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Chapter 1009 - Whose Statue?

As the woman stared at Qing Shuang’s body, her body trembled. After a long time, she closed her eyes, but the trembling of her eyelashes couldn’t conceal the shock in her heart.

Wang Lin had his heart at his throat as he closely watched the change in the woman’s expression. He was gambling that this woman would recognize the Stop spell and that she would recognize Qing Shuang!

Although it was the perfect time to launch a sneak attack, Wang Lin didn’t do any of this. This woman gave Wang Lin a powerful sense of crisis. When she used that sliver of source origin, Wang Lin was terrified.

Though Master Flamespark had the aura of source origin, even he couldn’t use it. However, this woman had actually used source origin, which was unimaginable to Wang Lin.

When facing this kind of enemy, it was pointless to launch a sneak attack.

The surroundings were completely quiet, with only the faint fragrance of the flowers and the petals falling forming a sea of petals.

Time slowly passed as the two pondered. After 15 minutes, the woman in white opened her eyes and looked at Qing Shuang’s body. She opened her mouth as if she wanted to speak.

However, just at this moment, there were a loud rumble from far away in the cave. During this moment of silence, that sound was extremely harsh!

At the same time, cursing slowly came from the distance.

“Run? No treasure I have my eyes on can escape!” Situ Nan’s arrogant voice echoed as he chased after a ray of white light. There was a small bottle inside that white light.

This bottle was made of white jade. From a distance, it gave off a mellow light as if it was a fat sheep.

Situ Nan emitted a black gas that surrounded him as he chased after the small bottle. Seeing the small bottle running faster, Situ Nan’s hand formed a seal and black mist appeared before the bottle. The black mist turned into a fierce beast that attempted to devour the small bottle.

The small bottle suddenly stopped at the moment the fierce jumped at it, and the bottle shattered into countless fragments. The fragments pierced through the beast and reformed on the other end. Then it sped up and flew forward.

Situ Nan’s eyes lit up as he laughed and chased after it once more.

As the treasure ran from Situ Nan, they quickly closed in on Wang Lin and the woman in white.

Wang Lin’s eyes shined an indiscernible amount.

The white bottle was very fast and shot toward the woman in white. The woman in white frowned as she waved her jade-like hand. The bottle gently landed in her hand.

However, as soon as the woman in white grabbed the small bottle, it suddenly shattered into countless pieces and flew toward her.

Situ Nan’s body flickered and he shouted, “Wang Lin, let’s go!”

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to retrieve Qing Shuang and the pagoda when the bottle landed in the woman’s hand. Then he retreated like a bolt of lightning.

Situ Nan’s face revealed a fierce expression and both of his hands formed a seal. Then his hand pressed down and he shouted, “Celestial Spell, Spatial Crack!” As his voice echoed, a distortion appeared in the space before them.

Popping sounds echoed and countless vortexes appeared from nowhere and flew at the woman in white.

Taking this opportunity, Situ Nan quickly retreated and charged toward the entrance of the cave with Wang Lin.

The shattered pieces of the white bottle rushed at the woman’s face. However, with just one glare, the fragments stopped mid air. With a calm expression, she walked forward.

The countless vortexes formed by Situ Nan’s celestial spell Spatial Crack rushed forward, but they strangely went through the woman in white. They didn’t cause her to slow down at all.

“Do you not want to enter the cave…” the woman in white slowly asked as she walked.

Although her voice was still cold, there was no killing intent within it.

As Wang Lin retreated, a hint of hesitation appeared in his eyes. He stopped and stared at the woman in white.

Situ Nan frowned and also stopped. Earlier, he had left by himself to search for treasures, but he soon noticed the crisis Wang Lin was facing.

In particular, Master Hollow Wind and others’ disappearance shocked him. However, with Wang Lin here, he couldn’t escape on his own, so he risked coming here to create an opportunity to escape.

At the moment he saw Wang Lin stop, Situ Nan also stopped without hesitation. He coldly stared at the woman in white that was closing in.

Wang Lin clasped his hands and calmly asked “Is Senior allowing us to enter?”

The woman in white pondered for a long time before letting out a sigh. She turned around toward the palace and said, “Follow me.”

With that, the woman in white floated toward the palace. Wang Lin pondered a bit before glancing at Situ Nan. Situ Nan’s eyes lit up and he slowly said, “This person is somewhat strange!”

“If you won’t follow, then the two of you can leave. Your companions will be waiting for you outside.” The woman’s faint voice came from the palace. Her figure had already arrived outside the palace and entered the darkness of the palace with a single step.

Thinking of the change in the woman’s expression, Wang Lin’s eyes filled with determination and he slowly said, “Situ, I’m going in by myself!”

Situ Nan naturally knew that if both of them entered and anything happened, they’d have no way to resist. He nodded without saying a word.

There were something between him and Wang Lin that didn’t need to be explained. It was a kind of trust.

Wang Lin didn’t say any more. He charged forward and arrived before the palace in the blink of an eye. Then h e took a deep breath and stepped into the palace!

The palace was completely dark. Not only did this darkness obstruct his vision, it also obstructed his divine sense. He could only spread his divine sense out a few dozen feet around him.

Wang Lin could vague see few large shadows that were like statues. However, it was too dark, so he couldn’t see clearly.

This palace was completely quiet aside from the soft footsteps before him that told him the woman in white was gradually walking away.

Just at this moment, the footsteps disappeared and a faint voice sounded within the hall.

“What is your name?”

Wang Lin answered, “Wang Lin.”

“Wang…” The woman seem to be talking to herself as she muttered, “He really is named Wang…”

The palace became silent once more. Although Wang Lin’s expression was neutral, he was extremely vigilant. His origin energy filled his body, and if there were any abnormalities, he would retaliate.

In addition, the third eye appeared between his eyebrows. Although it wasn’t open, the source origin energy inside would spread out with a thought.

Wang Lin dreaded the woman in white a lot. He was at the peak of the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer and could fight Nirvana Cleanser cultivators with his ancient god body. However, Wang Lin knew that he wasn’t a match for this woman.

However, there were something he had to do even if it was dangerous. That’s just how Wang Lin was.

While pondering, the woman seemed to wave her right hand and a ray of light appeared. This light wasn’t ordinary; it was like a fire in the darkness as it quickly lit up the area in a dim glow.

Borrowing the dim light, Wang Lin clearly saw what was inside the palace, and he gasped.

This palace was like a daoist temple of the mortals. There was a total nine statues inside the palace. Eight statues were on the sides, and the one at the center seemed to be carved with various things and gave off a glimmer of gold.

However, this golden light was very weak. The moment it appeared, it would be devoured by the darkness. As a result, it could only be kept inside the statue, making the statue give off a strange aura.

This was a statue of a middle-aged man. He was very handsome and his eyes had a profound look. He wore a yellow robe and gave off the aura of a noble!

The yellow robe had nine purple dragons embroidered on it and revealed their ferocious expressions. Although they were mere images, one could still feel their unimaginable fierceness.

In addition there were carved clouds that filled the background. However, these clouds weren’t white, but black. These black clouds made the middle-aged man look very dignified.

When Wang Lin looked at the middle-aged man, he felt a buzz in his mind, and an unimaginable aura smashed into his body.

This aura was the strongest aura Wang Lin had ever felt. Whether it was Qing Shui, Master Flame Spark, or the All-Seer, their auras were far weaker. Even the mysterious third step elder from Allheaven was a bit weaker.

This aura was so powerful, it created an invisible impact. Only one look from Wang Lin made his body tremble, causing him to cough out blood. He quickly retreated and wanted to use his origin energy, only to discover that, to his horror, his origin energy had retreated. It had shrank back as if it was afraid to appear before this power!

There was an invisible pressure that caused the origin energy inside Wang Lin’s body to be suppressed by force the moment it moved. No matter how much his origin energy struggled, it was pointless!

The world’s origin energy had to yield before this statue!

Wang Lin was frightened. At this moment, he could only hear his heart rapidly beating. It was as if his blood had stopped flowing, but the next moment, all his blood rushed toward his heart.

Wang Lin had never encountered this kind of situation in his more than 1,300 years of cultivation, but now was not the time to think about it. His origin energy couldn’t be used, and the blood flowing inside his body made him tremble.

An unimaginable pressure wanted to make him kneel and yield to the might of this statue!

Wang Lin’s eyes shined red as he let out a roar and his ancient god power erupted.

Ancient gods didn’t respect the heavens or followed dao, they walked against the heavens. It was part of the Ancient Order!

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