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Tian Mi laid down on the bed and closed her eyes. The maid just switched on the dim light inside the bedroom.

The maid also didn't dare to sleep too late, so very quickly she took a shower and laid down on the sofa.

Tian Mi just closed her eyes, but she didn't sleep. She just kept on waiting for opportunity.

After several hours, she opened her eyes again and looked at the dim light.

She waited for several minutes again then she pulled away her blanket. She didn't even wear her slippers, she just took careful and light steps to walk over to look at the maid .

Tian Mi used her hands to wave in front of her face then used her hands to push her shoulder, called her names. She was sure that the maid was in a deep sleep. Then she opened the door and left the room.

There's also only a dim light on the living room.

Tian Mi came down and looked at several other men slept on the sofa.

This morning Tian Mi had prepared all of her things and prepared to left. Of course her ID and passport were not with her. The time she went to USA it was being taken by Gu Dong Cheng, she just only had money.

She took the keys from the maid and came out.

It was two o' clock in the early morning. It was less people and car outside.

Tian Mi didn't have any phone so she couldn't call a taxi, but she knew that she couldn't stop walking. It was her first time to be able to run away. Moreover there was no one beside her.

Despite it was very late at night and the weather was so cold, she felt free.

That kind of feeling of not being watched and controlled by anyone. She could do anything she wants….

This moment Tian Mi although felt very exciting, yet she was also very calm. She knew that by drugging their food with sleeping pill, they could only sleep for a while. She was worried that they will wake up soon and chase after her.

There was a convenient store nearby. Tian Mi didn't dare to delay, she immediately called Su Ran. She was too nervous and very quickly Su Ran answered her call.

"Ran Ran…."

Tian Mi just spoke out, and Su Ran said: "Tian Mi?! Where are you? How are you?"

"I am being sent by Gu Dong Cheng to USA. I ran away. I didn't have any phone. I used the phone in the convenient store. I don't know whether they will chase after me or not. I am afraid…" Tian Mi's voice shivered. She tried to be strong. These days she kept on trying to be calm, but now she seemed to be unable to control her tears.

"Don't be afraid. Tian Mi, look for a place to hide first. I will go to USA to find you, okay? Don't be afraid. Oh right, it's better that you don't live in the hotel. I'm afraid that Gu Dong Cheng could check it out. Moreover it's better for you to not use any bank card or credit card…" Su Ran was very clear that Gu Dong Cheng could check her location through that data.

"I have cash." Tian Mi rubbed her pocket. Although it was not too much, but it could support her life fore a while.

"It's good. Then hurry look for a place to hide. I will find you soon."


Su Ran hung up and immediately called Lin Cheng Huan. Now she had moved from Song family and moved to her grandma's house.

If she wanted to go to USA, Song Wei Xi needed to be taken care by others. She didn't really assure so she called Lin Cheng Huan.

Moreover Lin Cheng Huan could give her solution.

Now Lin Cheng Huan already left the hospital and recovered at his home. The time he answered Su Ran called. He asked her to immediately contact Tang Zi Chu and brought Song Wei Xi together to his place.

They moved fast because they felt afraid that Tian Mi would be found soon.

When they arrived at Lin Cheng Huan's place, Su Ran put sleepy Song Wei Xi in the guest room then helped him to tidy up for awhile.

"Mama, where is it?" Song Wei Xi looked around.

"This is Uncle Lin's house. Mama would go out for awhile. These two days, you stay here okay, you need to be good okay?"

Song Wei Xi is in good term with Lin Cheng Huan, so he nodded.

"Go sleep again. Mama will go home soon." Su Ran kissed his forehead. Then covered him with blanket.

Lin Cheng Huan was chatting with Tang Zi Chu in the living room.

Looking at her return, he said to her: "I already contacted my people there, they would look for Tian Mi. They will find her and hide her. Ran Ran, now hurry up go to USA with Tang Zi Chu. I suppose Gu Dong Cheng would notice Tian Mi's disappearance soon. So you need to be careful, also the time you come back. It's better that you go home separately. Then it would be less evident."

"Tian Mi's ID and passport are kept by Gu Dong Cheng. What should we do?"

Lin Cheng Huan also thought about this. He was silent and took his phone to call Mother Lin.

"You can go first. I will handle this."


Su Ran and Tang Zi Chu didn't delay anymore. Before they went, Lin Cheng Huan said to Tang Zi Chu: "Take care of her."

Tang Zi Chu nodded: "Don't worry, Mr Lin."

The plane arrived in USA, Tang Zi Chu said to Su Ran: "We already be in the plane for a long time. It seemed that Gu Dong Cheng is informed about Tian Mi's disappearance. Gu Dong Cheng should be asking for someone to watch our arrival."

Su Ran also thought about that. "So we need to be careful."

Tang Zi Chu nodded. He was thinking of the way to escape Gu Dong Cheng's men.

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