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Chapter 1029 - Scattered Like Birds

The vortex charged into the air and an unimaginable suction force erupted. The Tattoo Clan Holy Ancestor wasn't able to struggle at all, and the chain slowly pulled her back into the rising vortex.

The woman revealed a bleak expression, and the tattoo between her eyebrows flickered. Every flicker would cause a loud rumble and one of the chains around her would shatter. The chains would turn back into wailing souls that got sucked into the Celestial Burial Vortex.

The moment the chains collapsed, countless souls came out of the vortex and formed new chains that continued to drag her down.

This caused everyone who saw this to silently ponder. They were shocked and had various thought about this.

The woman bitterly smiled. She had been sealed here for too many years and didn't have the power she used to have. If Qing Lin's divine sense avatar wasn't here, she might've had a chance to break free, but now she had no chance.

She revealed a bitter smile. Although she had no eyes, there seemed to be a hint of light in her empty eye sockets. At this moment, green gas appeared in her eye sockets and seemed to replace her eyes.

She looked at the Qing Lin avatar before her and let out a miserable laugh. "The person I hate the most in my life is you, Qing Lin!!

"Back then, my Tattoo Clan offended Supreme, so we had to escape to the sealed realm, where the Supreme had no control. We just wanted to avoid the dispute and find a place to live far away from death.

"The war with your Celestial Realm was because you celestials were eyeing our Tattoo clan's source origin energy, and you attacked first. Did my Tattoo clan have to obey you?! That war lasted for far too long, and your Celestial Realm used various methods against us. In order to steal my Tattoo Clan's holy bottle, you killed countless powerful members of my clan!

"If that was it, it would have been fine. After all, casualties on both sides are inevitable in a war. However, as one of the four Celestial Emperors and the most powerful person in the Celestial Realm, why did you deceive a woman's fragile heart!?

"You had said that I'd be your Celestial Cave Concubine. I, Qiu Yao, betrayed my clan for you and willingly become your concubine in exchange for a place for my Tattoo clan to live in this sealed realm.

"You said that you liked my eyes, and for you, I willingly dug out my own eyes and gave them to you. These eyes that had been gathering energy for countless years and had condensed an sliver of primordial energy. It was a pair of eyes that every generation of Tattoo Clan Ancestor inherited from the previous generation.

"Do you still remember that scene. My blood stained eyes and the blood that flowed out of my eye sockets...

"You asked so much of me, and I did my best to do fulfill your every demand. Even when you sealed me here to suppress the monstrous amount of souls here, I was willing.

"Beside you, I wasn't the Holy Ancestor, but just your concubine, and I liked you…"

The smile on her face became even more miserable. The black blood flew out from her eye socket like tears. Only they were tears of blood, and memories of the past flashed through her mind.

"Why!? Why did you still lie to me even though I did everything? You promised me you would give my clan a realm to live in. You promised me my clan would live on. You even said that one day you would take my clan outside the sealed realm once more!

"These were all things you told me. I, Qiu Yao, was stupid enough to believe your words. I stayed here suppressing these souls in the Celestial Burial Pool for you even though I was aware that your purpose was to seal me here. However, I still chose to believe in you.

"If it wasn't for the fact that I felt a member of clan and came out at all costs to see him, I would have never know that my clan never got their own realm! That after I was sealed, my clan became slaves to you celestials!!!!

"This made me hate you even more. Qing Lin, are you a heartless person? Do you not have any emotions? Are you a rock?! An ordinary slave seal simply can't seal my Tattoo clan for generations without end. That slave seal was clearly derived from that primordial energy from my eyes. Only that kind of power could seal my clan like this!!

"You obtained my eyes and obtained that sliver of primordial energy. Then you enfused countless slave seals within it so my clan became ant-like slaves within the sealed realm!! They were forced to worship you celestials for generations."

Even more black blood came out of her empty eye sockets. It carried the monstrous resentment from having her countless years of anticipation suddenly collapse before her.

"Qing Lin, your avatar is here, which means you're still not dead. Do you dare to appear before me!?!" The woman's mournful voice echoed as she was slowly dragged back into the Celestial Burial Pool with a miserable smile on her face.

When she was about to be pulled completely into the Celestial Burial Pool, her head suddenly jerked up and the tattoo between her eyebrows completely separated from her skin. The tattoo flickered like crazy, and even from where Wang Lin was, he could clearly see the lines of blood connecting to the tattoo. He could imagine how painful it was.

However, this pain couldn't compare to the pain in her heart. She raised her right hand and grabbed the tattoo. She then mercilessly pulled it out from between her eyebrows regardless of the pain and threw it up.

Ta Shan was still close to her. Everything before him made him gain some understanding, but his eyes were still filled with confusion. The tattoo the woman threw flew like light and arrived near Ta Shan. It fused to the spot between his eyebrows along with a stinging pain.

After throwing the tattoo, the woman became very weak and gradually sank into the Celestial Burial Pool. The green gas in her eye sockets flickered as she looked at Wang Lin and muttered, "You have helped my Tattoo clan… I, Qiu Yao, won't forget those that have helped my clan…"

She revealed a miserable smile once more as she mercilessly stabbed her two eye sockets. The green gas was pulled out and she threw it. It turned into two rays of green light that fused into one and then shot toward Wang Lin.

"Aside from my Tattoo Clan's life tattoo, another thing we had that made us famous in the outer realm was the Withered Tattoo spell. This is the method of the Withered Tattoo. Since you helped my Tattoo Clan, then you should be able to get my clan's descendant to help you obtain the power of tattoos."

Wang Lin heard her message immediately after he caught the green light.

She profoundly looked at the cold figure of Qing Lin as she sank into the Celestial Burial Pool. At this moment, the surroundings were completely silent. Even the countless souls also sank into the Celestial Burial Pool with her.

Only the sound of the vortex rotating could still be heard. The vortex slowly sank and was about to disappear into the deep pit below.

Holding the green light, Wang Lin naturally understood what the woman named Qiu Yao wanted. According to her, this Withered Tattoo spell required the help of the Tattoo clan, and it would be an invisible chain that tied Wang Lin and the Tattoo clan together.

"The fact that she is so confident means that the Withered Tattoo can't be ordinary!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he recalled the yellow talisman that could seal origin energy back in Allheaven...

"Could it be…" Wang Lin's eyes narrowed.

Just at this moment, just as the Celestial Burial Pool was about to disappear, a shocking change occurred. Qiu Yao's figure suddenly came out of the sinking vortex and, following a tearing sound, a heaven-shaking rumble came from the vortex.

"Qing Lin, even if I die, I won't let you go!" When this voice echoed, a large amount of souls appeared. The souls didn't charge out but collapsed. As the souls collapsed, the Celestial Burial Pool also trembled. 

"Since you used me to suppress these souls, you should know that after countless years, I have become one with the Celestial Burial Pool. They won't let me leave, and you won't let me leave, so let us perish together!!"

As Qiu Yao's venomous words echoed, the Celestial Burial Pool collapsed. Countless souls were torn to pieces and turned into destructive power that entered the vortex. After an immeasurable amount of destructive force entered the vortex, a shocking change occurred.

The vortex suddenly shot up and turned into a huge whirlwind that could destroy anything in its path. It shot straight up into the sky. At this moment, Master Void's expression changed and he took the beautiful middle-aged woman and the girl suspected to the Brilliant Void's Saintess and escaped.

The All-seer and company were the same. At this moment, everyone scattered like birds.

That whirlwind shot out and caused the space here to collapse, loud rumbles echoing as it happened. What collapsed wasn't just the space here, but also the edge of the cave that was sealed by the scattered devil.

The whirlwind charged out in an instant. As the endless resentful screams echoed, something floated out from below.

It was a 100-foot-wide black pool filled with black blood, and it gave off an eerie energy. What was strange was that this eerie energy was celestial spiritual energy!

Celestial Burial Pool!

There were countless ferocious beasts carved around the black pool along with countless twisted faces suffering from pain. The moment it appeared, a terrifying aura came with it. In the Celestial Spirit Heaven Realm, the sky began to change and thunder echoed across the former Demon Spirit Land.

A heaven-shaking change even occurred in the space outside the Demon Spirit Land. The vortex in the East Demon Spirit Sea began to rotate like crazy and began to suck in origin energy. The vortex expanded like crazy, and some of the cultivators passing by where caught inside. Their bodies immediately collapsed, and even their origin souls couldn't escape.

This terrifying change immediately caught the attention of simply too many people!

At this moment, before everyone could get a good look, a crack suddenly appeared on the Celestial Burial Pool.

Shortly after, a series of crackling sounds echoed and even more cracks appeared. The famous Celestial Burial Pool suddenly collapsed and all the souls inside were torn apart. The unimaginable destructive force scattered like crazy.

Qing Lin's avatar didn't dodge. The moment the destructive aura from the Celestial Burial Pool arrived, he closed his eyes and turned into a speck of light that disappeared within the cave.

As the shockwave spread, the entire place was filled with a deafening roar. This shockwave was so powerful that it shattered the seal the scattered devil had placed and revealed the cave's true appearance. Everyone, including Wang Lin, was scattered in all directions by the powerful shockwave.

Everyone was forced to scatter due to the force created by the collapse of the Celestial Burial Pool!

Even Master Void's expression turned pale, as he was injured. He couldn't even bother with the beautiful middle-aged woman and the girl, as he was thrown by the powerful shockwave. He collided with a restriction within the cave and disappeared.

As for the beautiful woman and the girl in pink, they were scattered as well. They both touched a different restriction and disappeared without a trace.

The All-Seer continued to retreat, and his eyes revealed a mysterious light. His foot moved in a strange way and then he rushed into a restriction in a distant pavilion and disappeared.

Almost everyone disappeared while they retreated.

Wang Lin's body also trembled. Under the effect of this shockwave, he felt as if almost all his bones were going to shatter. He felt pain in his body and coughed out blood. Then he fell on the ground next to some flowers and touched a restriction. There was a flash of light and his figure slowly disappeared.

However, just as his body was about to disappear, a ray of light quickly closed in on him from the vortex.

Along the way, the ray of light broke all the restrictions that blocked its path and headed straight for Wang Lin. In an instant, it arrived near Wang Lin, and while Wang Lin was stunned, it penetrated his bag of holding. It went straight for the yellow crystal given to him by the mysterious man in the hall.

"Qing Lin's avatar!!" This was the last thought that appeared in Wang Lin's mind before he disappeared. He clearly saw Qing Lin's avatar within that light.

The collapse of the Celestial Burial Pool caused the Celestial Emperor Cave to shake violently. Everyone was scattered, and they activated different restrictions and were teleported to different locations.

As if the heavens had willed it, the woman surrounded by demonic energy and covered in scars fell close to Wang Lin after the shockwave. She landed in some flowers and triggered a restriction. She was then teleported to the same place Wang Lin was sent to.

After a long time, the shockwave dissipated and the entire place was in ruins, leaving only a deep pit that gave off a chilly aura. The Celestial Burial Pool had shattered into countless fragments that disappeared within various restrictions.

This place was completely silent, and after an unknown amount of time, a person struggled to climb out of the pit. His head was very big and his body was rather small. His eyes were still filled with fear as he climbed out.

Behind him were the three Chen brothers and everyone else that was sucked in, aside from one of the female disciples, whose body collapsed, and Elder Sun, who lost his Star-Marked Sable. Everyone else climbed out.

They silently pondered as they looked around, and fear lingered in their hearts.

No one noticed the Star-Marked Sable fly by, because it was too fast, and everyone was still recovering from the aftermath. The Star-Marked Sable shot straight into the depths of the pit.

Its eyes were filled with intelligence. It could clearly feel an aura within the depths of this pit that would make it go crazy...

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