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Retention (2)

Lin Cheng Huan's phone also couldn't be reached, their both phones were not connected.

His face was getting even more gloomier. He stood up from his chair, then opened the door to go out of the study room. When he went out, he happened to be run into Aunty Fang. He asked: "Is Mrs back yet?"

"Mister, Misses hasn't back yet."

He once again went to Madame Song's place: "Grandma, why is Su Ran looking for Lin Cheng Huan?"

Madame Song looked at him for a while: "Don't you give her a call?"

"It's not connected."

"Turn off?"

"No, it just not connected. There is no signal."

Madame Song also frowned: "How could it be? It is in the city centre, how could it has no signal?"

"Why is she looking for him? What happened to Lin Cheng Huan?"

Madame Song said: "Lin Cheng Huan's grandmother passed away. She was living next to Su Ran when she was little, so they had a good relationship. But since it was in the area, then it wasn't possible that her phone couldn't be reached…." She looked at the weather outside, she started to be anxious: "There is snowing outside. Today's weather forecast said that tonight will be snowing more…."

Song Ting Yu's face was paled: "I will go and look for her."

Madame Song said something behind him: "Where would go for looking for her? You don't know where is he…."

"I will go to Lin house first."

Song Ting Yu didn't even turn his head, he hurriedly wore his coat, then took his car key to go out.

He asked Tang Zi Chu to checked for a while the funeral parlor of Lin Cheng Huan's grandmother, he went there, but Su Ran was not there. There he ran across Lin Cheng Huan's mother.

He just knew Su Ran went somewhere else to look for Lin Cheng Huan.

The time he left funeral parlor, Madame Song gave him a call, to ask about Su Ran's condition.

"Grandma, now I am going to the previous place that Su Ran lived in. When I find her, I will give you a call."

"Okay, hurry and find her." Her phone had not signal made Madame Song to feel anxious, after all, she wouldn't be go to deserted place, even there was a big wind and heavy rain, it wouldn't to the extend that there was no signal.

The weather now is really nasty, she worried something bad would happen to her.

Song Ting Yu drove his car speedily to reach the destination, he got an address from Mother Lin, so very quickly he could find her childhood home.

But now the house was sold to other people, the next white house should be Lin Cheng Huan's grandmother residence.

It was already eight o'clock, the sky was dark. Song Ting Yu stood on the window to look inside for a while. But he noticed there was no light from inside, so it showed there was no one inside.

Where is Su Ran?

The wind was blowing really big and it started to snow. Song Ting Yu returned back to his car, then took his phone to dial Su Ran, but it was still the same.

The time he was frowning, there was someone went to the house's door. She passed Song Ting Yu's car and opened the door. She looked at him for a while.

Song Ting Yu immediately opened the car's door, and moved toward her. That woman was trying to open the door, suddenly surprised because of him: "You… Who are you? What are you doing?"

Song Ting Yu looked at the key on her hand: "What is your relationship with this owner's of the house? Do you know Lin Cheng Huan?"

"I am this house's housemaid. I come back to take something, you are looking for Mr Lin? He's not here. Last night he stayed here, but this early morning, he went out…."

"Where was he going?"

The woman shook her head: "I'm not really know it clearly. But I supposed Mr Lin would go somewhere that he frequently went with his grandmother, There…." That woman pointed to the faraway direction: "In the past, old grandma loves to go there Mountain Yu Xiu. There is a temple. After her health was not in good condition, Mr Lin always took him and supported her to go up. So I think he should be going there…"

Finally there was a news, Song Ting Yu would go there to look: "Thank you."

The housemaid said behind him: "But now it's snowing really hard, and also already night time. Supposedly it will not easy road to pass. Moreover, it's late. I feel Mr Lin already left…."

Song Ting Yu didn't hear her words, he drove his car to the bottom of Mountain Yu Xiu. He parked the car, and went up.

On the way, he didn't forget to call Su Ran's phone, but, his phone also lost its signal.

The winds were so cold, it was so cold on his face. He seemed to be almost freeze. He wore a gloves, but it didn't really effective. He felt cold until numbed.

This kind of weather, went outside, he still felt hard to bear, how about Su Ran then?

Along the way, he kept thinking of Su Ran, so his steps were getting quicker.

When he almost reached the halfway up the mountain, he noticed there was a house nearby. The house is surrounded by woods.

Song Ting Yu didn't want to let go any possibility, he wanted to find Su Ran as soon as possible, so he got inside.

"This kind of weather, it is windy and snowing. Su Ran also be like this. I think tonight we need to stay here to spend the night." Tian Mi took a glass of water and passed it to Lin Cheng Huan.

He waved his hand and didn't take it. His gaze fell on Su Ran who laid down on the bed. He took away the towel from her forehead, and changed to the new one.

Tian Mi was anxious: "If Su Ran's high fever didn't withdraw, then it would be trouble. To depend on this cold towel be too slow. I would for the homeowner to ask if she had any ice bag."

"You go then." Lin Cheng Huan's voice was strained, because he was worried about Su Ran.

Tian Mi nodded, and left the room

Lin Cheng Huan held Su Ran's hand outside the blanket, it was so scorching hot.

When they went down from the mountain, the weather was getting worse. Probably because the wind was blowing heaving, that time Su Ran was felt something wrong. Her face was red, and her body was swaying.

Lin Cheng Huan and Tian didn't dare to bring her down to the bottom of the mountain. But lucily, there was a home here. They borrowed a room from him.

Now she was pregnant, so they could only use traditional way to lower her temperature, didn't dare to give her any medicine.

But using the towel only wouldn't be so affective, Su Ran's temperature was getting higher, her face was so red. Her hands tightly stroke her belly, she was dreaming and looked not relaxed.

Lin Cheng Huan knew she was worried for her child.

This moment her eyebrows were frowned, she was mumbling something, yet when Lin Cheng Huan leaned over, he couldn't make out what she was saying.

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