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But You Really Shouldn't Have to Provoke My Woman (2)

Song Ting Yu pointed to the big screen: Mr Zhou, that one who wear a black jacket it's you right?"

Zhou Xiao's face was somewhat paled, yet he didn't want to admit it, he just laughed: "Song Ting Yu, how could you know it was me? The video looked somewhat vague, it was not clear for people to see…."

Song Ting Yu took the clothes that was placed before by Zhou Xiao, then he threw it to his face: "This clothes isn't it the same as the one in the video?"

Zhou Xiao was somewhat drizzled, he really forgot that he wore the same clothes to come here. He came here for following with a female celebrity, who came here secretly with investors and directors and suspected that she had an affair with them. He wanted to come here to dig into this, and wanted to see if this could be a headline news.

"This kind of common clothes…" Zhou Xiao's body actually already full of cold sweat.

Tang Zi Chu passed a piece of paper to Song Ting Yu, then he spread out that paper, and placed it in front of Zhou Xiao: "This is the phone number of roadside convenient store in the video…."

Zhou Xiao's face was getting paler, he already started to feel helpless: "Mr Song, I really don't know what are you talking about…."

Song Ting Yu leaned on the sofa, he bent his both long legs, and the corner of his lips were smiling dangerously: "Zhou Xiao, actually you really quite smart. Yet in this world that is a sentence "A clever person may become the victim of his ingenuity", don't know whether have you hear it or not?" His voice was completely slow, deep, yet let people feel really cold.

"Because you don't want anyone to have suspicions on you, so you didn't use your own phone or home mobile, you just ran out to make a call. Yet you still worried if it was too near to you home, it still won't be safe. So you went to the opposite direction from your house, and looked for a convenient store, and called from there."

Zhou Xiao's face was really paled, completely didn't expect Song Ting Yu could tell his complete way of thinkings. Yet he is a sly man, his expertise is pretending, as before he still reluctant to admit his action: "Mr Song, I really don't understand your words, if not look for another person to ask? You positively found the wrong person….>"

He said it and wanted to get up from the sofa and leave, yet Tang Zi Chu was expecting his movement, so very quick he pulled him back and placed him back on the sofa. He was small and skinny, how could he compete with Tang Zi Chu's power, very quickly he couldn't do any movement.

Song Ting Yu shot a glance at him: "Zhou Xiao, you don't feel wrong, what should you be afraid of?"

Once again he pressed a button in the remote control, then the big screen showed a clear image, it was so clear then it showed the man who stood in front of the telephone set in the convenient store was Zhou Xiao.

"You really thought it throughly, but you probably forgot in this world it exist CCTV. The first CCTV video was from the CCTV from the road side, how about the CCTV inside the convenient store? Is it still blurry?"

"This phone number was given by internet black hand manipulator that you looked for. He said you were using this phone number to contact him. You let him to issue the matter of my wife and Lin Cheng Huan. I was able to let people check his IP, and use the IP address to look for him, this could uncover your identity right? Do you still have anything to say?" Song Ting Yu said coldly.

"Mr Song, Mr Song, forgive me, just forgive me once…." Zhou Xiao finally struggled free from Tang Zi Chu's grip, he pulled Song Ting Yu's arm, and without unyielding character, he knelt down: " I don't do it in purpose. You know we are paparazzi team, definitely wants to look and publish a shocking and breaking news. I just looked Mrs Song and Mr Lin…."

He hadn't finished, suddenly he was punched by Song Ting Yu, he screamed in pain.

"Try one more time to Su Ran and Lin Cheng Huan's matter one more time?"

"Not say it , not say it again." Zhou Xiao immediately shook his head, how could he dare to say it again.

Song Ting Yu laughed coldly and gloomily: "Actually Zhou Xiao, you as a paparazzi have a need to dig more exciting news, it was not wrong. Yet you really shouldn't have provoke my woman, moreover, published those gossip without any foundational facts…"

"Mr Song, I really know that I'm wrong. Indeed I was unable to control myself, I was silly, so i could do something that hurt Mrs Song…."

This moment Zhou Xiao also quite suspicious, didn't everyone say that Song Ting Yu actually didn't care about Su Ran? How could it be like this?

Just a moment he just carelessly mentioned Su Ran and Lin Cheng Huan, and he was punched ruthlessly. If he said anything more, he really afraid that he will be in big trouble.

Song Ting Yu released his collar, and twirled off his cigarette, and put it inside the ashtray: "Say it, who ask you to do this thing?"

Zhou Xiao's chin and lips were already swollen because of the powerful punch of Song Ting Yu, he also didn't dare to touch it, he just twisted his finger, wanted to say something but then hesitate, he looked as if he was in difficulties.

Song Ting Yu smiled: "Look like you don't plan to tell me?"

"No No No…" Zhou Xiao thought about it: "It's not I don't want to say it, but…" Because he was afraid to say it out loud, so at last he leaned close to Song Ting Yu's ear side and said that three words.

Song Ting Yu's face turned to be extremely gloomy.

When they wanted to leave the club, Tang Zi Chu still didn't dare to look at his face.

"Chief Song, where will we go now?"

"Give the car key to me." He extended his hand to him, then said: "You don't need to follow me."

Tang Zi Chu nodded, stood in the doorway, and looked at the figure of leaving car.

He knew where was he going, the moment Zhou Xiao said it, he knew it.

Bai Zhi Rui was browsing seriously in the one of web page, she looked at the various post regarding Su Ran. She switched off her computer, and smiled. She prepared to go to sleep, yet didn't expect to hear a door bell. Who could come at this late of night?

She frowned, draped a coat on her shoulder and opened the door.

The one who stood in front of the door was Song TIng Yu.

She was surprised, because it was very long time that he never appeared here. Recently, no matter how she called him, he always refused.

Tonight it was unexpected that he will have initiative to come, she held his arm busily: "Ting Yu, you come here. Why you suddenly come here? Why you haven't call or message me before your coming…."

She was happy, yet she didn't think that yet Song Ting Yu will release her hold, and just got in directly.

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