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Lin Cheng Huan finally raised his head, his dark eyes was completely red, it supposedly he didn't get any sleep last night.

"You guys go back first, let me stay here for a bit more."

Su Ran noticed his hair was all wet, supposedly it was because of the dew. She knew that he had been here for a long time, possibly from an early morning, he didn't even move from here.

The temperature on the top of the mountain was colder, how could he stay here for long time?

"Tian Mi, take Ran Ran home." Lin Cheng Huan's voice was very hoarse, they almost could identify it was not his normal voice.

"You come home with us." Su Ran shook her head.

"Let's go, hurry." Lin Cheng Huan's voice suddenly getting a raise.

Yet Su Ran was aloof: "If you always stay here, then let us accompany you."

"Ran Ran…." Here is too cold, there is a continuous wind blowing. When the wind blew to face, it felt really painful. Now Tian Mi felt her hands and feet was really cold, she worried that if Su Ran stayed here for a long time, she would get a flu. It would not be good for the kid inside her womb.

Su Ran looked at her, didn't say anything, yet she didn't move. She also worry about her kid inside her womb, but she knows, Lin Cheng Huan wouldn't let her to stay here for a long time.

Lin Cheng Huan pursed his lips and turned his head to see her, at last he took off his coat and covered Su Ran's shoulder.

"Ran Ran, I always think I'm a failure…"

"Why could you say something like that? You are not, you already really good…." Su Ran's voice was soft, yet it was firm: "Cheng Huan, you are really good."

Lin Cheng Huan shook his head, and he looked faraway: "In my early age, I looked grandma was always alone. No matter what she did, she always relied on herself. I ever said to her that I will often visit and accompany her, but after I started school, I rarely came. Then afterwards, I went abroad with my family members, I'd visited lesser than before. In a year it was not even twice. It's not easy to be back, yet because of my work is busy, so also couldn't visit her often. I wanted to pick her up and let her stay by my side so I could take care of her, but she was not willing. All along until now, she's gone, but I still haven't fulfill my promises, moreover….."

This time Ling Cheng Huan turned his head to look at Su Ran: "Toward the girl I always loves, I also promises to always take care of her, yet,.."

His lip was crooked up like laughing at himself. He couldn't finish his words.

Yet Su Ran knew what was he meant.

She didn't really know what should she say, she only knew she wanted to start cry: "Cheng Huan…."

Lin Cheng Huan just smiled to her, and stood up from the ground. He pulled her up, then he looked at Tian Mi: "Let's go."

The drawing paper on his hand was uncompleted, but it clearly was the silhouette of his grandmother.

Because no matter how he saw it, he was not content with it so from the beginning until the end he couldn't complete it.

Regardless of this, finally they could find Lin Cheng Huan, and made him agree to go back with them.

Yet they didn't go down directly, Lin Cheng Huan went back to the temple again. He entered the lobby, he took off his shoes, knelt down on the thick firm cushion, closed his eyes, and intertwined his hands.

It was all quiet inside.

This moment Su Ran recalled a moment in the past where that year old grandma also apparently knelt down in the same position. Old grandma didn't have any desire or requests, perhaps, everyn time she knelt down, she would think of Lin Cheng Huan.

When they went out from the temple it was already three to four o'clock, the sky outside was really dark, and the wind was blowing heavily.

Lin Cheng Huan said: "Let's us hurry go down to the bottom of the mountain. If not I'm afraid if we are late, then we couldn't go down today. We need to stay here for a night."

This whole day Song Ting Yu didn't have a good mood. After the afternoon meeting, he went back to Song house, yet he just knew that Su Ran hadn't go back home.

He remembered she was out in the morning.

Now it was already six o'clock, and to his surprise, she hadn't returned.

During the dinner, he repeatedly looked at Madame Song, yet he didn't say anything.

Madame Song also ignored him, she just said: "if you have a question, then just ask."

Song Ting Yu put down his chopstick: "How could Su Ran has not return?"

Madame Song casted a glance to him: "She is your wife, couldn't you just give her a call?"

This sentence blocked Song Ting Yu to say anything more, he was silent for a moment, then picked his chopstick again. Suddenly he heard Song Wei Xi, who was on his side, said: " Papa, you don't know? Great grandma said that Mama went to look for Uncle Lin."

Song Ting Yu's eyes were cold: "What is she doing by looking for him?

Hearing Lin Cheng Huan's name at this moment made his whole body twitched. After all, last night he was on a fight with Su Ran because of Lin Cheng Huan.

Song Wei Xi shook his head to show that he didn't know.

Song Ting Yu looked once again to Madame Song, she was eating: "Couldn't you call her to ask?"

Again she said this…..

Of course Song Ting Yu knew that he could call to ask clearly, but the problem was… he and Su Ran….

"Do you still need to ask, of course because missing him then want to meet…"

On the other side there was a cold voice, full of tease.

Madame Song's face immediately darken, she put down her chopsticks. She looked at Chen Jing: "What kind of messy statements are you saying in front of the kid? Don't you know that you need to control your mouth? Do you need my help to control it?"

Chen Jing immediately lowered her head, didn't dare to say anything.

Song Ting Yu was not feeling any wonder of the scene in front of him, anyway he has seen it all his life.

Yet it is Song Wei Xi, he doesn't want him to see it, so he instructed Auntie Fang to carry him upstairs to eat the dinner.

He also didn't want to face this problem, he felt really in a bada mood. He simply put down his chopsticks, and went upstairs.

"Ting Yu, you haven't finished your meal, where are you going?" Chen Jing asked.

"I don't have any appetite, you guys enjoy your dinner."

Madame Song looked at his back figure, shook her head and sighed: "You even couldn't sit still…."

Song Ting Yu went upstairs, and directly went to his study room. Originally he wanted to look at a material, yet he noticed, he couldn't really focus. He looked at the clock on the wall, then looked at the document, finally he closed the document.

It was after six o'clock, and she still hadn't back….

The wind outside suddenly blew so hard, the window was rustling, so he stood up to close it.

Didn't know where is Su Ran? The wind was like this and she still outside….

Moreover, what is she doing by looking for Lin Cheng Huan?

Song Ting Yu locked the window, went back to his table, then took his phone. He dialed Su Ran's number.

Yet it was not connected.

It was not turned off, but there was no signal.

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