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Chapter 1027 - Vermillion Bird Divine Planet

Deep within the Alliance, there were a few places that even the Alliance couldn't control. Even with how big the Cultivation Alliance was, not a single member of them could take half a step inside these places!

One they entered, they would face death without any chance of survival. Even Nirvana Cleanser cultivators wouldn't dare to take half a step inside.

Only those at the Nirvana Shatterer stage had the courage to enter. Even then, they had be extremely careful as one mistake would end in their death.

These areas were called the Forbidden Zones within the Alliance! Everyone who had reached the second step in the Alliance knew some of these places.

There were many rumors about them outside, but not many people knew the real reason.

There was a place within a Forbidden Zone that was always burning. At a glance, the sea of flames covered the entire star field. The terrifying heat from the flames was enough to make people's hearts tremble.

Looking from a distance, it seemed like an endless burning star field. It was an unforgettable scene for anyone who saw it. Even if they reincarnated, they wouldn't erase this profound scene of an entire star field on fire.

This sea of flames was different from Qing Lin's Burn the Heavens. Burn the Heavens was a powerful spell, but this sea of flames had appeared naturally!

Rumors had it that this sea of flames existed when the Celestial Realm was around. If one searched back, it even existed in primordial times.

No one knew how long this sea of flames had burned for. Generations of cultivators went by, the Celestial Realm collapsed, and the ancient cultivation world was gone, but these eternal flames still burned.

No one knew what kind of force, what kind of power allowed this sea of flames to burn forever and to never extinguish even with the passage of time.

The eternal burning made this starfield a world of fire.

All the planets and rocks had dissipated after these countless years of burning. Only nine planets remained, and they formed a circle.

Only these nine planets were able to withstand the unimaginable flames. Even so, these nine planets were no longer intact and were like crescent moons.

Dense flames surrounded the nine planets as if they were constantly trying to burn them to ashes.

The first of the nine plants had no ocean. Even if it did a long time ago, it had evaporated, leaving only the dried seabed.

At first glance, there was no green on the planet. Even if there were any plants, they were all fiery red. Although they were dazzling, there was death hidden underneath them.

The plants that could survive under these conditions weren't simple.

This place had spiritual energy just like normal cultivation planets, but the spiritual energy here contained fire poison. If a mortal sucked in a mouthful of it, their entire body, along with their bones, would instantly turn to black ashes.

Even cultivators can't endure long within the fire poison. This starfield was named the Vermillion Bird Land, and these nine planet were the Vermillion Bird Divine Planets!

The first Divine Planet was the most respected! In the southern part of the planet, there was a giant dark red statue! This was a statue of a soaring Vermillion Bird!

Its tail was opened as if it was an open flame, and it covered five kilometers of land. If the tail was already so large, there was no need to mention the body of this Vermillion Bird!

It occupied hundreds of kilometers, and this giant Vermillion Bird could even be easily seen from space!

The eyes of the Vermillion Bird were formed purely from fire. Every hour, two dense strands of fire would descend from the sky and enter the eyes of the Vermillion bird.

This wasn't the only Divine Vermillion Bird Statue. The other eight planets all had the exact same statue. This was the holy symbol of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect!

There were dozens of people wearing crimson robes sitting around the Vermillion Bird statue. There were men and women among them, and they absorbed the flames around them.

The Vermillion Bird's tail was divided into the three parts, and each part had an old man sitting on it. Their hands were in a seal and they were chanting a strange chant. Each of the Vermillion Bird's feathers emitted fire that was absorbed by the surrounding cultivators.

This was a mandatory daily cultivation that occurred in the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, where they borrowed the power of the holy statue to absorb the power of fire. Aside from those dozens of cultivators next to the statue, there were hundreds more even further away.

If one looked even further, there were far too many cultivators cultivating with the statue as the center. From the dozens next to the statue, to hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands of cultivators further away!

Countless cultivators wearing the same clothes silently absorbed the flames from the holy statue.

Time slowly passed, and in the blink of an eye, the flames from the Vermillion Bird statue began to gradually dissipate. The cultivators got ready for their last bit of cultivation. Usually, at this time, their cultivation for the day was about to be complete.

In the outermost edge, people who didn't absorb much of the flames had already opened their eyes. Soon, everyone opened their eyes and regained consciousness.

Even the three elders on the tail all awakened from their trance. One of them stood up and looked at the disciples of the Vermillion Bird Sect and was about to speak.

However, just at this moment, a shocking change occurred!

The Vermillion Bird Holy Statue trembled and the originally dim body suddenly exploded in flames! The Vermillion Bird Holy Statue released a powerful red glow.

The flames from the statue continued to grow and quickly became huge. The expressions of the three elders quickly changed, and they flew off the statue instantly. One of the elders roared, "Disciples of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, retreat! Quickly retreat!"

The other two elders waved their sleeves, creating a power gust of wind, and the dozens of disciples near the statue were blow into the air. The disciples' expressions all changed and retreated without hesitation.

In an instant, all the disciples of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect quickly retreated from the Vermillion Bird statue. From above, the disciples moving away from the statue looked like a retreating tide.

The flames from the Vermillion Bird Holy Statue became even more fierce, and they shot into the air and covered the sky! The dense flames spread out in ring-shaped waves.

This wasn't the only place like this. The same scene was occurring on the other eight planets as well! This sudden change caused the expressions of many people of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect to change. However, there were some elders who were different. Their bodies began to tremble uncontrollably. This wasn't trembling due to fear, but excitement!

"Vermillion Bird Transformation… Vermillion Bird Transformation!! I didn't think I'd ever see the Vermillion Bird Transformation in my lifetime!" A white-haired old man looked up at the sky and laughed. His eyes revealed an ancient gaze as he looked at the Vermillion Bird statue.

He wasn't the only one. Everyone who knew about the Vermillion Bird Transformation looked at the sky with excitement in their eyes. There weren't many people among the nine planets that knew what it was, but all the ones that did had powerful cultivation!

On the first planet, there was a land to the east that was covered in purplish red flames. The moment this change occurred, the earth suddenly collapsed and a purple figure charged out.

The moment this figure appeared, the surrounding sea of flames began to gather around him. The flickering of the flames allowed you to see that it was an old man covered in wrinkles. He stared at the sky dumbfoundedly and his body trembled once.

"Vermillion Bird Transformation!" Unknowingly, two stream of tears flowed from his eyes and he laughed like crazy. "It really is the Vermillion Bird Transformation!!"

This scene was happening across the remaining eight Vermillion Bird Divine Planets as well!

The Vermillion Bird Holy Statue released dense flames, and as the flame pushed outward, they suddenly reversed. All of the scattered flames began to surge back to the statue.

It wasn't just the flames from nearby, but all the flames in the sky and across the planet were being pulled in. It was as if an unimaginable suction force had appeared within the statue.

From a distance, the planet seemed to have become an ocean as flames gathered from all directions.

At this moment, the sky changed colors and the world changed!

While the Vermillion Bird Holy Statue was absorbing the flames, it looked like a volcano erupted. A pillar of flames shot out of the statues straight into the sky!

It was as if the Vermillion Bird Holy Statue was just a medium to gather all the flames across the planet so that the pillar of flame could pierce the clouds and exit the planet!

As the pillar of fire rumbled, it penetrated the clouds, penetrated the atmosphere, and penetrated the heat wave to appear in the burning starfield!

The moment it charged out, eight more pillars of flame shot out from the other eight planets once their respective statues gathered enough flames! Soon, the nine pillars of flame gathered at the center of the nine planets!

The moment the nine pillars flame gathered, a Vermillion Bird cry countless times louder than the one Wang Lin created and several times more powerful echoed across this burning starfield!

What appeared along with the Vermillion Bird cry was a Vermillion Bird the size of a planet. It was as if it hadn't appeared in countless years. The natural flames that all the cultivators of the Alliance dreaded began to surge toward this location!

The vibrations caused by this made it feel as if the entire starfield was shaking, and a very loud rumble echoed across the starfield!

This was Vermillion Bird Transformation! This was the first Vermillion Bird Transformation since they had lost to the Alliance! The Vermillion Bird Transformation held great importance to the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect!

This meant that a member of the Vermillion Bird Series had awakened their Vermillion Bird Mark and could possibly become the next Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor. This was the only way for the Vermillion Bird Transformation to occur and summon the true Vermillion Bird spirit that hadn't appeared for tens of thousands of years!

At this moment, nine people in rays of purplish red light flew out from the nine planets, and each of them was at the Nirvana Shatterer stage. They had come out for this Vermillion Bird Transformation!

When the nine of them closed in on the Vermillion Bird spirit, it let out another cry. The cry turned into countless ripples that spread across the starfield. It also pushed massive amounts of flame along with it.

At the same time, the Vermillion Bird spirit rapidly rotated and turned into a giant ball of fire. The flame began to twist and then an image appeared!

The person in the image had long, flowing hair, and the Vermillion Bird tattoo covered his body. He gave off large amounts of flame, and from a distance, he looked like a Vermillion Bird!

He was Wang Lin!

In the picture, aside from Wang Lin, there was also the Tattoo Clan Holy Ancestor who had a mournful appearance with her empty eye sockets. Before her was Qing Lin formed by the crystal light!

The moment the scene appeared, the woman suddenly looked over. Her empty eyes caused their minds to tremble.

"This woman is…"

"Tattoo Clan Holy Ancestor Qiu Yao!"

"The person before her, could he be the Celestial Emperor Qing Lin?!"

Master Void, the All-Seer, and everyone else appeared in the picture!

"Master Void and the All-Seer are there too!"

"The person went through the Vermillion Bird Awakening in such a dangerous place. That Master Void is a key figure in the Alliance. He definitely won't allow my Vermillion Bird Sect to have someone awaken!"

"However, I had never seen the person who awakened. How did he obtain the Vermillion Bird Series?"

The nine people looked at the scene inside the ball of fire. Just at this moment, a powerful divine sense came from the depths of the burning star system. This divine sense was so strong that it even caused the flames within the star system to pause!

"There is no need to doubt this child's identity. His mark was given to him by one of my avatars. Take the force of the entire sect and use the true spirit as a guide. Bring him back safely at all costs!"

After this divine sense swept by, the nine of them immediately revealed fervent respect.

"As the Divine Emperor orders!"

"This old man doesn't have much time left as my injuries from back then have become more serious. This child is the hope of my Vermillion Bird Divine Sect… You all are closer, so no matter the cost, you must ensure his safety!"

At this moment, inside the Celestial Emperor Cave, as Qing Lin appeared, Wang Lin felt heat in his Vermillion Bird tattoo. He didn't even have time to check before several gazes fell on him.

There was a flash of killing intent from Master Void. He immediately noticed the change to the tattoo on Wang Lin's body.

"The Vermillion Bird Sect has noticed his awakening!"

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