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Chapter 1028 - Stop Spell

The Tattoo Clan Holy Ancestor also noticed the faint change in Wang Lin's Vermillion Bird tattoo, but she didn't care. She couldn't see Qing Lin's appearance, but she could clearly feel it.

She had been here for tens of thousands of years, so how could she not know of the divine sense left here within the seal? Its sole purpose was to keep her permanently sealed here.

After sensing Qing Lin's avatar, her hatred became even stronger. Her empty eye sockets stared at Qing Lin, and countless memories flashed through her mind.

"Qing Lin!!" the woman said, almost gnashing her teeth. The moment Qing Lin appeared, a complex tattoo flashed between her eyebrows. Then a ferocious red beast bone shot out at Qing Lin!

The moment the beast bone appeared, a monstrous evil aura appeared. The moment the evil aura appeared, the temperature dropped as if it was winter. As the evil aura spread, layers of ice began to appear in the surroundings.

Wang Lin's origin energy rapidly cycled and the heat of his Vermillion Bird Divine Fire filled his  body. However, his gaze was locked onto the beast bone, and a huge wave was set off in his heart.

"Wither Dao Pair?" Wang Lin looked at the back of his right hand. The ferocious appearance of the Wither Dao Pair was there.

"The spell used by the Tattoo Clan Holy Ancestor unexpectedly looks like the Wither Dao Pair. Although, the color is different and the effect is not the same."

Qing Lin's divine sense avatar formed by the specks of light coldly looked at the woman and pointed at her!

With a point of his finger, specks of light began to appear. These specks of light came from Qing Lin and gathered at the tip of his finger. Then a ray of crystal light shot out and surrounded the beast bone like a flowing river.

The moment the light formed a circle, it quickly contracted. It penetrated the beast bone at an unimaginable speed and went inside the beast bone.

The specks of light condensed toward the center of the beast bone. When large amount of light entered the beast bone, the beast bone seemed to have no power to resist. Red gas escaped from the beast bone, and the beast bone seemed to fuse with the specks of light. As more red gas escaped, the beast bone seem to lose its luster.

It only took a few moments for a bright, fist-sized crystal to form inside the beast bone.

The moment the crystal appeared, it released a bright glow. The light was like tens of thousands of swords stabbing outwards. This made everyone gasp.

"What a tyrannical sealing method. It doesn't consume a bit of the divine sense avatar. Instead, it extracts the power of law from the opponent's spell and uses it to completely seal the spell. Not even Senior Brother could do something like this so easily!" Master Void gasped and his pupils shrank. Soon, a trace of greed appeared in his eyes.

"Although Qing Lin is very strong, according the Alliance's observations and information, I'm 90% certain he is in his deathbed. If I can capture him and control him through a special method, then the Cultivation Alliance will no longer have any enemies!"

A thunderous rumble echoed and the beast bone trembled as the light pierced out from inside it. when the light pierced out from the beast bone, the beast bone shattered into countless pieces.

Although it seems like a lot has happened, all of this took place in an instant. As the bright light spread, it caused everyone's eyes to feel a stab of pain and forced them to retreat.

Qing Lin coldly looked at the Tattoo Clan Holy Ancestor, and he raised his right hand once more and a mysterious rune appeared. The rune whistled through the air until it was above the woman and released a green light.

The moment the rune appeared, a roar-like sound came from the Celestial Burial Vortex that the woman had somewhat pulled up from the ground.

One by one, souls charged out from the Celestial Burial Pool. At first there weren't many, but soon, they were coming out like crazy.

The giant vortex quickly broke free from the woman's control. There was a heaven-shaking rumble and then the vortex began to rotate, and it was even faster than before. There were even tearing sounds that made it seem as if the world was being torn apart.

The unimaginable amount of souls moved with the vortex. Those ferocious gazes and mournful cries made it seem like the gates to hell had been opened.

There were simply too many souls. Wang Lin only took one look before his scalp went numb. There were celestials, Tattoo Clan, ancient Qi cultivators, and even beasts Wang Lin had never seen before.

Every soul inside gave off a terrifying pressure. Although they were long dead, this pressure showed that every single one of these souls were extremely powerful when they were alive!

Only those with certain qualifications would be thrown into the Celestial Burial Pool by Celestial Emperor Qing Lin!

As the countless souls roared, the Celestial Burial Pool surged up like the raging sea. It rotated rapidly below the woman, and a suction force several times stronger than before appeared.

However, what was strange was that the suction force only affected the woman and had no effect on anyone else.

Qing Lin didn't pause. His hands moved and another rune appeared that circled the woman as well. The moment after this rune appeared, the vortex rotated twice as fast, as if it had become the mouth of hell that wanted to devour her completely.

The black blood coming from her eye sockets started to flow even faster, as if she was shedding tears, only these tears were shocking to see.

"Why did you lie to me…. Why did you lie to me, why!?!" The woman's voice contained a powerful penetrating force. As her voice spread out, the two runes before her trembled as if they could collapse at any moment.

What was even more terrifying was that the space around her shattered with her sharp voice. The space was about to collapse.

As her voice penetrated through the air, it created a series of sonic booms that swept the area. Soon, it created a storm that swept toward Qing Lin.

Blood came out of Wang Lin's ears. Even though he was constantly cycling his origin energy and had the body of an ancient god, he was still injured.

It was as if a buzz had appeared in his hears, and the same words echoed and lingered in his ears.

"Why... Why…"

Wang Lin was aghast at the situation, and he saw that Situ Nan and the others were almost the same. Only the All-Seer, Master Void, and the man in black had gloomy expressions and weren't affected.

The sound of her voice formed a storm that charged at Qing Lin. Qing Lin still had a cold expression as he lifted his right hand and pointed forward. With that, the incoming storm suddenly paused!

It was as if an unimaginable law had descended from the heavens, and according to the will of the caster, this law stopped everything's right to move. Then it turned into countless strands of law power that entangled it and stopped it from moving.

"The Stop spell!!" Wang Lin's eyes revealed a strange light, and there was even a trace of excitement in them. To him, the Stop spell was a very important celestial spell.

Wang Lin had gotten through many dangers in his life due to the Stop spell. It could be said that the Stop spell was something indispensable in his life.

However, the Stop spell he learned was what he learned from the jade Celestial Emperor Qing Lin left. He had never seen another person use it. No matter how hard he studied it, he had no chance of breaking the limit of this spell.

However, this was the first time he was witnessing someone else use the Stop spell, and the person who used it was Qing Lin!

Just at that moment, others might not have much comprehension about what just happened. However, Wang Lin could be considered an inheritor of the Stop spell, so it was extremely important for him to see Qing Lin use it.

This was no different from Qing Lin personally teaching it to him. It was as if Qing Lin was the teacher and Wang Lin was the student. After the student finished learning, the master would cast the spell once to allow the student to verify and adjust what they learned.

This was a chance Wang Lin could only dream of. It was as if Bai Fan had appeared and used Call the Wind, Summon the Rain, Magic Arsenal, Mountains Crumble, Lands Collapse, and Dark Moon, Clear Skies before him!

However, this wasn't the time to carefully ponder it. Wang Lin could only memorize this scene to study later.

Qing Lin's right hand didn't stop. After he stopped the storm, his hand quickly moved. Then seven more runes immediately flew out and arrived next to the woman.

They fused with the previous two seals and formed a nine-seal formation!

The nine seals circled the woman's body and released a mysterious light. The moment the nine seals appeared, the Celestial Burial Pool below the woman suddenly erupted!

This Celestial Burial Pool formed giant vortex and rotated rapidly. As it continued to expand, countless souls flew out at the woman.

In almost the blink of an eye, she was surrounded by souls. These souls gathered together to form black chains. The black chains locked her down and mercilessly dragged her down.

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