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Chapter 1000 - The Strange Black Statue

Wang Lin’s return caused a frenzy among the Soul Refining Tribe members. The Fire Demon Country was renamed to the Soul Refining Sect by Wang Lin!

The Soul Refining Sect had millions of disciples. If you were to count all the soul fragments  gathered by the disciples, it would be an unimaginable number.

It could be said that the Soul Refining Sect wouldn’t be weak even in a rank 7 cultivation country!

Wang Lin looked at the sky and muttered, “Senior Dun Tian, disciple has fulfilled the promise from back then…” 

Although the method the millions of Soul Refining Sect disciples cultivated wasn’t complete, now that he had returned, he took out the complete methods without hesitation. Of course, the weakness Wang Lin left where he could take the soul fragments at any time wasn’t changed.

When all of the cultivation methods of the Soul Refining Sect were passed down to the disciples, all of them entered a crazed cultivation stage. In addition, after hesitating for a while, Wang Lin left a copy of the Nine Cycle Celestial Refining Tactic he got from his fourth senior sister from the Purple Divine. This became the forbidden spell of the Soul Refining Sect!

If the Nine Cycle Celestial Refining Tactic was cultivated to the extreme, it was extremely powerful. Although it was useless to Wang Lin, it was like a celestial spell for the disciples of the Soul Refining Sect!

In addition, Wang Lin made a big decision. After placing down many restrictions, he entered the Treasure Pavilion under the cover of countless soul fragments!

The Treasure Pavilion was sealed by Wang Lin inside his body. He could easily enter it with a thought, so there was no need to take it out. Ever since he obtained it, he had only taken it out once!

That time was right before he came here. He had set up a large amount of restrictions on planet Water Spirit and opened it!

It was all to gift Situ Nan a fortune!

To this day, Wang Lin still remembered Situ Nan’s dumbfounded expression when he realized what the Treasure Pavilion was and what it represented in the Celestial Realm.

This kind of expression was very rare to see from Situ Nan!

After he recovered, Situ Nan’s eyes shined brightly. Even at night, his eyes shined like the sun, revealing the excitement in his heart!

Celestial spells were split into low, middle, and high quality. There were also top quality celestial spells, but right now even a complete low quality celestial spell could cause a catastrophe. The most widespread were incomplete celestial spells. Spells that were derived from these incomplete celestial spells were obviously weaker than the real thing.

Only those powerful cultivators had the qualifications and strength to obtain complete celestial spells. However, complete celestial spells were too rare.

There was no need to talk about complete middle quality or high quality celestial spells; they were enough to make any cultivator go crazy! Even cultivators at the Nirvana Shatterer stage would be shocked by this! If they found out that the top level contained celestial spells left by Celestial Emperor Bai Fan, they would go crazy as well!

After all, the Treasure Pavilion had preserved most of the celestial spells of the Thunder Celestial Realm!

What’s more, on the last floor, aside from Celestial Emperor Bai Fan’s spells, there were also spells for Celestial Lords. It was a heavenly treasure for Nirvana Scatterer cultivators!

If Nirvana Shatterer cultivators would be like this, there was no need to talk about Nirvana Scryer and Nirvana Cleanser cultivators!

That was why Wang Lin was extremely cautious about the Treasured Pavilion! Situ Nan had obtained huge benefits inside the Treasure Pavilion. The ecstasy in Situ Nan’s eyes let Wang Lin know that although Situ Nan’s cultivation level hadn’t increased, the celestials spells he obtained thanks to his talent would make Situ Nan a terrifying force for the enemy to face.

During that time, Wang Lin selected a middle quality celestial spell called Gather Spirit. After comprehending it, he used it trade for the three Chen brothers’ help. Their eyes were red, and they agreed to help without any hesitation!

At this moment, Wang Lin searched through the Treasure Pavilion and took out four low quality celestial spells. The cultivation of the current disciples of the Soul Refining Sect was in an abnormal state. They had good control over souls and their entire cultivation relied on the soul flags.

That’s why the celestial spells Wang Lin picked were all related to the souls. However, celestial spells weren’t something they could cultivate. Wang Lin had learned the fundamentals of the spells before splitting them into various forbidden spells that were passed down.

As for Ouyang Hua, Wang Lin wasn’t stingy. He took out a complete low quality celestial spell called the Soul Refining Ascension to give Ouyang Hua as a reward for his hundreds of years of hard work.

It wasn’t that Wang Lin didn’t want to give Ouyang Hua a middle quality celestial spell, but Ouyang Hua’s cultivation was too abnormal. If he used all 99 soul flags, he could battle an Ascendant cultivator, but without the flags, his cultivation level would plummet.

The Soul Refining Ascension was already very difficult for Ouyang Hua to cultivate. After all, it was a complete celestial spell.

As for Thirteen, Wang Lin spared no effort. He went into the celestial cave to find Lei Ji and returned after he obtained enough blood.

Thirteen was soaked in Lei Ji’s royal Giant Demon Clan blood, allowing his body to undergo a huge change in a short period of time. Although the pain was not something an ordinary person could withstand, Thirteen endured it all.

In the end, after hesitating for a bit, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he dropped a few drops of his own royal ancient god blood between Thirteen’s eyebrows. At this moment, Thirteen’s body trembled violently. Even with his mental fortitude, he couldn’t withstand the pain. It felt as if something was devouring his body.

After all of this, Thirteen, who was reborn through the pain, exuded an aura like a demon god. The power of his body was strong enough to fight peak late stage Ascendant cultivators, and he was filled with endless potential!

Just this wasn’t enough, so Wang Lin took out a lot of treasures and melted them. Then he infused them into Thirteen’s body like how he refined a celestial guard, but he didn’t damage Thirteen’s soul.

Thirteen endured the pain by holding on to his loyalty to Wang Lin, and after the countless treasures were infused, he had the body of a silver celestial guard. He could withstand the attack of an Illusory Yin cultivator! He also still had his consciousness, so he was very different from a celestial guard.

After all, Wang Lin wouldn’t refine Thirteen into a celestial guard!

Wang Lin had a lot of emotion toward Thirteen as he had basically watched Thirteen grow up. In Wang Lin’s heart, he had two disciples. The elder disciple was Thirteen, and the other was Xie Qing back in Allheaven!

Wang Lin would not be stingy toward his own disciples, especially one so loyal. He chose a middle quality celestial spell called Celestial Soul, divided it into three parts, and imparted them to Thirteen!

As long as Thirteen completely cultivated these three parts, he would be able to truly cultivate Celestial Soul!

Aside from Thirteen and Ouyang Hua, there were several other leaders that were allowed to cultivate the forbidden spells Wang Lin had especially prepared for the Soul Refining Sect.

Wang Lin didn’t participate too much in the Soul Refining Sect; he allowed them to develop on their own. After teaching them spells, Wang Lin took a majority of the treasures he had gathered and used them for the sect’s treasure pavilion.

He let Ouyang Hua and company gift them to disciples that had contributed to the sect.

After doing all this, Wang Lin completed a wish of his. Then he arrived before the stone statue without allowing anyone else to follow him.

This black stone statue had already been moved to the valley behind the palace. Wang Lin wasn’t unfamiliar with this place. He once came here and released Ancient Demon Bei Lou, allowing him to devour the ancient demon spirit here.

The valley hadn’t changed and was same as several hundred years ago. Standing here, Wang Lin had an illusion that he had returned to hundreds of years ago.

However, the statue that originally stored the ancient demon spirit was now replaced with a black statue. The black statue was a carving of Wang Lin.

Looking at the statue, Wang Lin had the illusion that the statue was looking at him; it was as if this statue was alive.

“Why is it like this…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He had asked Thirteen about this matter and knew that it was only a normal stone carved into the image of Wang Lin based on their memory.

At the start, only people who knew Wang Lin could vaguely tell it was him, and no one else could recognize him. After all, they weren’t craftsman.

The stone statue was extremely rough as well; Thirteen and Ouyang Hua couldn’t do much about it. They had made this carving to allow the ancestor to forever remain in their hearts, to allow this statue to become an existence like the statue of the ancient demons in the demon countries.

However, the strange part was that as time passed and the Soul Refining Tribe grew, the statue became smoother as countless people worshipped it everyday. What shocked Thirteen and company was that not only was it no longer rough, it became smooth and began to slowly change. 

After hundreds of years, the statue that started out as a rough statue changed until it looked almost exactly like Wang Lin. Even his ancient aura from living over 1,000 years could be felt.

Thirteen and company were very confused about this matter. The could only leave it as the ancestor’s spirit!

This stone statue made Wang Lin curious. There weren’t many things that made Wang Lin curious, but he unconsciously wanted to get to the bottom of this matter.

After all, this stone statue was too strange.

Wang Lin frowned as he walked forward before the statue. He looked at the statue and then his expression suddenly changed. The feeling that the statue was looking back at him became instantly more clear at this moment.

The surroundings weren’t quiet; the cheers from the Soul Refining Sect came from the distance. However, to Wang Lin, the world was quiet, as if nothing but him and the statue remained!

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. Then his hands formed a sword and he slowly pressed down between the eyebrows of the statue.

1. The place where you can get celestial spells. He took it from the Thunder Celestial Realm a while back

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