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So You Are Even More in a Hurry to Rush Me Go Away (1)


Su Ran lowered her head and played the phone, she didn't mind anymore about him. After while, she looked like heard his voice, didn't know whether it was his grumbling or he was speaking to her.

"It may not be a bad idea, knowing you are pregnant will let him broken-hearted."

Su Ran didn't need to think more about "him", she knew clearly who he was indicated to, it was Lin Cheng Huan.

The time he got back to the hotel, in Song Wei Xi's room unexpectedly, there was several little friends. After asking, they just knew it was friends that he knew from yesterday in the pool. They also stayed in this hotel, so promised to play together today.

Except Song Wei Xi, there were three boys and a girl.

Since the morning, Song Wei Xi hadn't met his parents, Auntie Fang also didn't tell him that his parents were going to the hospital, she just simply said they went out.

Now Su Ran was back, of course he was so curious that he asked: "Mama, where did you go with Papa?"

Su Ran greeted the little friends inside the room, then carried Song Wei Xi, and placed him on the chair. She said to him: "Mama went to the hospital to do some tests. Wei Xi, you will have little brother or little sister soon, do you know?"

"Really?" Song Wei Xi was so surprised that he opened his eyes really big.

"Really, if you don't believe me, ask your Papa."

"What Mama said it's true." Song Ting Yu also came over, and used his hand to stroke his head.

Yet Auntie Fang, actually she already knew of this news because before Su Ran and Song Ting Yu was back, Madame Song already gave her a call let her to know Su Ran is pregnant, and let her to take more and good care of her.

Yet she didn't pass the news to Song Wei Xi because she thought this good news should be passed by Su Ran.

In the afternoon, Song Ting Yu took both mother and son to have lunch, then he went out to handle some business matters.

Su Ran still took Song Wei Xi out to stroll, then when it almost dinner time, they went back to the hotel to wait for Song Ting Yu so they would have dinner together.

Yet when they just arrived at the hotel, Su Ran received call from him. He said tonight he had business dinner so couldn't have dinner with them.

Because already backed at the hotel, Su Ran didn't want to go out again so she just had dinner with Song Wei Xi at the hotel restaurant, while she once again ran across Su Lai.

Yet, this once she was alone. She was not with her friends.

"Ran Ran, Wei Xi." Su Lai came over hurriedly: "Just two of you? Where is Song Ting Yu?"

"He has business dinner."

"O like that…" Su Lai nodded her head, her eyes look disappointed, yet she said again: "I also haven't had my dinner. My friends went somewhere so now I'm alone. Do you mind if I have dinner with you?"

She used her hands to stroke Song Wei Xi's little face: "Wei Xi, do you mind?"

"Auntie, just sit down."

Although since childhood, Su Ran isn't close to her, but they didn't get into a step where they were realized they were totally incompatible, it's only all along Su Lai looked down to her. Even though she and Qiao Qing returned to Su family, she also only talked to them for a view times, supposedly she thought by talking with her, it would bring down her level.

Later on when they are grown up, they are distant.

Between them there was no real feeling, Su Ran still called her sister, but as for she accepted, or admitted, it was her problem.

As she usually didn't like to mind Su Ran, yet don't know why could she want to sit down and dine with them?

Su Ran let the waiter to add tableware to the opposite of her: "Sis, what do you want to eat, just order it."

Her preference of foods are the light one, moreover because of Song Wei Xi's health, so she couldn't order different kinds of food therefore on the table, it was some steamed in broth dishes, yet Su Lai always preferred a bit spicy foods.

"Whatever, these are also good." Su Lai waved her hands, as if she didn't really care about it.

Since she said something like that, Su Ran just let her be.

Su Lai's current attitude was completely different from what Su Ran saw in the past, it was like she was changing to a different kind of persons, in the past she always not only cold toward Su Ran but also Song Wei Xi, however today she would pick some foods to Song Wei Xi's bowl, and smiled toward him: "Wei Xi is really good, you are handsome like your Papa. When you are grow up, you definitely will be as handsome as your Papa. Isn't it, Su Ran?"

Su Ran's heart was clicked for a while, she looked toward Su Lai, she always felt there was something fishy about her, yet she couldn't point out what is it.

At first Su Ran and Su Lai didn't have any common topic to talk, so Su Lai also deliberately looked for topics to talk to her. So during this meal, basically it was her who kept on talking nonstop, Su Ran and Song Ting Yu didn't have anything to say.

After dinner, Su Lai's friends had returned, they said they were going to the bar near the beach to play. Originally Su Ran thought Su Lai would go with them.

Yet didn't expect that she refused, moreover she went over with them upstair to their hotel room.

Su Ran actually felt extremely awkward because between them there was no real common topic. Su Lai's wild personality, likes to go outside and play, yet Su Ran all along is a person who likes calm and peaceful environment. They don't have any same social circle, or same hobbies, they are really completely different.

So stayed together and had a chat together, they didn't really have something worthy to talk about. In spite of Su Lai's nonstop chattering to harmonize the atmosphere, finally it was really impossible, that she turned the topic related to Song Wei Xi, she asked about Song Wei Xi's health condition.

Formerly, at night Su Ran wanted to take Song Wei Xi to stroll around, yet because Su Lai always stayed on her room, so at last she dropped her idea.

It was getting late, Song Wei Xi wanted to sit on the carpet to play Lego, also very tired. Su Ran carried him: "Sis, you just sit down here first, I want to bring Wei Xi to take a bath and sleep, he is sleepy."

"Okay, hurry bring him to sleep. I will wait for you here. It's been a long time for us to have a talk." Su Lai smiled.

Su Ran nodded, she carried Song Wei Xi to leave the room and went to the next door.

She gave a bath to Song Wei Xi, accompanied her until he fell asleep. Then she instructed Auntie Fang to take a good care of him, then she went back to Su Lai.

The moment she opened the room door, the scene inside let her startled for a while.

When Su Ran opened the door, didn't know how Su Lai's food was limping, then she about to fall forward, unexpectedly she limped on Song Ting Yu's embrace.

She yelled once, her beautiful face was completely flushed as if there was some shyness and embarrassed, she looked at Song Ting Yu: "Ting Yu, I'm sorry. I also don't know why, suddenly my leg is limp…."

Originally Song Ting Yu was holding a glass of wine, this moment heard her voice. He smiled that let people to be enticed, when she about to say something more, she felt wetness on her head.

She screamed once more, and used her hand to wipe the wine.

Song Ting Yu's wine glass was empty: "It's okay because my hand also limped."

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