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Chapter 1006 - Crisis

With Master Yi Long temporarily holding off two soldiers, Master Yi Xiang charged out at the remaining two soldiers. His hands formed a seal, then he grabbed one and threw it toward Master Yi Long.

As a result, there was only one soldier left!

Just as the soldier was about to charge into the white fog, Master Hollow Wind’s eyes lit up. His hand reached out, causing the soldier to tremble, and pulled it back. Master Hollow Wind was now battling four celestial soldiers.

Although these 10 celestial soldiers had powerful bodies, it wasn’t difficult for Master Hollow Wind and company. Wang Lin felt lucky when he saw this. If he hadn’t fled the Demon Spirit Land back then and was determined to break the restrictions, then even if he had reached this point, he would’ve had no way of dealing with the flower spirit or celestial soldiers.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he walked toward the palace at the center. However, before he even got close, a shocking change occurred.

At this instant, the four towers became blurry in Wang Lin’s and became illusions. At the same time, powerful lights came from the illusions.

The powerful lights fused and turned into a tortoise shell that surrounded the palace. From a distance, it was as if a giant tortoise shell was covering the palace.

At the same time, four strands of green smoke came from the tortoise shell and turned into four green-robed elders!

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he looked at the four elders. They were all souls with cultivation levels between early and mid stage Nirvana Scryer.

The four elders all had the air of celestials and gave off dense celestial spiritual energy. One of them had eyes like lightning as he stared at Wang Lin and shouted, “Lower realm dirt, you dare to invade the celestial cave? Your punishment is death!”

After he spoke, he didn’t even give Wang Lin time to explain before he stepped forward and pointed up at the sky. All the celestial spiritual energy inside the cave gathered to form a vortex in his hand.

This vortex collapsed as the old man pointed at it, but then a roar came out from within. A beast charged out of the collapsed vortex!

This beast was covered in black fur. It was obviously a huge primal ape. It was about 10 feet tall, and it directly lunged at Wang Lin.

The old man moved with a gloomy expression. He turned into a ray of green light and charged at Wang Lin behind the primal ape.

The three others elders also moved. One of them raised his hand, causing a storm of sand and dirt to appear. The storm took the shape of a python that attempted to devour Wang Lin.

Another person extended their arm, and the arm turned into green smoke. As the celestial spiritual energy in the cave gathered, he turned into a giant eagle that shot toward Wang Lin like lightning.

The final elder’s eyes lit up and his hands formed a seal. He pointed up at the sky and shouted, “Celestial Mountain Attack!

The moment he spoke, a rumbling sound came from the cave and then a large mountain appeared and smashed down on Wang Lin!

In an instant, the four elders attacked at the same time. Their celestial spells worked together with the intent to kill!

Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly, and instead of retreating, he charged forward. As the ape closed in, Wang Lin’s right hand formed a fist and he threw a punch. A loud rumble appeared with this punch, and as they passed each other, Wang Lin’s fist hit the chest of the ape.

Rumbling sounds came from the giant ape’s upper body and then it quickly retreated. However, it only retreated three steps before the upper half of its body exploded.

Without pausing, Wang Lin jumped into the air. He pointed down and calmly said, “Wither Dao Pair!”

After he spoke, the Wither Dao Pair on the back of his hand released a dark glow and flew out. A grim beast skull flew out filled with black mist. A ghostly light came from the eyes of the beast skull!

At this instant, a shocking killing aura appeared, and as the ghostly light shined, grey light covered the giant eagle that was charging at Wang Lin. In an instant, the eagle turned into a stone statue!

At this moment, the black python closed in. It opened its mouth and a powerful suction force came out. A powerful smell of blood drifted from its mouth as it attempted to devour Wang Lin. There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes as he retreated, slapped his bag of holding, and shouted “three sets of nine swords!”

Golden swords immediately flew out of his bag and floated around him. There were 27 swords! The moment the 27 swords appeared, they organized into a sword formation and shot toward the giant python.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

As the shocking rumbles echoed, the python was surrounded by the 27 swords. The swords rapidly pierced through the python, causing it to let out bursts of miserable cries.

Although all this sounds slow, it all happened in an instant. The inner cave suddenly darkened as the celestial mountain penetrated the white fog and smashed down!

Wang Lin’s expression remained neutral as he spat out an item. It was the 18 Hell Celestial Sealing Stamp! The moment it appeared, it grew and charged at the celestial mountain.

It collided with the mountain with a bang.

Taking advantage of this moment, there was a flash of killing intent in Wang Lin’s eyes and he shouted, “Call the Wind!”

All of a sudden, the world changed colors, then a black wind appeared in Wang Lin’s hand and covered the world. Four black dragons immediately appeared within the black wind and charged out with roars.

The expression of old man that had summoned the giant ape changed greatly and he shouted, “Bai Fan’s spell!” He didn’t hesitate to retreat, but he was too late; one of the black dragons devoured him.

Of the remaining three, aside from the one that summoned the mountain, the other two weren’t able to escape and were devoured by the black dragons.

All of this happened too quickly. The remaining elder retreated and landed on the tortoise. He chanted a strange spell and then light flowed into him from the shell like water.

Seeing the old man’s aura increase, how could Wang Lin let him do as he wished? Wang Lin raised his right hand and said, “Stop!”

At this instant, the old man felt like he had entered a trance, and he clearly felt his body get surrounded by countless invisible threads. He muttered, “Stop spell…” He had a strange expression and was about to speak when the last black dragon devoured him.

Wang Lin saw the strange expression that appeared on the old man’s face, but this wasn’t the time to think about it. Wang Lin arrived before the tortoise shell and raised his right hand. He formed a fist, and the illusion of an ancient god arm appeared. He mercilessly smashed down on the tortoise shell below him.

There was a loud rumble, as if the entire cave was trembling, and countless cracks appeared on the ground. The tortoise shell flickered violently but showed no sign of breaking.

At this moment, Master Hollow Wind and company had finished off the celestial soldiers and the silver corpse had finished absorbing the flower spirits. Her face was rosy, and she seemed to have undergone a mysterious change.

“Break this formation!” With one order from Wang Lin, everyone used their various spells with the shell as their target.

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the tortoise shell flickered once more. The stone bridge started to collapse and was soon completely destroyed.

However, the tortoise shell remained intact and had only dimmed a little.

Wang Lin frowned and was secretly shocked. The protective ability of this tortoise shell was beyond his expectations. Neither his own ancient god fist nor the attacks of many old monsters caused the tortoise shell to collapse.

“I don’t know if the celestial caves that the All-Seer and Ling Tianhou went into also had shells like this. If they had the shell too, how did they break it…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he looked a the tortoise shell.

Not only was he shocked, even Master Hollow Wind and company were shocked, and their gazes gathered on the tortoise shell.

Just as everyone looked at the tortoise shell, it began to flash and gradually revealed the palace within.

The palace was completely dark, making it impossible to see inside, but there were footsteps coming out from inside. The cave was quiet, so although the footsteps were light, they could clearly hear them.

These footsteps had a strange force, and when the their sounds entered everyone’s ears, they unexpectedly synchronized with their heartbeats. It was as if every step was stepping on their hearts.

Master Hollow Wind’s expression changed and the origin energy inside his body cycled rapidly to finally separate his heartbeat from the sounds of the footsteps.

However, the three Chen brothers, Big Head, and Lei Ji didn’t have the cultivation to do this. As the footsteps closed in, their faces turned pale.

Only the silver corpse remained normal. She was a corpse with intelligence, so without a heartbeat, she wasn’t affected.

Wang Lin’s expression gradually became gloomy. He had the body of an ancient god, so he could withstand this level of mental attack.

The footsteps became more and more clear, as if someone was walking out from the depths of the palace. The three Chen brothers’ faces became even more pale and the veins on Big Head’s head swelled up.

Lei Ji had the lowest cultivation level. His body trembled and he retreated a few steps, but he still couldn’t endure it. He let out a roar and his body expanded to few hundred feet tall to finally be able to endure it.

The footsteps seemed to have reached the entrance of the palace. At this moment, a white figure appeared from within the palace.

A ray of light pierce through the tortoise shell and landed on Wang Lin.

A sense of life and death crisis that hadn’t appeared in a long time suddenly surrounded Wang Lin like a storm. It caused all the hair on his body to stand up!

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