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In accordance with Gu Dong Cheng's power now, he should be able to check clearly which airlines they will be on so his people should be waiting for them now.

In this airport, there should be a lot of people kept watching every way out.

The time they landed, they didn't rush to leave because they were afraid to be caught.

Su Ran switched on her phone. There's a message from Lin Cheng Huan, she passed her phone to Tang Zi Chu.

Tang Zi Chu saw it then smiled: "Let's go."

What they thought, Lin Cheng Huan also thought about it. They already arranged it well so they changed into stewardess and stewards' uniform. They went with a groups of people so they could shift people's attention for them.

They got on the taxi, Su Ran turned her head to look at back. There's no car following them now.

"Hurry up and go now."

Tian Mi already being brought by Lin Cheng Huan, and was taken to a safe place.

Su Ran sat on the taxi and called Tian Mi: "Tian Mi, we are here. Now we are going to meet you."

"Okay, we will come over soon."

The night she ran away from Gu Dong Cheng because of the too nervous so she didn't sleep at all at night. Although Lin Cheng Huan's people were beside her, yet she didn't have any sleepiness.

Until now even she got a call from Su Ran, but she still hadn't meet her so she was still very worried.

Now she was hidden on the room. She stood on the balcony and looked down. When Su Ran came over, she was afraid Gu Dong Cheng's people will come too.

Finally a car stopped in front of the house. She looked that were Su Ran and Tang Zi Chu. She immediately came inside and went down without even wearing her slipper.

"Ran Ran!"

Su Ran went inside and heard Tian Mi's voice.

Tian Mi walked very fast, but her belly was too big so it wasn't very convenient for her. Su Ran was worried about her: "Slowly."

Tian Mi hugged her and cried: "Finally I could see you…"

Being locked by Gu Dong Cheng for several days and watched by strangers were so pressured her.

"Now hurry up let's go. I couldn't bear it anymore. I want to go home, I don't want to stay here anymore." Tian Mi covered her face.

"Now you don't have any passport, I'm afraid for now we couldn't go anywhere. We need to wait for Lin Cheng Huan's informations. Let's wait, he is calling auntie to think of a way." Su Ran comforted her.

Tian Mi also knew about this condition. Gu Dong Cheng had blocked her escape rout. Unexpectedly he hid all of her passports and ID. She kept on looking for it but she couldn't find it.

"Then is it mean I couldn't go back?"

"No, Mr Lin definitely will think of a way." It's Tang Zi Chu who said it.

Tian Mi glanced at him: "Thank you, Mr Tang for coming here from faraway."

"You are too modest."

"Come here and sit, perhaps you should rest for a while. I see your face is not really good." Last night she should not sleep.

Su Ran took her to the sofa and let her sit down. She went to the kitchen and found ingredient, she cooked for Tian Mi.

Tian Mi could only just eat a little bit: "Ran Ran, accompany me to the hospital."

Su Ran was startled: "What do you want to do?"

"I want to abort this child!" Tian Mi pointed at her belly.

"But it's almost six month." It should be a risk to abort it. It's too big, it wouldn't be easy to abort it. It would be dangerous for Tian Mi's health.

"No matter how, I wouldn't let this this kid born. Ran Ran, if I give birth to this child, I supposedly would be involved with Gu Dong Cheng again. I don't want to have any bit of relation with him. I really hates him. He only see me as substitute. Why should I give birth to a child for him? Even this kid is innocent, but I'm really afraid that I couldn't give a fair and good environment for her….." Tian Mi wiped her tears and said it softly.

Su Ran knew that her words were not only because she was emotional, but it had been contemplated deeply by her.

"You need to think this over…" Su Ran didn't have any right to say anything. She just didn't want Tian Mi to have any regret so she just reminded her.

"I already think about it clearly. Now I want to go the hospital to abort this kid." Tian Mi said.

Tian Mi said it and stood up from the sofa. Su Ran stopped her: "Don't rush it, even you want to do it, we need to prepare it first. Moreover now you don't have any identity, it wouldn't be easy….."

It's not early anymore, the sky was dark. They need to wait till tomorrow.

Tian Mi lowered her head: "Ran Ran, you don't know. Now I'm very afraid. I'm afraid that we will be found soon. That time it's impossible for me to abort this kid…."

"I will Cheng Huan arrange it first." Su Ran sighed. She had no connection here, she only could relay on Lin Cheng Huan. Moreover Gu Dong Cheng was looking for them everywhere.

Su Ran took her phone out to the balcony and called Lin Cheng Huan. He was in silent when he listened to it, then said: "Tian Mi has think it carefully?"

"She said that she is. These days she is thinking about this question, could you help to arrange it?"

"Okay, I will let people to arrange it. I know a doctor there, perhaps he could help us."

They hung up. Lin Cheng Huan arranged it all then called Su Ran, he asked them tomorrow morning to go to private hospital surgery department to do it.


Lin Cheng Huan sent her the address of the hospital and contact number.

The next morning.

Su Ran and Tang Zi Chu and Lin Cheng Huan's people accompanied Tian Mi to go to the hospital.

Because Lin Cheng Huan's in advance communication so Tian Mi didn't need to do any procedures of formalities, very quickly she was taken to the surgery room.

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