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Chapter 1034 - The completion of karma (2)

Wang Lin slowly raised his head as he pondered, and his gaze fell on the retreating wind demon.

On the outside, she still looked like Yao Xixue, but Wang Lin sensed that it was a completely different person even though it was still Yao Xixue's soul.

Killing intent flashed in Wang Lin's eyes and he took a step forward.

The moment he moved forward, the wind demon's pupils suddenly shrank and she rapidly retreated without hesitation.

She was the wind demon, so her speed was not ordinary. Although she was only a demonic cultivator, her speed was unimaginable. With just one step, she disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin's expression remained calm. The ancient god furnace appeared before him and he pointed forward. With a thought, a speck of light appeared far in the distance. The light was around the escaping wind demon. Her eyes filled with shock as the light surrounded her and a force pulled her toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's body didn't pause. He went with the flow and pressed his finger between the wind demon's eyebrows when she passed by.

There was a bang and the wind demon's body was knocked back and she coughed out blood. Her eyes revealed a cold gaze.

"I know that for my karma domain to become complete, not only must I clear all my karma, but I must integrate it with myself…" Wang Lin seemed to be speaking to himself as he charged at the wind demon.

The wind demon let out a roar and formed a seal as she retreated. Dense demonic energy suddenly spread out and the ocean that melted freeze once more. As the wind demon waved the sea below rumbled as countless ice shards flew at Wang Lin.

"Little cultivator, this demon originally didn't want to kill you, but you don't know your place!" The wind demon's voice echoed, then the ice shards suddenly closed in on Wang Lin.

From a distance, the entire world was surrounded by the ice shards that shot at Wang Lin. It was as if they wanted to completely crush Wang Lin.

The moment the ice shards closed in, Wang Lin raised his right hand and gently waved. A sea of flames suddenly appeared before him. At first it wasn't strong, but soon it erupted and spread in all directions with Wang Lin as the center.

In an instant, the entire sky was red due to the sea of flames.

The ice shards that were rapidly closing in immediately melted into water and then turned into white gas that rose into the air. In an instant, along with the sea of flames, the sky was also filled with white gas.

The wind demon's pupils shrank and she sucked in a breath of cold air. She had already considered Wang Lin very strong, but it seemed she was still wrong. This person wasn't just terrifying, he was a complete nightmare!

Even during her peak power, she didn't dare to say she could claim victory, much less now when she was only at the late stage of Nirvana Scryer.

"The matter with Yao Xixue is the hurdle to complete my karma domain. After hundreds of years, I have unknowingly become immersed and became part of the karma. Only by thoroughly integrating myself can I truly understand karma. Just like I had to enter hell to understand its desires."

Wang Lin's eyes became even more clear, and he moved forward. He was surrounded by a sea of flames, and the extremely hot flames charged at the wind demon.

The wind demon's heart trembled. She clenched her teeth as he pointed at the sky without hesitation and shouted, "Law of the wind!"

After he spoke, a demonic wind raged within the world and circled the wind demon. Then it shattered into broken pieces of wind that charged at Wang Lin with a point from the wind demon.

At this instant the world changed colors and was covered with demonic wind. Even the ocean rumbled loudly.

Cracks appeared in the sky as if it was going collapse. When the blade-like demonic wind swept forward, even the flames dimmed as if they were going to extinguish.

However, this wind wasn't able to make Wang Lin even retreat half a step. He continued to move forward and allowed the wind to hit his body.

"Now that I'm immersed in this karma, I must break free of it. Only then can my karma domain reach completion and my dao heart will have a breakthrough!" Wang Lin's right hand formed a fist and he mercilessly threw out a punch moment he said "breakthrough."

There was a heaven-shaking rumble, and when Wang Lin threw his punch, the shadow of an ancient god appeared. Its head was in the sky and its feet stood on the ocean. The ancient god shadow also threw a punch along with Wang Lin.

"Ancient god!!!" The wind demon gasped. She had thought that the terrifying aura from Wang Lin's body was familiar. However, the passage of time made her forget many things, and the shadow just now reminded her of many terrifying memories.

"You were actually an ancient god!!" The wind demon's scalp went numb. She immediately retreated and almost turned into wind as she quickly escaped.

"Everything I did before was not wrong before the karma domain! The reason my karma domain isn't complete is because after over a thousand years of slaughter, a flaw has appeared in my dao part, like an inner demon!"

Wang Lin's fist suddenly collided with that endless demonic wind. Popping sounds echoed and the demonic wind was split open and forced to scatter.

Wang Lin stared at the wind demon that had already disappeared into the distance, but he didn't  panic. He slapped his bag of holding and took out the Wither Tattoo. Then he placed it on himself.

The moment the Wither Tattoo was placed on him, a black wind wrapped around Wang Lin and a giant tornado appeared in this world. The moment the tornado appeared, a large whirlpool formed in the ocean below his feet.

A heaven-shaking roar that seemed to be able to pierce the world came from the tornado Wang Lin was in. Then a black bird appeared within the black wind.

The bird's wings suddenly stretched open. Its body was only few dozen feet tall, but it suddenly expanded greatly when it opened its wings. It was now hundreds of thousands of feet wide!

Its large body could cover the sky!

As the roar that could tear the world echoed, Wang Lin only took one step, and he could feel the wind hitting him as if he was running through walls.

These wall-like obstacles all collapsed before Wang Lin's ancient god body. The spell of that step was impossible to describe. He seemed to have been separated the world and moved forward at a speed similar to Spatial Bending.

The wind demon had used all her cultivation to escape like crazy. In order to prevent Wang Lin from using that strange power to catch up quickly, she didn't care about exhausting the demonic energy in her body, so spread out large amount of demonic energy around her as protection.

The demonic energy caused a large ancient demon shadow to appear behind her.

The wind demon was very confident in her speed. Just when she thought she had escaped, she suddenly heard a thunderous rumble from behind her.

The moment she turned around, she lost her wits. Wang Lin was closing in at an unimaginable speed. Along with Wang Lin, the whirlpool that formed before followed. It moved at a shocking speed and created a earth-shattering roar. It was as if the entire ocean was being stirred up!

"The karmic effect lies within my dao heart. The method to clear it is to truly resolve the karma between us!"

"What bullshit karma? This demon can't understand a word! Since you won't let me go, this demon will risk it all to kill you!" The wind demon no longer fled. The speed she was extremely confident in was a joke before Wang Lin, so how could she escape?

She had devoured the endless hatred form Yao Xixue that couldn't be erased, and all of it erupted under Wang Lin's pursuit. The hatred immediately made the scars on the wind demon's face became even more ferocious. The scars formed a formation and released a flash of green light.

"Ancient demon treasure, Soul Sealing Flag!" the wind demon shouted as she opened her arms. Large amounts of demonic energy appeared and gathered in her hands.

Endless demonic energy appeared and the entire world was surrounded in a cold aura. The entire world showed signs of freezing, and a howling wind began to blow.

There were flashes of green lightning within the condensing demonic energy above the wind demon. Then three small, green flags slowly flew out.

The moment the three small green flags appeared, the sky changed colors. The ocean below seemed to be split open by a mysterious force. The water was squeezed to the sides in a loud rumble.

Countless shadows appeared above the green flags. Among them was unexpectedly an ancient god and two single-horned ancient devils!

What was even more terrifying was that after the three flags appeared, not only did the sea change, even the world became unstable. As the ocean split, it activated all the restrictions here!

The activation of the restrictions caused a huge fluctuation within the ocean. All the water began to condense, and in the blink of an eye, countless deep gullies without any water appeared.

The intersection of these gullies made the waves even more violent.

What was truly shocking was that if one looked from above, as the endless sea condensed, it was taking a humanoid form!

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