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Chapter 1005 - Flower Celestial

Master Hollow Wind looked at the palace in the center and slowly said, “This old man once learned from Ling Tianhou that there was a celestial soul guarding the celestial cave. He put a lot effort into killing the celestial soul to finally occupy the celestial cave!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he moved forward without hesitation. He stepped past the stone bridge and entered the inner part of the stone palace.

The moment he closed in, the endless sea of flowers moved and the fragrance of the flowers rushed at him. It smelled like stone and contained abnormal poison!

Master Hollow Wind revealed a strange expression as he quickly retreated and said, “Rain Poison Fragrance!” 

“I once looked at some Celestial Realm records, and one of them talked about the poisons of the Celestial Realm. It ranked the top 100 poisons and gave a brief description of each one. After refining countless flowers, there are two types of poisons that can be formed. One of them is this Rain Poison Fragrance. If you smell it, your cultivation immediately becomes unstable, and if you inhale a few more breaths, you will lose all your cultivation.”

The three Chen brothers’ expressions changed slightly, but they didn’t retreat. After all, they were Nirvana Scryer cultivators, so they had methods to guard against it.

Wang Lin looked at the sea of flowers before him and calmly asked, “What is the second?” 

“The second…” There was a trace of shock in Master Hollow Wind’s eyes and he said, “The Rain Poison Fragrance is only ranked 93, but the other poison named Flower Spirit is ranked 49!”

After withdrawing his gaze from the flowers, Wang Lin waved his right hand and a strange wind swept the area.

However, Wang Lin was surprised to find that the poison wasn’t affected by the strange wind at all. It was as if it had no form and still flowed toward them.

“Interesting.” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed, but he didn’t retreat. When the fragrance arrived, he calmly said, “Silver corpse!”

After he spoke, the woman in silver moved past the three Chen brothers and charged at the flower fragrance.

When Wang Lin refined this corpse, he came to understand this corpse very well. It didn’t have amazing spells, and for magic treasures, it only had that pair of scissors.

Her real power was in poison!

Back when the silver corpse was seriously injured and Wang Lin stole it, many other cultivators had similar ideas. However, they had all the flesh and blood in their bodies devoured until they were only bags of bones.

Wang Lin had always thought that this was some kind of spell, but it wasn’t until when he was refining her that he found it was a poison! While studying her, he found out that this silver corpse had extremely power poison in her. The poison was very diverse and could be mixed to form various terrifying poisons.

As a result, the silver corpse became a poison corpse in Wang Lin’s eyes! Poison was where the true power of this silver corpse lied! With her early stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivation and the poison in her body, if it wasn’t for the fact that Wang Lin had the body of an ancient god, dealing with her would’ve been a headache and he wouldn’t have carelessly provoked her.

At this moment, the silver corpse charged directly into the flower fragrance. The poison that could immediately cause one’s cultivation to weaken and even kill weaker cultivators had no effect on the silver corpse.

The silver corpse opened her small mouth and inhaled. It was as if a vortex had formed, and the flower fragrance was all sucked into her mouth.

During this process, the invisible flower fragrance unexpectedly took physical form. Large amounts of gas flew off the flowers and quickly entered the silver corpse’s mouth.

The silver corpse originally had a pale face, but her face turned unexpectedly rosy, and she now looked no different than a living person!

As Wang Lin watched all of this, his eyes remained neutral. His gaze wasn’t on the silver corpse but on the flowers because they were very strange. There was no reason for this, but it was the first feeling he got when saw the flowers.

Just at this moment, a large amount of silk appeared from one of the flowers, and within the silk was a girl.

This girl was naked and her eyes revealed a ghostly light. She was kneeling, but her head was raised high. If it was just her, it wouldn’t have been a big deal, but at this moment, silk exploded from other flowers, and more girls appeared one by one.

The moment they appeared, Wang Lin clearly saw that there was a skeleton buried below each flower!

What kind of sea of flowers was this? This was clearly a burial ground!

“Flower Spirit!” Master Hollow Wind had a face full of bitterness. He looked at the girls hugging their knees while looking up at the sky and bitterly smiled.

“I didn’t think that the inside of this cave would have such a powerful protection. You bury celestials to form the spirit, and the spirit nourishes the flower to become a Flower Celestial! According to the records, where there are Flower Spirits, there might be a Flower Celestial!

“Flower Celestials aren’t celestials, but a poison. It is a poison with intelligence, and it can take human form. The poison of the Flower Celestial is ranked… number 10!” Master Hollow Wind slowly explained.

The eyes of the girls hugging their knees released a ghostly light, then they all stood up and charged at the silver corpse in the air.

“According to the records, these Flower Spirits were all mortal girls that were fed unique drugs until they basically became living pills. Then they were collectively buried here with a special method. Several years later, a sea of flowers formed, and there is a certain chance they could fuse into a Flower Celestial!

“In the Celestial Realm, the Flower Celestial was an extremely precious poison because it could take human form, and so it was favored by the celestials. They would often get them to guard their caves or have fun with.” Master Hollow Wind was worthy of being someone who had been cultivating for countless years. His understanding of celestials was very good, and the things he spoke so calmly about would shock most people.

This was the first time the three Chen brothers had heard of this, and they couldn’t help but be silent while looking at the girls charging at the silver corpse. They didn’t pity them; they were shocked by how cruel the celestials were!

Even Big Head gasped and silently pondered.

In contrast, while Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy, he wasn’t shocked. In truth, after he learned Call the Wind, Summon the Rain, and Magic Arsenal, he understood that the Celestial Realm was no haven.

He wouldn’t revere the celestial like some cultivators did. From looking at Celestial Emperor Bai Fan’s spells, he could tell that Bai Fan was not a righteous person. To be able to become a Celestial Emperor with self-created spells that were almost on the demonic path already showed what was wrong.

It was just as Blood God had said: “What kind of celestial spell is this? It is clearly a demonic spell!”

If Bai Fan was like this, Qing Lin was the same. The puppet refining method from the jade was extremely tyrannical to refine a living person. Wang Lin had already seen through it all.

There was no haven for cultivators! Even the Celestial Realm was the same!

After hearing Master Hollow Wind’s words, he looked at the flower spirits. These girls had no expressions, but there was a resentment hidden in their eyes!

This resentment was suppressed under a ghostly light and was unable to be released. As a result, it became gradually more powerful over the years.

At this moment, these girls circled the silver corpse. As their eyes released a ghostly light, the resentment erupted. This resentment was so extremely strong that it was shocking!

The resentment formed an impact and headed straight for the silver corpse. From Wang Lin’s point of view, the girls surrounded the silver corpse and pulled her body as if they wanted to assimilate her.

However, the silver corpse was already a corpse. Her eyes lit up and she spat out white fog. The flower spirits that touched the white fog immediately collapsed and disappeared into the fog.

As the white fog spread, it covered almost the entire inner cave. As the flower spirits disappeared one by one, the flowers on the ground withered.

Just at this moment, a sharp cry came from the depths of the palace. The earth shook and the 10 celestial soldiers outside began to move.

They turned into 10 rays of golden light that shot into the sky. They were obviously trying to stop the silver corpse from absorbing the flower spirits!

Without Wang Lin having to give the order, Master Hollow Wind’s eyes lit up and he charged out. While his mountain-like body flew out, he waved his sleeves. With a bang, three of the Xuan gold soldiers were separated from the pack to become his prey.

The three Chen brothers all charged forward and dealt with one each. Big Head sneered and then charged forward. His lean body became even skinner and all the flesh condensed on his head. Soon, his head was twice as big as before and the veins on his face bulged. A moment later, one of the veins shot out and wrapped around one of the soldiers. Then he dragged the soldier with him to the side.

The cave was in chaos as the silver corpse continued to absorb the white fog. At the same time, Master Hollow Wind and company battled the soldiers on the ground. These soldiers didn’t know pain and their bodies were extremely tough. There were flashes of golden light when they attacked, and each of their punches contained the power of a spell.

Almost every single celestial soldier was no weaker than a peak Corporeal Yang cultivator. Along with their terrifying bodies, they could battle Nirvana Scryer cultivators!

Seeing that there were still three soldiers left, Master Yi Chen let out a cold short and charged out. He blocked one of the soldiers and waved his big sleeves to push it back. He was now battling two soldiers.

Master Yi Long and Master Yi Xiang had the same idea.

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