erupted as if they wanted to break free from the shackles of the green gas.

There were six stars rotating in the right eye of each ancient demon.

The moment Wang Lin saw these three shadows, his pupils suddenly shrank.

The wind demon stood before the three phantoms. Her hands formed a seal as she stared at Wang Lin and shouted, "I don't care if you're an ancient god. You will become one of the main flags of my ancient demon clan's holy treasure!"

A flash of killing intent appeared in the wind demon's eyes and her right hand pointed forward. The three phantoms behind her moved. The 6-star ancient god took a step forward and threw a punch at Wang Lin.

The two ancient devil phantoms charged at Wang Lin with a bloodthirsty auras from the sides as if they wanted to devour Wang Lin.

Although Bei Lou wasn't a royal ancient demon, his status was not normal among the ancient demon clan. This Soul Sealing Flag was gifted to him by a royal ancient demon. Although it was not as powerful as a royal treasure, it still had great power.


Before Bei Lou was divided, he had the Soul Sealing Flag. Once he summoned it, all 49 small flags would fly out. Not everyone sealed inside was killed by him; they were sealed there by generations of people who were its masters before him.

Bei Lou was only the seventh generation owner. Rumors had it that the first owner was extremely powerful and strong enough to directly confront later generation ancient gods. He was an extremely rare fourth generation ancient demon!

The Ancient Order was a clan that defied the heavens and then split into three different clans. The first generation ancient gods, ancient demons, and ancient devils contained a large amount of the Ancient Order bloodline and inheritance.

After them were the second generation ancient gods, ancient demons, and ancient devils. Although they were weaker than their first generation counterparts, they still had a lot of the Ancient Order bloodline.

However, as time passed, the Ancient Order bloodline and inheritance became more scarce among the three clans, and in the end there was only a trace.

The so-called royal clan was the group with the most Ancient Order bloodline remaining. They were also the direct descendants of the first generation of the three clans.

Bei Lou was a 79th generation ancient demon, but his treasure had a long history and was very famous.

However, the wind demon had gave up her identity as an ancient demon, so her ancient demon body had dissipated and therefore she could no longer use the real treasure. At this moment, the three flags were formed by condensing her demonic energy into phantoms. It was much like how Wang Lin summon the God Slaying Spear.

The wind demon pointed forward and the ancient god and ancient demons from the flag charged at Wang Lin. Wang Lin was able to immediately see through the three flags. His right hand reached out at the void and a crack appeared along with a thunderous boom.

It was as if a large gully had appeared in the sky. Lightning arched along the edge of the gully and thunderous rumbles could be heard.

At the same time as Wang Lin's right hand grasped the void, a heaven-shaking pressure came out of the gully.

This pressure was extremely powerful, and it immediately caused the wind demon's expression to change!

The thunderous rumbles were echoing across the world when a ray of black light flew into Wang Lin's hand. It was the God Slaying Spear!

"Royal ancient god holy treasure!!" The wind demon had memories of this. When she saw the God Slaying Spear, her pupils shrank and her eyes filled with fear.

"You're a royal bloodline ancient god!"

Wang Lin's right hand held the God Slaying Spear and waved it forward. The 6-star ancient god's body trembled as he stared at the God Slaying Spear, and his dim gaze suddenly looked bright. 

He was only an ordinary 6-star ancient god, so in term of generations, he was even lower than Bei Lou. Now that he saw his clan's holy treasure, his body trembled and stopped.

If the Soul Sealing Flag was actually here, he wouldn't have done this, but what the wind demon summoned was only an phantom. It was far weaker than the real thing, and even the souls sealed inside it were weakened significantly.

The wind demon secretly complained and hated Yao Xixu for provoking such a terrifying existence. If she had known she had provoked someone like Wang Lin, she would have never fused with Yao Xixue.

"Damn it. In Yao Xixue's memories he was so weak that he could be killed with a flick of my finger. How could he be an ancient god and even a royal bloodline ancient god?!"

The wind demon knew in her heart that the royal bloodline was extremely rare to the point of extinction among the three clans, so it was very difficult to find one. Bei Lou had only met a royal bloodline ancient demon by pure chance.

In truth, with the wind demon's strength, as long as she didn't encounter Wang Lin, she could have done as she liked thanks to her various spells and unmatched speed, even if the likes of Situ Nan came.

However, when facing Wang Lin, all of her methods were suppressed. Her speed wasn't fast enough, her spells weren't strong enough, and even her treasures weren't useful. Although both were only phantoms, she couldn't beat Wang Lin's royal treasures.

At this moment, as Wang Lin's God Slaying Spear swept forward, the world changed colors as if everything was trembling. The God Slaying Spear swept straight toward the two trembling ancient demons.

These two ancient demons were only phantoms that didn't contain any of the power of the true Soul Sealing Flag. If they encountered ordinary cultivators, they could put up a fight, but they weren't even qualified to face Wang Lin's God Slaying Spear!

When the God Slaying Spear whistled by, it was fast beyond imagination. One of the ancient demons' body was pierced by the spear. It turned into endless demonic energy that seemed to be swept away by the spear.

In the blink of an eye, the ancient demon's body disappeared.

The wind demon's pupils shrank. At the moment of life and death, she i spat out blood without hesitation. Then her right hand quickly formed a strange mark and she pointed forward and shouted, "Flag Destruction!"

The green flags that formed the three phantoms rapidly rotated and then collapsed under the command of the wind demon. The powerful impact turned into a green dragon that charged at the God Slaying Spear.

When the small flags collapsed, the remaining ancient god and ancient demon collapsed. They entered the green dragon and made it even more powerful!

The God Slaying Spear and the green dragon collided at an extremely fast speed. The moment they touched, a sphere 1,000 feet wide appeared between the two treasures.

This sphere contained black and green gas that continued to fight against each other. The sphere was also flashing along its edges, and popping sounds continued to come out from inside it.

A terrifying destructive pressure surrounded the area in an instant.

This was a battle between the treasure of the ancient god and ancient demon clans. One was the royal God Slaying Spear and the other was one of four first generation ancient devil treasures.

They were both just illusions, but they were very powerful! The black gas inside the orb was filled with aggrance, as if everything before it had to be destroyed. The green gas struggled like crazy, but it couldn't escape the fate of being forced to retreat.

When the green gas retreated, the entire ball became black. Just at this moment, the orb divided!

There was a heaven-shaking sound that echoed in the world. The thunderous rumble could churn the clouds and tear the sky. As the sound echoed, it set off the ocean waves once more.

Under the impact of the collapse, the green dragon collapsed and dissipated. The God Slaying Spear pierced through and charged at the wind demon

The wind demon coughed out blood. Her treasure was destroyed, and although it was only an illusion, it was still linked to her demonic energy. Seriously injured, she saw the God Slaying Spear close in. Her face turned pale and she quickly retreated.

Wang Lin's expression was cold and he quickly gave chase.

The wind demon became extremely angry and cursed, "I didn't get involved with the matter between you and Yao Xixue. You keep claiming its karma, karma. I'm a wind demon, not some damn karma!"

"You were originally outside of this karma, but you forcibly joined in. If you choose to give up Yao Xixue's body, I can let you go!"

"Bullshit, I'm only a memory. How do I leave!?" The wind demon gnashed her teeth. She inwardly regretted fusing with Yao Xixue.

Although the wind demon didn't understand karma, she had a vague feeling that she had entered a situation she couldn't escape!

The God Slaying Spear closed in and was about to catch up to the wind demon when Wang Lin's eyes lit up.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin's expression changed and his body moved. Then a giant hand made of water came out of the ocean and swept past where Wang Lin was, and it grabbed hold of the God Slaying Spear.

The hand ruthlessly squeezed the God Slaying Spear, causing the spear to emit a powerful black light.

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