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Chapter 1010 - Flower Imperial Concubine

How could a mere statue make an ancient god yield!? As his ancient god power filled his body, Wang Lin stood up straight. His eyes were like lightning as he met the gaze of the statue for a second time!

He felt a rumbling in his mind that spread across his body. While his body trembled, his eyes revealed an unyielding gaze.

“There is nothing that can make ancient gods yield! The heavens can’t, the laws of the world can’t, and you also can’t!” The ancient god stars rapidly rotated between Wang Lin’s eyebrows, and popping sound could be heard from inside his body. Although he didn’t grow into his true ancient god form, the strength of his body increased rapidly.

His powerful body allowed more ancient god power to fill him. Wang Lin was able to stand there like mountain as an unyielding aura erupted from his body.

This aura resisted the suppression the statue released!

Silent ripples echoed, forming a storm that swept through the hall, causing Wang Lin to retreat once more.

Wang Lin let out a roar as he struggled to stop while he stared at the statue. At this moment, he had the illusion that the statue was alive and was coldly looking at him.


Wang Lin suddenly raised his head and the roar of an ancient god was released. All life had to back down before the roar of the ancient gods. None of them were qualified to stand before it!

When he let out the roar, the entire cave began to rumble as if it couldn’t withstand this roar. At the same time, Wang Lin raised his foot and mercilessly took a step forward!

Although this step was simple, it was very difficult for Wang Lin. When facing this unimaginable pressure and aura that could make one collapse, the only path was to retreat. However, to retreat was to yield, and if he couldn’t reverse the situation, he would have completely yielded.

The ancient gods dared to defy the heavens and dao. If he were to yield to this mere statue, Wang Lin wouldn’t be qualified to be a real ancient god!

With that one step, Wang Lin could hear the terrifying sounds of things shattering inside his body. Taking this step meant that he was directly confronting that pressure and discarding any room for negotiation!

However, this was what the ancient god inheritance within Wang Lin wanted!

Retreating 10 steps, 100 steps, or even standing still and struggling while not losing was still too weak-willed. This will determined that the dao you walked could only follow the will of the heavens!

However, talking one step was very different. This meant rebellion, this meant defying!

After this step, the pressure from the statue increased several fold. It was as if countless mountains had smashed down on Wang Lin, not allowing him to resist!

Blood sprayed out of the pores in his back, but he took another step forward!

“I, Wang Lin, am a heaven-defying cultivator. I dare to defy the heavens and fate, so how could I back down here!?” Wang Lin’s step was like walking upstream and angering the heavens. An even more powerful pressure crashed down on him.

“A seeker of dao could be born at dawn and die by sunset. A heaven-defying cultivator has a defiant heart. What is there to fear? It is merely death!”

Under this unimaginable pressure, blood sprayed out from Wang Lin’s body. He was covered in blood, but he laughed. His laughter was filled with an unyielding aura!

The current Wang Lin had a clear mind as all useless thoughts where thrown away. The only thing in his mind was the word “defy!”

Back then, he defied the heavens in the Demon Spirit Land to reach the Ascendant stage. Here, he faced the pressure once more in the Demon Spirit Land. The defying nature that was sealed by Wang Lin and suppressed during his time at Allheaven bloomed once more!

Everything was like karma!

While he laughed, Wang Lin took another step. The moment he took the third step, the pressure in the palace disappeared as if it never existed!

The woman in white stared at Wang Lin from under the statue and revealed a complex emotion.

Only Wang Lin’s laughter echoed in the palace and slowly dissipated!

The moment he saw the statue, he guessed who the person was. The person’s appearance was somewhat similar to Qing Shuang’s.

Also, only one person could have a mere statue give off such a powerful pressure!

“Celestial Emperor Qing Lin!” Wang Lin’s back was soaked in sweat. The danger he felt just before was unprecedented. If not for the power of the ancient gods, he would have immediately exploded and died.

There was a trace of coldness in Wang Lin’s gaze as he looked at the woman in white.

The woman in white lowered her head and softly said, “You have passed the test!”

Wang Lin calmly asked, “Who are you?”

“One of the eight imperial concubines, Flower Imperial Concubine Han Yan.” The woman looked at the statue. Her eyes were filled with a gentle gaze and a deep sense of love.

She let out a sigh and waved her jade-like hand. The ground trembled and the floor tiles shook and floated into the air.

It was as if a strange force had filled the area, causing all the floor tiles to fly into the air. They formed a strange formation between Wang Lin and the woman in white.

Without the floor tiles, the floor showed the starry sky. The darkness was filled with countless nebulae and dazzling stars.

What was even more incredible was that the stars weren’t static, but slowly moving. This caused Wang Lin’s eyes to narrow.

“This Demon Spirit Land is a celestial cave, and it drifts in space via a special method. What you see is no an illusion, but reality…

“Enter this transfer array and you can enter the sealed land. If you have the ability to open it, you can enter the real celestial cave.”

“Is that celestial cave where Celestial Emperor Qing Lin is?” Wang Lin’s gaze moved from the stars to the formation made by the floor tiles.

The woman in white silently pondered and looked at the statue. After a long time, she softly said, “When he came back, he was already injured. Then he was attacked by two lowly outsiders. After he returned, he activated the celestial cave to heal.

“Originally, there was no entrance, but then he created four entrances. If all four entrances are opened, a true entrance will appear in the Demon Spirit Land to where he is under closed door cultivation…”

“You have the Stop spell, Qing Shuang’s corpse, and are named Wang, so I won’t stop you… After you enter the transfer array, your companions will appear in your mind.” The woman let out a sigh as she turned around and walked into the depth of the hall. Wang Lin looked at her figure that was filled with loneliness and melancholy.

Wang Lin quickly asked, “What do you mean by ‘named Wang?’”

“If there is a chance, you will find out…” The voice of the woman in white was weak as she slowly sank into the darkness.

Wang Lin looked at the distance and quickly said, “With Senior’s power, why won’t you come with me?”

The woman in white that had half-entered the darkness suddenly stopped. Her back was facing Wang Lin when she revealed a bitter expression and softly said, “I can’t go …”

As she spoke, her body completely entered the darkness and disappeared.

The woman in white appeared within the depths of the palace where Wang Lin couldn’t perceive her. The bitter expression on her face was still there. She gave off a white glow, but this white light merged with the darkness, so no one outside could see it.

The woman gradually stopped moving and an azure light spread across her feet. Soon, it covered her body and she disappeared in a flash.

What replaced her was an extremely beautiful flower that bloomed in the depths of the hall.

“The Flower Imperial Concubine is already dead… The only thing that remains is a Flower Celestial… a Flower Celestial that can’t leave this cave…”

The flower bloomed, but there was a feeling of sadness as this beauty bloomed in the darkness, where no one could see it.

While Wang Lin pondered, he looked at the transfer array before him and stepped inside.

However, the moment he approached, his gaze fell on the darkness in the distance as if he had spotted something.

He entered the transfer array and it began to shine. Then Wang Lin’s figure disappeared inside.

When he reappeared, he was in an illusory space, and a large formation was carved into the ground. There was a large black stone at the center.

After carefully observing his surroundings, Wang Lin entered the large formation and arrived next to the black stone. A moment later, he slapped his bag of holding and the key to the celestial cave that he obtained flew out.

The moment it flew out, it turned into green smoke and entered the black stone.

In an instant, light came from the large formation. One by one, the runes floated into the air and filled the area. The formation slowly became active.

The moment the formation activated, a subtle connection appeared between the formation and Wang Lin. He felt his vision blur, then he saw everything within the fourth cave.

It was as if the entire cave was in his mind. With one thought, he could break any restriction and control everything.

Except he had no control over the palace.

He saw Situ Nan and Master Hollow Wind and company, who had disappeared under the sea of flowers.

With a thought, Master Hollow Wind, the three Chen Brothers, Big Head, and Lei Ji disappeared. Situ Nan stood there frowning. Ever since Wang Lin had disappeared, he had been on guard, and a cold light flashed across his eyes.

Just at this moment, Situ Nan’s expression changed as he felt a divine sense sweep past him. This divine sense was very familiar.

“Wang Lin!”

Situ Nan’s body disappeared after Wing Lin’s divine sense swept by. When he reappeared, he was next to the large formation.

“The cave has been opened completely. Lei Ji, your cultivation is lacking, so wait here for us to return!” As Wang Lin’s voice echoed, the formation on the ground began to flash.

At the same time, a shocking change occurred in the Demon Spirit Land!

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