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How Could it be Any Warmness (1)

Bai Zhi Rui was startled for a moment, felt there was something wrong with Song Ting Yu. But she didn't want to think deeply for that. She closed the door, she looked Song Ting Yu went upstairs.

She was not in hurried, she went to the kitchen to pour a cup of milk, and brought it up.

When she about to enter her bedroom, she noticed Song Ting Yu was turning on her computer, and opened her WeChat page.

In a flash, her face was paled because she was panic, the cup of milk on her hand fell down and made a loud noise.

After she regained her awareness, and not yet tidy up the mess of glasses, she came over toward him busily, and snatched the mouse to close her own WeChat page: "Ting Yu, why do you use my computer?"

Song Ting Yu leaned on the swivel chair, narrowed his eyes and looked at her: "You look very nervous?"

"No, I'm not…."

Song Ting Yu pointed at the fragment of glasses fell down on the doorway: "Even glass was breaking into pieces, you still say you are not nervous? Are you that afraid of me to use your computer, is it because you hid some secret inn it?"

Bai Zhi Rui closed the WeChat page hurriedly, and placed herself to stand between him and the computer. She pretended to smile calmly: "When I have any secrets? Don't you know all my secrets. Tign Yu, you also know clearly about me, it's not possible I have something to hide from you."

She used her hand to pull his deep grey coat: "You haven't showered right? You go take a shower first, I already prepared your pajamas, toothbrush toothpaste. I've prepared all necessities because I hope you can use it every time you come by….." Her face looked somewhat modest: "Go take a shower okay? I will wait for you outside."

It had been quite period of time after her little miscarriage accident, she thought Song Ting Yu this late night came by to her place, tonight he would definitely stay. She of course wanted to grasp this chance, to let their relationship to recover as they were before.

Song Ting Yu didn't listen to her words to walk to the bathroom, but he just glared at her. She felt strange and cold when being looked by him that way, she said: "Ting Yu, what are you looking at? Do I have something on my face?"

"Do you know a person call Zhou Xiao?"

"Zhou Xiao…." Bai Zhi Rui's heart this moment already like a roaring sea, yet in the surface she pretended to be somewhat at loss: "That famous entertainment reporter? Didn't he work at Feng Bao entertainment studio? Of course, I know him. Four years ago before I retired from entertainment circle, he frequently liked to follow me around. There is no one in the entertainment circle that don't know him…. a lot of things are being exposed and boomed by him…."

Song Ting Yu's full of indescribable expression, he nodded: "Em, also including Su Ran's matter this time."

Bai Zhi Rui's voice as before so cautious and solemn, yet it could regarded as smooth, looked like she was chatting with Song Ting Yu: "I've also heard some gossips regarding Su Ran, these days were really exploding? How is Song family? How is Grandma? Did it influence them?"

Song Ting Yu was smiling at this moment.

Bai Zhi Rui didn't know what made him smile, so she was quite panic: "Ting Yu, what… happened to you?"

"Now I felt, you as a queen of the film and TV circles, your acting of Yulan magnolia film festival is really fame follows merit. Your acting indeed is outstanding. Until now, you still expression is still calm and composed. If I don't know this matter deeper, I'm afraid I will will be deceived by you, believing that you are innocent. Believe this matter is unrelated to you."

Bai Zhi Rui's face finally showed some change: "Ting Yu, what are you talking…."

"Inside your heart, you know clearly what I am talking about!" Song Ting Yu laughed coldly: "This problem of Su Ran is your masterpiece right? You ask Zhou Xiao to do it?"

"I'm not!" Bai Zhi Rui immediately denied it: "How could you think like this? How could I know about the matter of Su Ran and Lin Cheng Huan? Until now, I still don't understand what's happening, I just know that that gossip was bubbling and gurgling….. I…… Ting Yu, did you hear something when you sleep? You need to believe me…."

Looking that Song Ting Yu was not responding to her, Bai Zhi Rui's eyes turned red: "Yes, I really hate Su Ran, who asked her to push me down and made me lose my kids. My just two months old child was gone, it is my first. But even though I hate her so much, I will also not do that kind of things…."

Song Ting Yu came front of her computer and and pushed her away, he once again turned to her WeChat page, and looked at the person in her contact list.

That person is Zhou Xiao.

Bai Zhi Rui also careful person, of course she never truly believed Zhou Xiao. She afraid that he would screenshot their conversation, and one day he would publish it out to make a news, so in their conversation in the WeChat they discussed less susbtance.

But there was several photos.

It was Bai Zhi Rui who sent it to Zhou Xiao, before she came over, Song Ting Yu already opened it up.

It was the photo of Su Ran and Lin Cheng Huan during their childhood.

Zhou Xiao also sent her several photos, that were taken at the airport.

Zhou Xiao didn't afraid that Bai Zhi Rui would expose it out, so he didn't feel worry to send her voice note.

Song Ting Yu opened the voice note, it was Zhou Xiao's voice.

This moment Bai Zhi Rui was paled up, even her lips also lost its color: "Ting Yu, I…."

Song Ting Yu looked at her, facing her losing her head out fear expression, his face was completely cold: "Do you still have anything to say?"

Bai Zhi Rui this woman, is very understand how to judge the hour and size up the situation. She knew that now Song Ting Yu already understood well of all the evidences, moreover he knew that she is the master planner. It was no use to denied it, it only will let him to be antipathy, so she also didn't struggle again.

Her tear was flowing out, she was silent and let her tear fell.

Song Ting Yu rather saw her to deny it, also didn't expect to see her to cry.

Between two of them these four to five years, Bai Zhi Rui always acted according to the rules, also very understand of propriety in front of him. Basically she never did anything to provoke or irritate him.

This is the first time, she did something like this.

Even if Su Ran that night said that she had suspicious at Bai Zhi Rui, and asked whether he believed it or not. That time he still hoped, that it was not her.

Because this woman had stayed beside him for long time, he felt no matter how he should have some trust in her.

So before at the club when he heard Zhou Xiao said her name, he felt really angry.

So actually it was her masterpiece, it was her who looked for Zhou Xiao, and made those rumors. Her goal was to let Su Ran to have her reputation swept away, and more reason, it possibly to let him feel disappointed to her. Also let grandma to be disappointed to Su Ran. She made a great commotion in the Song Family with a hope that Grandma will put all the blame on Su Ran.

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