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You Resent Me Dirty (1)

"Don't rush." Madame Song smiled, and pointed to Song Ting Yu: "Wait for Ting Yu, he said before he also wants to go to the hospital, you just go together with him."

"Just let him slowly enjoys the breakfast, I can drive to the hospital by myself…."

While she said this, Song Ting Yu looked at her: "Sit down here, just wait for me for a while."

Su Ran was startled, but she also didn't reject, she just sat on the opposite of him.

Although Madame Song was eating her breakfast, but her gaze was revolved on both of them, her lips slightly smiled.

Also didn't know whether Song Ting Yu was rushing to go to hospital to look at Song Wei Xi, or he doesn't want to let Su Ran waited too long, he was speeding rushingly to finish his breakfast.

He used the towel to wipe clean his mouth, and took his car key. He stood up and said: "Let's go."

Su Ran took the thermos and followed him to leave: "Grandma, we're going."

"Go go."

Madame Song's mood was especially good today, her eyes was smiling.

On the way to the hospital, of course inside the car always be so quiet, they both didn't say anything. Yet Song Ting Yu broke the silence: "Why were you up so early today?"

"I cooked breakfast for Wei Xi." Although Su Ran didn't know what his intention to ask this question, but she still answered it honestly.

"It was rare for you to be able to get up."

Song Ting Yu's unknown meaning, hooked up his lips. And this moment the car was stopped on the red traffic light. His long finger was extended to his side, pulled her collar down. He immediately could notice the marks on her snowy white skin."

"Because of wanting to cover these marks, so you especially wore this high collar of clothes?"

Su Ran knew what were he doing, her face immediately blushed, and she used her hand to swat his hand.

She said with some awkwardness: "Cold." Then she arranged back her clothes.

"Really?" Song Ting Yu showed his charming smile, and finally placed his hands back on the steering wheels, and said nothing more.

This moment, Su Ran released her breath, she thought if he kept on asking her about this matter, how would she answer it?

She was not like him, in facing these kind of questions she couldn't be so calm.

The atmosphere in the car returned to be calm and quiet.

Because of it was so quiet, when Song Ting Yu's phone vibrated, the sound was really clear and sudden.

Because the phone was placed on the dashboard, closed to Su Ran, so he said: "Give me the phone to me."

Su Ran extended her hand to take the phone, and accidentally looked at the caller's name: Zhi Rui.

When Song Ting Yu accepted the phone from her, he also glanced to her, as if he wanted to know her response. Yet this moment, Su Ran already shifted her gaze to the window.

Last night looked like it was snowing, so outside was full of white.

She used her hand to touch the window, and dispersed the mist in the car's window. Her eyes didn't leave the window.

Song Ting Yu already answered Bai Zhi Rui's call.

Bai Zhi Rui already stayed at the hospital for a quite long period, her health also already in good condition so she could get out of the hospital. She called Song Ting Yu to tell him that after tonight check up, she would be able to go out of the hospital, she wanted Song Ting Yu to come and pick her up.

Song Ting Yu listened calmly to her words, then said: "Tonight after I got off the work, I will come over to pick you up."

"Okay, then I will wait for you."

Bai Zhi Rui's mood was really good, even if she was on the phone, Su Ran could felt her mood.

"Em, then I will hang up first, you have a good rest first."

After hung up the phone, Song Ting Yu conveniently threw his phone to the side. Su Ran was still like before looked toward the window, as if she didn't care about their talk on the phone

Her side face look very calm.

Recently Tian Mi was also back, so she could handle the matter of the dance studio. On the whole Su Ran could stay on the hospital to accompany and care of Song Wei Xi.

Previously after Song Wei Xi's surgery, that several days, all along Song Ting Yu also stayed on the hospital, even he moved his working area there.Now as Song Wei Xi's condition was stable enough, Song Ting Yu also unable to stay in the hospital the whole day.

The time he sent Su Ran there, he took a look first at Song Wei Xi, then he left.

At night, the time Song Ting Yu still in his office room, his phone rang.

He put down the pen on his grip, raised his head from looking at the document. He received the call while also looked at the document: "Zhi Rui, what happen?"

"Ting Yu, you forget?"

Song Ting Yu really forgot completely regarding this matter, his movement paused and said: "I'm sorry."

"Ting Yu…" Bai Zhi Rui sounded like she was enduring something patiently, yet at last she didn't say anything, just said: "Then I will wait for your to come, you come now okay?"

Before she hung up the phone, she worried Ting Yu would forget it again, so she reminded him once again: "Ting Yu, you certainly need to come. If not I don't know where I will go. I already sold my house four years ago, do I need to stay in the hotel?"

"I already asked Zhi Chu to arrange a residence for you." Ting Yu's voice faintly: "You wait for me for a while, I will go there now."

Indeed, Bai Zhi Rui was discharged, he should come to pick her up because now she also didn't have any place to stay. Her foster father already died, the house that he left already sold. Being discharged she really nowhere to stay."

Therefore actually from earlier, he already instructed Tang Zi Chu to look for a residence, he bought an apartment.

After hung up the phone, he had to temporarily to put down his work, he wore his coat, and took the car key.

In the hospital, after hung up the phone, Bai Zhi Rui threw ruthlessly the phone to the ground.

Since the earlier time, she had already arranged the administration of discharged, she tidied her things. Then all along stayed here to wait for him, but after waiting for quite long time he didn't appear. She called him, and he just say two words of common apology to confirm everything "I'm sorry."

He forgot, he unexpectedly forgot…..

This moment she was thinking, if it was a matter regarding to Su Ran and her son, he will not forget right?

Yet regarding the matter relating to her, he could forget it easily!

The moment her phone fell hard to the ground, Chen Jing was opening the door. She hear the sound "pang", she noticed that thing fell ferociously to the ground.

She was surprised.

"Zhi Rui, what did happened?"

She went over to pick up the phone, it already broke to two parts. It couldn't be used anymore. She just simply placed it on the table, she looked at Zhi Rui's red eyes and said: "Zhi Rui, what did happened?"

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