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It is Clear that Mr Song Truly Care about Her

The flower shop assistant went over, and laughed, that was a yellow chrysanthemum flower.

Song Ting Yu also went over: "Wei Xi, this is chrysanthemum."

"Is chrysanthemum not good?"

"It is not good or not, but it was not suitable flower for birthday." Actually Song Ting Yu already decided, he took a white rose on the side and passed it to the shop assistant: "I want this want, help me to wrap."

"Sir, how many of white rose do you want?" Shop assistant inquired.

Song Ting Yu startled again, he always thought that fresh flowers were sold by a bunch. He didn't really know it was sold by their preference.

When he didn't talk, a soft and tender voice said: "Ninety nine flowers, thank you."

Shop assistant immediately went to count the white rose, she laughed: "Ninety nine rose means that enduring love while the world lasts, this little guy really understands a lot of things."

Song Ting Yu paid for the flowers, then took the fluffy hat and put it on Song Wei Xi's head. One hand he was holding the white rose bouquet, the other hand carried Song Wei Xi to leave the flower shop.

The flower shop was full of some young girls, they all on the doorway and looked at their leaving.

"That man is really handsome, the little guy also very cute…"

Song Wei Xi used his little hand to hug Song Ting Yu's neck, raised his little face, and pointed to the girls who stood in front of the flower shop doorway, loudly said: "Papa, they said you are very handsome!"

These girls didn't expect Song Wei Xi to immediately said this sentence, they all startled for awhile. Their face flushed and felt awkward. Like a swarm of bees they went inside of the store.

Song Ting Yu didn't really care about it: "They also said that you are really cute."

Song Wei Xi groaned: "But before they continuously peeked at you, I saw it…" He stopped for a moment: "Papa, you are my Mama's!"

Regarding his son's anger, Song Ting Yu shook his hand and laughed. He stroke his head: "Em, I am your Mama's."

Song Wei Xi felt so satisfied: "Then you need to remember, you need to be good to her. You couldn't be like in the past, you went abroad for four years, didn't even once you come back. Papa, Mama is really really good, I feel she is the most kind and good woman in the world…."


Song Wei Xi's smile getting more and more bigger, he clasped the flower and sat down on the car: "Papa, let's go to the studio now, you never went there right? I can tell you the direction."

"Later on we will go, I still need to buy something."

Song Ting Yu took Song Wei Xi to jewelry store. This morning Song Wei Xi asked him what kind of present will he give to Su Ran, his mind was flitted by her beautiful collarbone.

That beautiful collarbone, he felt should be matched with something.

A necklace should be fitting.

In the jewelry store everything was also went smoothly, Song Ting Yu fell for a necklace with a butterfly pendant. This style of necklace is international top-notch jewelry designer design, it was limited edition in the whole world. Moreover, it also could be engraved.

"Mr Song, do you need to do the engraving?"

Song Ting Yu thought for a while, then took a pencil and a paper. He wrote three words: t, w, r

It were the middle name of him, Song Wei Xi, and Su Ran.

Jewelry store manager was very experienced, one look and he understood what is the meaning of this.

In the eyes of An City, Su Ran was known as an abandoned wife of rich and powerful family, she was just twenty years old when married into Song family. A day after their wedding, her husband directly went abroad, and she had seen to be a joke for all people.

But rumor was a rumor, how could you think it is true?

By looking at this necklace you could understand, how could Su Ran be an abandoned wife?

It was clear that Mr Song is truly really care about her!

At last the present was prepared well, then they went to the studio to look for Su Ran.

Song Ting Yu knew that Su Ran has a studio, but he never went there, so it was natural for him to not know where is it. They both didn't want to let Su Ran knew about their coming so they only can rely on Song Wei Xi.

But because Song Wei Xi often went there, so he knew the location, and also knew the street, this father and son quickly reached their destination.

The people in the studio recognized Song Wei Xi, but they only ever looked him at the TV, newspaper, magazine.

Song Wei Xi extremely anxious others didn't recognize Song Ting Yu, he pulled his hand to go inside and continuously introduced him to a lot of people: "My father."

His little face showed incomparable proud.

"Mr Song, hello. Are you looking to Sister Ran Ran? She is teaching in the dancing room."

Song Wei Xi was really familiar with this place. In the past, every weekend or every day he was done with kindergarten, Su Ran frequently took him to here, so it was natural that she knew where is Su Ran's dancing studio.

He brought Song Ting Yu to the dancing studio, melodious music was heard from the inside.

It was Yunnan ethnic group music, it was very beautiful.

Song Ting Yu approached the doorway, then he saw Su Ran. Su Ran wore her dancing suit, danced a peacock dance, her movement was elegant and absorbed, her posture lithe and graceful.

Inside the dancing studio was full of several people, they were surrounding Su Ran who danced lightly and gracefully, it seemed they all fascinated by it, so didn't pay attention to his coming.

Song Ting Yu knew that Su Ran can dance, but he never see her dance, today was the first time.

He felt the Su Ran in front of him, this moment was like a butterfly, continuously fly, continuously fly, then bumped into his eyes, his heart.

He kept on watching her until she stopped. When he hadn't regain his mind, a small hand pulled his hand.

Song Ting Yu heard a burst of applause, then the audience moved forward: "Sister Ran Ran, your dance is very good…"

Su Ran smiled, he used the remote to stop the music. When she was about to say something, he listened someone called her: "Mama."

She startled, and looked at the doorway. Song Wei Xi was coming, moreover, he brought Song Ting Yu.

Maybe because today is weekend, so Song Ting Yu didn't wear his usual attire. He wore black sweater, and grey long coat.

Song Wei Xi wore a blue sweater, and wore a fluffy knitted hat, with leather boots. He was calling Su Ran, and on the other side walked toward her.

"Wei Xi, why are you here?" Su Ran used her hand to pinch Song Wei Xi's little nose.

"I brought Papa here, he wanted to take us dinner."

The other girls in the dancing studio secretly peeked at the tall handsome figure of Song Ting Yu. One of them said in low voice: "Sister Ran Ran, this is your husband?"

Su Ran nodded.

"Mama, happy birthday." Song Wei Xi hugged her neck and ferociously kissed her cheeks, then said: "Papa said he had present for you.


Su Ran was silent, she looked toward him, he was holding a bouquet of white rose. He went forward to her front, he passed it to her with a handsome smile, and said: "Su Ran, happy birthday.

It was probably a scene where many girls felt romantic, so Su Ran could listen to the admiration sighed from people around her

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