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You Forever Will Not Understand The Significance of Song Wei Xi to Me (2)

"I already called him. He said he will be here soon. He jsut didn't know why he need to come, I will call him again."

Song Ming Xuan finished his sentence, took out his phone and called Song Ting Yu.

Song Ting Yu took a long time to answer it, upon seeing this Song Ming Xuan couldn't help but be more filled with anger: "Song Ting Yu, what are you doing? Do you know Song Wei Xi was in accident? Why you haven't come here?"

Song Ting Yu coughed for several time, his breath was somewhat heavy, even Song Ming Xuan noticed something wrong with him: "What happened to you?"

"It's okay…" Song Ting Yu finally said, but his voice was so deep and hoarse.

"I will be there."

He finished his sentence and hung up.

The whole family was waiting outside the operation room. The Chen Xiao Bao and his family were also appear, how could they don't know the influence of Song family in An City. Although, their family was quite good, but how could they be compared by Song family. If Song Wei Xi this time really some accidents, perhaps, their Chen family would take the consequences of their whole family would suffer a calamity.

Mr Chen pulled his own son and wife to summon up their courage to move forward: "Madame Song, Mr Song, Mrs Song, we take our little baby to apologize, the little baby didn't do it in purpose, we…."

He still wanted to say something, but Madame Song swept a glance at him, so he forgot what he wanted to said, he actually shivered because he was afraid.

Madame Song pointed to the farthest corner: "You stay there nicely, you guys better to pray that our Wei Xi will be okay. If not I will let your whole Chen Family's member life to be suffer that you wished to be dead."

Mr Chen and Mrs Chen's face was so paled, Mrs Chen was somewhat not accepting, she didn't care about her husband obstruction: "Old Madame, this was also that kid that start the trouble, who know that it will be like this. Xiao Bao is still a little kid, how could he know that little master couldn't be in fight? Moreover, didn't our Xiao Bao's face full of injury, also it was hit by Wei Xi…"

Madame Song laughed coldly: "Then do I need to compensate you for medical expenses?"

Mr Chen pulled her wife hurriedly: "Madame Song, what are you talking about." This moment, he glared at his wife.

"Don't use your kid's age that he didn't understand it. If he could say something like that, that who teaches him? You all know the score!"

"Yes yes yes…." Mr Chen nodded incessantly and busily.

"Now, hurry up go to that side. It's best that you kneel down to help us to pray for Wei Xi!"

Recently happened too many things, after mad at the Chen family, her whole body was swaying for awhile. Song Ming Xuan supported her swiftly and led her to sit down on the chair: "Ma, pay more attention to your health."

Madame Song waved her hand, to indicate that she was okay.

Hearing a quick steps, everyone was looking at the corridor, it was Song Ting Yu appeared.

Only, it was different with the usual Song Ting Yu, this moment he looked in a difficult situation.

Outside was below zero temperature, yet he didn't wear any coat, he only wore a thin black shirt, and on his forehead is a strip of bloody injury, the blood was flowing out and sticking to his hair.

But he seemed to ignored it, just simply wiped that blood.

But Chen Jing noticed his appearance, she said shockingly: "Ting Yu, what happened to you?" She took out a tissue to help him wipe the injury on his forehead.

Song Ting Yu moved away her hand: "It's okay, just before I had a little accident.

Song Ming Xuan this moment recalled the time he called Song TIng Yu, supposedly he had a car accident, that time he should be in the scene.

Chen Jing frowned: "Why could this be okay?"

Yet Song Ting Yu ignored her, and looked toward Su Ran, who kept on standing in front of the operation door.

Su Ran's eyes stared closely to that closed door, as if she didn't have any awareness toward the movement near her, she even didn't notice and respond to Song Ting Yu's movement.

"Su Ran." Song Ting Yu's hoarse voice called her a time.

Yet she didn't respond, she didn't even turn her head.

Song Ting Yu extended his hand wanted to hold her hands. But when he just touch it lightly for a moment, she just extremely fierce, she shook off his hand, and retreated a few steps backwards, she was so guarded against him.

"What happened to you?"

"Don't you touch me, don't you touch me…" Su Ran said.

This moment she was thinking, Song Wei Xi was in trouble because of her. Because his want to protect her, because he couldn't accept and restrain himself to hear someone said bad things about his mother so he just fought the Xiao Bao.

She sank into this kind thinking and unable to extricate herself."

"Su Ran!" Song Ting Yu voiced was getting heavier, wrinkled his eyebrows. He looked at Su Ran's appearance, his heart also felt scooped out, and was immediately hurt.

Yet he also didn't expect, that afternoon, he just met Song Wei Xi in the bakery in good state, tonight something bad happened to him that he laid down in operation room.

Receiving Song Ming Xuan's call, he was in an important meeting, then without caring about anything else, he wanted to rush to the hospital. He also didn't remember how he got by himself to the hospital, how fast he drove his car. He just knew he didn't notice the traffic light and at last he was head-on hit by a car.

His body was leant forward, his head knocked on the steering wheels.

Song Ming Xuan's one more call, he was strongly supported his hand to unfasten the seatbelt. He didn't wait for the police, he just called Tang Zi Chu to let him come, and he flagged down a taxi, let the driver to used his fastest speed to rush him to the hospital.

The operation's door finally opened, Su Ran was the fist one who rushed forward. She gripped tightly to Doctor Xu's wrist: "Doctor Xu, how is Wei Xi?"

He took off his mask, with his grave expression, he said: "Wei Xi's illness condition is not very optimistic and hopeful. I've said to you earlier, what we need now is fully relax condition. The best is to maintain an optimistic and happy environment, he can't be in the intense and sad mood, yet you all didn't do it…"

Su Ran's hand and feet was so cool, huge pain was engulfed her.

"Doctor Xu, then now what to do? You should be able to help him, he couldn't be…." Madame Song said.

Doctor Xu nodded: "Madame Song, don't worry. We will be put our outmost effort, but now because of this not optimistic situation, so we need to open a big meeting, to discuss which step we should take, but…."

Doctor Xu paused for a moment, then looked at everyone: "We can only do our best, but we cannot guarantee he can regain his consciousness so I hope you can be mentally prepared…."

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