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Chapter 59 Song Ting Yu, Carry Me (2)

Between them, this kind of things is not needed, no need to say these kind of words.

There was a short moment that Song Ting Yu's eyes blanked, Su Ran seized the opportunity to push him away when his hand was a little bit loose. She sat down from the bed, extended her hand to arrange her clothes back.

"Sooner or later we are going to end this, what's the meaning of doing this? Keeping things as balance at this is already good."

She turned her head to look at him: "You wait for me for a while."

Song Ting Yu looked at her, she went to the sofa side and took some bag. From it she fished out a bottle, and pour some pills out. Then she took pill and drank the water on the table.

He also left the bed, and went to her side. He took the bottle from the coffee table to look at it: "What is this?"

Su Ran snatched back the bottle, and placed it on the coffee table again, then she said faintly: "Doctor said, it can help to increase the conceiving rate."

Song Ting Yu stared at her, his eyebrows slighly moved, he pursed his lips as if he was endured patiently , yet he didn't do anything.

Su Ran moved, she arranged her hair into ponytail. Immediately she placed her coat on the sofa. Under her coat, she wore a half high collar white thin sweater. Her movement didn't show any hesitation, she took off the sweater rapidly.

"Why don't you continue?" Song Ting Yu crossed his hand, and his voice was very cold.

Su Ran lowered her head to take off her last clothing on her body.

Her close-fitting clothes were all black, so her skin looked very white. To wearing this dark color really make her white skin to be really snowy.

Su Ran's whole mind was full of one motivation: "Be pregnant."

So she didn't have mind to be shy or showing any kind of expression. She couldn't think about those.

She leaned over to that man side, and despite their height difference, she stood in front of him and raised her head to look up.

She stood on tiptoe and placed her both arms on his neck. This moment she said something to his ear: "Song Ting Yu, carry me."

She just finished her words, then in a second, she felt her body was hanging in the air. Song Ting Yu carried her rapidly from ground, and turned around. She noticed then she was pressed against the wall by him.

Her naked back was leaning on the wall.

Even though the heater of the room was turned on, and after all this was a deep winter, she was unable to not shiver.

Song Ting Yu could feel her difference, and carried her back to the bed. He also not worried to do anything. His long finger moved along her forehead, and caressed her face slowly.

Her long eyebrows shivered.

Didn't know whether it was the cold weather or anything else.

When he finally lowered his head wanted to kiss him, she turned her head.

She clearly didn't willing to let him kiss her.

This moment Song Ting Yu's eyes were burning in fire, she didn't let him to kiss, despite of everything he would kiss it. So his thumb and forefinger clutched her delicate chin to turn and his lips precisely kissed her red lips.

"…." Su Ran frowned, and fisted her hand and pound his back, but at last still she was unable to stop him.

Song Ting Yu's hand placed on her waist and said: "Su Ran, if not because of Wei Xi, you will not be this willing this obedient laying down under my body right?"

The only thing answered her, only Su Ran's silence….

The morning Song Ting Yu woke up, he used to touch the other side of the bed. Yet there was already empty. It has not any remainder of the temperature, so he concluded that Su Ran wake up already for a long time.

He opened his eyes to look beside him, indeed.

It was not really late morning, but Su Ran was not here anymore. No need to think much, this early morning, she should be wake up to cook some dishes to bring it to Song Wei Xi.

He pulled away his blanket, freshen up and changed his clothes. Then, he went down. He noticed on the dining room just Madame Song was there, she was eating her breakfast.

"Grandma, morning."

Song Ting Yu pinched his sore nape.

Madame Song looked askance at him: "Finally you are willing to be sleep home?"

Song Ting Yu shrugged his shoulder, he didn't answer it. He always felt the time she looked at hi, her eyes were somewhat vague.

He was indifferent, yet if she used that eyes' expression to look Su Ran, Su Ran would definitely flushed like a cooked prawn.

"I will go to hospital." He also wanted to look at Song Wei Xi first, then he would go to the office.

"Wait, eat breakfast first before you go." Madame Song said to stop him.

"I'm not eating…."

Song Ting Yu didn't have any habit to eat breakfast, in the past being abroad, in the morning he would only drink a cup of coffee.

"Ran Ran early in the morning, she was already wake up to cook breakfast. Are you sure you don't want to eat some?"

Madame Song's voice was heard clearly by him.

Song Ting Yu paused his steps, hesitated for a while, and he still turned back to the dining room. He pulled a chair on the opposite of Madame Song. Under the teasing eyes of Madame Song, he slightly coughed and said: "I feel it's better to eat something in the morning."

"Of course." Madame Song responded, and said something to the one in the kitchen: "Ran Ran, Ting Yu is here. You serve a porridge out for him."

Song Ting Yu startled for a while, he thought Su Ran was already gone to the hospital. He didn't expect her to be in the kitchen.

Very quickly Su Ran brought a bowl of porridge out, it was pumpkin millet gruel.

Actually Song Ting Yu didn't like to eat breakfast, especially porridge. When that yellow porridge was placed in front of him, he didn't have any appetite.

This moment Madame Song didn't eat it, she paused and stopped to see his expression.

Even Su Ran also stayed on the side and looked at him.

He smiled, took the soup spoon and started to drink it. The moment he took his first sip, Madame Song immediately asked: "Is it good? Ran Ran's cooking skill is really outstanding. You never eat any of her food right?"

Actually the taste is good, he could feel that Su Ran's cooking skill indeed excellent. Only Song Ting Yu originally didn't like porridge, he lightly said: "It's okay."

Su Ran was quite understood him, she entered the kitchen again. Then came out with a cup of milk and white plate. She put it in front of him: "You should be more used to eat this."

It was fried egg, toast, and bacon.

Song Ting Yu didn't expect that she would prepare this for him, so he was surprised and fixed his gaze at her. Yet she didn't show any response. After put down his breakfast, she picked up the thermos and prepared to leave the dining room: "Grandma, I will go first to Wei Xi to give this breakfast to him."

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