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How could be so Clumsy? (1)

"Will not, will not, Wei Xi will not die, he will not. He said he always be by my side, how can he die….." Su Ran shook her head continuously, muttered by herself, her face was getting paler and paler.

Song Ting Yu held her shoulder: "Su Ran, calm down."

"Ran Ran, don't scare Grandma…"Madame Song held Su Ran's both hands for a while, she felt her hands were so cold.

"It is me, it's all because of me. If not, Wei Xi will be okay. It's my fault, I made him…. it's me…." Su Ran touched her heart, her tears were felling like a rain, her words suddenly stopped for a while, she felt her gaze started to fuzzy, she gradually started to be unable to see clearly, her body was limping, and fell down.

"Su Ran!" Song Ting Yu supported her, yet she already fainted.

"Ting Yu, hurry up. Send her first to rest for a while." said Song Ming Xuan.

Song Ting Yu bent his waist and carried Su Ran, he felt her was so light, supposedly recently she didn't really eat much.

Su Ran also didn't know how long had it been for her to sleep, she only felt that she dreamt about Song Wei Xi. In her dream, it was full of their memories together from his birth for three years.

Song Wei Xi's arrival in her life, had given her a three years of most beautiful and best time for her.

When he started to fade in her dream, she extended her hand to catch him, hugged him. But no matter what she couldn't touch him, she could just with own eyes looked at his gradual disappearance.

No matter how loud she yelled at him, he didn't come back.

"Wei Xi!" Su Ran yelled, she was awake from her dream.

She also didn't care where was she, she just pulled open her blanket and got up from the bed. But a large hand stopped her shoulder let her to be unable to moe.

She raised her head, and faced Song Ting Yu's handsome face, moved: "Let go."

"You need to rest."

"I don't need, I want to look for Wei Xi." She moved away his hand, and wore her boots and jacket hurriedly. Just about to take a few steps, she started to be dizzy. She stopped for a while, and placed her hand on her head.

Song Ting Yu went over her, didn't care of her struggle. He carried her back and placed her on the bed. She still wanted to get up, he tried to stop her: "Just rest for a while."

Now Su Ran was really worried about Song Wei Xi, how could she willing to rest even for a while, she continuously struggled: "I want to look at Wei Xi…"

"Now the doctor is doing the surgery, what can you do and see if you are there now?"

"Then I still want to be on closest side by him."

Song Ting Yu's face was gloomy, he used his hand to hold her chin: "Do you know your health's condition now? Doctor said that you didn't have enough rest, you are malnutrition.You even didn't have the energy to stand, for which reason you say you want to be on his side? Even you are in front of the surgery's door what can you do? Can Wei Xi be awake immediately?"

Su Ran powerfully broke off Song Ting Yu's hold: "Song Ting Yu, let go, you let me go, do you hear?" She used her swollen red eyes to glare at him: "What are your right to say those to me? Yes, I cannot do anything by standing in front of that door, but I also still want to go. I want to be by his closest side. I don't want him who is inside the surgery room to grit his teeth and bear the pain, fighting his battle alone. If I just lay here, then what am I? I'm Wei Xi's mother, if I don't be by his side, then who will be by his side? You? Song Ting Yu?"

Because she was malnutrition, she was exhausted both mentally and physically so she could faint. Doctor gave some nutrition injection for her, but because of her fierce movement and struggle, it started to tear.

She didn't even knit her eyebrow.

She also finally pushed away Song Ting Yu, used her hand to wipe her eyes, and again looked at that man: "In this life time, you will not understand the significance of Song Wei Xi im my life."

"He is my life, but Song Ting Yu, what is he for you? Do you ever sincerely love him? You were abroad for four years, did you ever think about your kid? Even if you hated me, loathed me, felt that I am a tricky woman, but Wei Xi is innocent. All along he was your child, but these several years, not even once you were back, you even didn't ask question about him. Everyone thought Wei Xi was a strong kid, thought I was enough for him. Yet even he was stronger, he just only a three years old kid, he also hopes that there is a father by his side, they can play together, together play ball, yet that time where were you?"

Su Ran choked with her emotion and said again: "Wei Xi is very good, he never asked me where is his father. But his action of not questioning didn't mean that he didn't care. Every time on the road side or at the kindergarten, saw every little kids had their father to accompany them, he actually very envy of them…."

She raised her head slowly and looked at him: "Song Ting Yu, if Wei Xi didn't fall sick, I'm afraid this lifetime you also will not go back right? In your heart, there is never a place for him, even for other woman, you willing to blackmail and force me using your own kid, so…." She took a deep breath for a while, and smiled coldly: "You don't have right and qualification to say those to me."

Su Ran was done, she turned her body to leave the sickroom, then she paced toward the surgery room.

Yet Song Ting Yu just stood there, looked at her gradually disappear figure. At first he wanted to extend his arm to stop her, but his hand was stiffen.

Su Ran's word before, each of word was like a sharp knife jabbed on his heart, up to the extent, now every breath he took was so painful.

So, he even didn't dare to powerfully breath, because that way, it would be more hurtful.

Yes, maybe Su Ran's words was true. He really didn't deserve to Song Wei Xi's father, every time he needs him, he is not by his side.

Also never looked at him attentively, never gave any kind of fatherly love toward him.

Being abroad for four years, precisely as Su Ran said, he almost like forget that he has a son.

Because at that time he was too hate Su Ran, up to the extent he was not the least bit concerned about that kid.

He felt he already gave them the greatest kindness to them that was status, but he never thought about Song Wei Xi's situation, also never attempted to understand what is it that he really wanted.

After two round of operation, the time Song Wei Xi was pushed out off the surgery room, the sky was already started to be bright.

From seven o'clock of the day before until five of the morning today, he fully underwent around ten hours of surgery. Everyone was staying there, and they waited worriedly outside.

Doctor Xu's face in the end appeared to be full of gratification.

Everyone was moved in front of him, he slightly smiled: "The surgery is successful, so don't be worry. Wei Xi should be regained his conscious soon. But this time I hope you could be more focus with his condition, don't let his mood to be in bad situation again."

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