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Chapter 1001 - Second Avatar (1)

“This item is ominous!” This was the first thought Wang Lin had when facing this statue.

His right index finger moved like lightning toward between the eyebrows of the stone statue. At this moment, dark light shined out from the eyes of the stone statue and formed a strange rune between its eyebrows.

This rune released a black mist that contained a strange power. The power entered the rune and blocked Wang Lin’s finger.

Wang Lin’s index finger touched the rune without any hesitation. A ripple appeared where he touched the rune. The moment the ripple appeared, the mysterious power that fused into Wang Lin’s divine sense seemed to awaken and spread across Wang Lin’s origin soul like black ink.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. He had already thought that there was something strange about this black stone statue, and it was as he expected. He let out a cold snort and the Ancient God Leather Armor around his origin soul gave off a burst of green light!

At the same time, his ancient thunder dragon origin soul released a muffled roar. Countless thunderbolts appeared in the sky above the valley Wang Lin was in.

It wasn’t only this valley. At this moment, the entire sky above the Fire Demon Country was covered by endless thunder.

This sudden changed caused the Soul Refining Sect members in the Fire Demon Country to look up in confusion.

As the thunder echoed across the world, not only the Fire Demon Country, but the surrounding countries were covered in thunder as well. The countless bolts of thunder descending displayed the might of thunder.

In almost an instant, more than half of the Demon Spirit Land was shrouded in thunder. This sudden change caused the residents of the Demon Spirit Land to panic.

Even the demon generals and commander-in-chiefs were filled with fear as they looked up at the sky. They could vaguely tell that this thunder wasn’t natural and was caused by a spell!

Although all of this sounds long, it all only took a few seconds. With a roar of Wang Lin’s ancient thunder dragon soul, all of the thunder that covered more than half of the Demon Spirit Land rushed toward the valley behind the capital of the Fire Demon Country.

The flash of thunder caused a heaven-shattering rumble, as if the wrath of the heavens was descending to deal out punishment. If one looked from above, they would see countless bolts of thunder gather inside Wang Lin’s body in the valley!

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

The continuous rumbles echoed as the bolts of thunder entered Wang Lin’s origin soul. His ancient thunder dragon origin soul began to roar and started its battle with the black ink!

Although the black ink was tenacious, thanks to the endless thunder, it was on the verge of collapse. After all, not much of this mysterious force had entered Wang Lin’s divine sense. The moment that power first appeared, Wang Lin had surrounded it with origin energy.

After constantly losing, the black ink rapidly retreated until it condensed into a dot. Just as it was about to leave Wang Lin’s origin soul, the green light from the Ancient God Leather Amor sealed all paths of retreat.

Then all the thunder absorbed by his ancient thunder dragon origin soul was shot out in one blow. This attack landed on the black dot, causing it to collapse completely.

All of this happened in an instant inside Wang Lin’s body. There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes as his right index finger pushed forward and the rune collapsed.

The rune shattered into a shockwave that spread out, allowing Wang Lin’s index finger to finally press down between the statue’s eyebrows.

The moment Wang Lin’s index finger touched the statue, his peak mid stage Nirvana Scryer cultivation, along with his powerful divine sense, rushed into the statue.

“I want to see exactly what this is!”

When Wang Lin’s cultivation and divine sense entered, he felt an impact on his origin soul. What appeared before his divine sense was a strange land.

This place was filled with white mist; it was almost a fog sea. Wang Lin only took a glance and recognized this white mist as the aura that come out of the heads of all the Soul Refining Tribe members when they worshipped the statue for the past hundreds of years.

After letting out a cold snort, his divine sense spread out across this strange place. Then his eyes narrowed and his divine sense locked onto something ahead.

His divine sense and cultivation fused together to form an illusion of Wang Lin, and arrived it where his divine sense was locked on to. This was the center of the statue, so this statue’s dantian would be here.

The mist before Wang Lin was even denser here, and there was a figure sitting within the mist that could be barely be seen. Although it was blurred by the mist, Wang Lin could clearly tell that the figure was exactly the same as him!

Aside from the pair of horns on its head!

After seeing the pair of horns, Wang Lin’s eyes shined

“Ancient Demon!”

The ancient demon that was exactly the same as Wang Lin had its eyes closed and remained motionless. The slivers of the white mist around it would sometimes enter its body.

Wang Lin’s expression was a bit strange. Aside from the pair of horns, the ancient demon was almost no different from him. Even the cold and aloof aura was exactly the same, along with the trace of loneliness and over 1,000 years of dao comprehension. Even Wang Lin found it difficult to distinguish it from himself.

“What exactly is going on?!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he stared at the ancient demon that looked exactly like him. He waved his hand and a gust of wind blew away all the mist around the ancient demon.

Wang Lin slowly approached and noticed some key points.

Ancient gods could absorb origin energy through god salves to increase their cultivation level. The ancient demons belonged to the same Ancient Order clan, so they had to have similar methods.

It was obvious that the entire Demon Spirit Land was built for an ancient demons to absorb origin energy. Ancient Demon Bei Lou once said that he was split into nine parts, and that’s how these the nine countries came to be!

The people of the nine countries gradually changed under the teachings of the ancient demon and learned spells. Then the nine demon countries slowly formed from there onwards!

Each ancient demon spirit was the top existence in each of the demon countries. They absorbed demonic energy from the people here to slowly heal, hoping to break through their restrictions. Then they would devour the other demon spirits to turn back into a real ancient demon!

Wang Lin’s arrival and his cooperation with Ancient Demon Bei Lou caused a heaven-shaking change to this stalemate that still required countless more years to end!

With Wang Lin’s help, Ancient Demon Bei Lou left his demon country and successfully devoured the ancient demon spirit in the Fire Demon Country. Bei Lou became the strongest out of the remaining eight ancient demon spirits and obtained the power to leave his country!

If there are no accidents, once he digests the ancient demon spirit he devoured, he will devour the other seven one by one until he becomes a true ancient demon!

Wang Lin didn’t know if Bei Lou was successful or not, but after seeing this ancient demon that looked exactly like him, he knew Bei Lou hadn’t completely succeeded!

As a 5-star royal ancient god, Wang Lin could tell at a glance that this ancient demon wasn’t complete; iIt was even weaker than one of the nine parts from back then.

To be more accurate, this ancient demon was only a remnant!

“A remnant of an ancient demon spirit also knows to absorb demonic energy to heal itself…” Wang Lin sneered. He now understood that the white mist coming from the heads of the Soul Refining Tribe members was faint demonic energy!

“All of the members of the Soul Refining Tribe were born in the Demon Spirit Land…” After seeing the ancient demon, Wang Lin understood the reason.

While pondering, Wang Lin arrived next to the ancient demon that looked exactly like him. The ancient demon’s eyes were still closed, without any signs of awakening.

Wang Lin directly pressed down between the ancient demon’s eyebrows and his divine sense entered the ancient demon to search its memories.

He saw the originally sunny sky above the Cloud Demon Country suddenly darken. A storm formed, and as clouds gathered, a blood-colored figure charged through the sky toward the royal nine-layered Cloud Demon Tower.

A sharp cry came out of the tower, and there was a hint of disbelief in this voice.

“The nine spirits need to reunite into one. Only by becoming an ancient demon once more can we get rid of our regret. Cloud Demon, we were originally one, and we have been separated for too long. Today, we will fuse once more! The name of the ancient demon will be Bei Lou!” A demonic voice came from the blood shadow as it quickly charged into the Cloud Demon Tower.

A series of rumbles echoed across the world, and everyone inside the capital was sent into a panic. However, the rumble disappeared after a moment, but following that, the Cloud Demon Tower collapsed!

As it collapsed, a blurred demonic shadow flew out and was surrounded by a blood light.  Eventually, it was devoured by the blood light, which then turned into Bei Lou.

“It has been so long, yet this Cloud Demon’s cultivation level hasn’t increased at all. What a waste! It’s a disgrace to me as an ancient demon!” Bei Loui let out a cold snort and disappeared.

The Cloud Demon Country collapsed as there was no ancient demon spirit left!

However, three days after Bei Lou left, an extremely weak shadow flew out from the ruins of the Cloud Demon Tower. It was filled with hatred and confusion as it carefully flew forward.

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